Ada waited patiently as the medic looked over Harry. She knew it would take a while...They were nasty injuries... The medic shook his head as he mumbled something about needing stitches.

"Want me to get the anesthetic?" Ada asked.

"I can get them thank you." The medic said as he walked to the other side of the room to a large cabinet filled with various medical supplies. He opened them and quickly took out the anesthetics and a medical needle along with thread. Ada simply sat back and watched as the procedure went underway. After the anesthetics were applied to Harry, the medic quickly started to disinfect and sew Harry's wounds. Ada grimaced as he did so.

After about 30 minutes, he was finished sewing Harry up.

"Is that all?" Ada asked.

"I do think so, I didn't notice any other injury while I was examining him." The medic told her as he went to put his medical equipment away.

Ada nodded. "I'll take him off your hands, then."

The medic nodded. "Alright, make sure he gets lots of rest and that he doesn't mess with the stitches." He told her, earning a nod from Ada. She gently scooped Harry into her arms, careful not to touch the stitching.

"Thank you for doing this." Ada said appreciatively.

"Well, it is my job, after all." The medic replied. Ada smiled and walked out of the medical area with Harry in her arms, leaving the medic to his own devices. She looked down at the unconscious little boy. She frowned at the multiple stitches he had to get because of his uncle.

'The bastard's gonna pay...' She thought angrily. 'Big time...' She headed towards the front of the building in the hopes that she could get Harry to the safety and comfort of her home. The tiny boy subconsciously snuggled closer into her, resting his tiny head on her chest. She smiled as she covered him the best she could as she pushed through the front doors and into the freezing weather. She gritted her teeth as the cold wind blew into the room, and scowled. After checking once more to make sure that Harry was protected, she pushed forward. The minute it took to get to her car felt like eternity. She quickly opened the back passenger door and sat Harry on the seat and buckled him in. She quickly scurried into the driver's seat and turned the heater on full blast. She sighed in relief when the warm air collided with her. She looked to the back seat to see if Harry was comfy. He had a content smile with his head on his shoulder.

She smiled as she drove out of the driveway and towards her home. 'Hmm...What am I going to do with you now?' She thought. She debated taking him to an orphanage after they had the stitches removed when he recovered. '...Nah...Nothing against the places, but it doesn't feel right...' Then she had the idea to put him up for adoption herself so she could make sure that he went to a loving home. 'Then I could end up getting attached to the kid...Ugh...I'll just keep him around for a while...He won't like me that much anyway, so he'll probably WANT to get adopted.'

Within five minutes, she made it to a cottage that was her home. She stopped her car, and hesitated to open the door, as she knew she would be blasted by cold air once she did so. Taking a deep breath, she opened the door and quickly got out and moved to Harry's door. She snatched him up and made a beline for the cottage. It only took her five seconds for her to make it to her door, unlock it, and get into the cottage. She dashed straight for the heater. After fiddling with it, the fireplace roared into life with fire. "Thank God..." Ada breathed. As the heat filled the room, Ada walked over to the couch and sat down and held Harry on her lap.

She looked down at him and smiled. He really was adorable...

Just as she thought that, Harry's eyes fluttered open.

He let out a soft groan, and looked around, trying to get a bearing on his surroundings. When he realized that he was in a unfamiliar place, his eyes snapped opened in shock. "H-Huh?!" He said.

"Hello there, enjoy your nap?" Ada asked him as he looked up.

"I...I remember you..." Harry said softly.

Ada chuckled. "I hope so, I was with you before the medic put you under."

"Huh?" Harry said with a frown and a tilted head.

"We had to close your wounds." Ada told him.

"But...Why? I needed those...So I could...l-learn my lesson..." Ada frowned. "What's wrong?" Harry asked, confused. "It...It's true...right?"

"Trust me, you didn't need any lesson that your uncle was teaching." Ada told him.

"But...But I'm a freak. A freak that shouldn't have been born..." Ada couldn't stand the way he was calling himself a freak and placed her hand on his cheek.

"Don't say stuff like that, kid." She said coolly. "Just don't. It's a lie."

"But...I-" Harry started to say before Ada placed her finger on his lips, silencing him.

"It's a LIE." She reasserted gently. Harry stayed silent for a moment then nodded slowly.

"Okay..." He said softly, still not fully believing it. Ada smiled and gave him a hug.

"Now...How about I make you a little late night snack? You seem hungry..."