19 years later

It was a cool crisp autumn morning September; on platform 9 ¾; when Hermione spotted her friend Harry potter and his wife Cho. It's has been 12 years since she has seen or heard from them. She walks over to them.

"Hi Harry" Hermione says

Harry turns around

" 'mine is that you?"

"Yes Harry it is me"

"What are you doing here? Not that is great to have you back."

"Oh ummmm….. My daughter is starting her second year and my son is starting his first year."

"Daughter!? Son!? When did you get married?"

"Ummmm…. 12 years ago."

"12 years ago!? Where was I 'mione? Who did you marry?


"'Mione who did you marry?"

"Harry please understand that I have been with my husband since fourth and anything he did was to protect me and our unborn child and our children."

"Who did you marry? And what do you mean unborn child?"

"During the war I was pregnant up until what happened at Malfoy manor with Bellatrix."

"So who did you marry?"


The group of friend turn around the familiar voice to see the one and only arrogant, self-centered Draco Malfoy with a three year old little boy named Leo.

"Malfoy you married Malfoy"

"Yes potter she married me"

"But why Hermione"

"Because harry I married Draco because I love him.

"But how did you guys get together"

"Well potter I found you dear friend here outside freezing after the Yule Ball that you and Wesel bee ruined for her we became friends and at the end of the year I asked her to be my girlfriend."

"Mom Lyria is being mean"

'"Scorpius stop complain and Lyria stop being mean to year brother"

"What I'm just telling him the truth."

"Scor don't listen to your sister huffelpuff and ravenclaw aren't bad beside it's in your sister nature to a sneaky snake."

The group laughs

"Hey that not fair daddy mommy is making fun of me"

"My hands are tied I want to sleep in my bed sorry Lyria but you're on your own"

Everyone laughs at Draco and Lyria

"Okay Hermione I can see that Draco here really loves and cares about you and your kids so I guess I can be happy for you."

And with that being said the children boarded the train and went off to start a new year at Hogwarts