Let Me Whisper In Your Ear

Disclaimer: Harry and Ruth are most certainly the property of Kudos and the BBC. Heaven knows they would've never been allowed to do this in the show!

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Harry tracked her via CCTV to a pub a few blocks from Thames House. She'd stormed off the Grid after they'd argued in his office. The door had been closed and the blinds drawn, so she'd moved around to his chair and quietly suggested that he come over to hers for the evening. He knew from the look in her eyes that she was hoping for more than a kiss good night, but he wasn't sure that was the right thing to do. Stupidly, he said as much.

Ruth didn't say anything initially. When Harry turned towards her, he could see the anger in her eyes. She told him that she'd changed her mind and would be doing something on her own. She left his office, closing the door with a little more force than necessary.

Harry stood and cracked the blinds enough to watch as Ruth gathered her jacket and bag and left the Grid. He watched the CCTV for a minute to see if she would come back out, but when she didn't, he took the risk that she'd still be there when he arrives.

He pushes through the door, sweeping across the faces in the pub. The pub is moderately busy, so he doesn't see her right away. She's seated at the bar, a large column between her and the door. He suspects she'd spotted him when he entered as her head was ducked and she'd leaned into the column, as if hoping he wouldn't see her.

He walks over to her and perches on the empty stool, asking if she'd been saving it for him. She says that no one has asked to sit next to her. He doesn't doubt it as she radiates a 'stay the hell away from me' vibe.

Harry orders a whisky from the barkeep before glancing over at Ruth. She's ignoring him, sipping at a glass of red wine and looking the other way in the hope that he will go away. When his drink arrives, he takes his time with the amber liquid. At one point she makes to leave and then changes her mind, likely realizing that he will simply follow her wherever she goes.

When his drink is finished, he scoots his stool closer to Ruth. She tries not to show surprise but a questioning look crosses her face. He rotates 90 degrees on the seat so he is facing Ruth, who is still looking straight ahead. He leans over to her and places his lips a hair's breadth from her ear and whispers, "I want you."

He feels her stiffen but she otherwise doesn't move.

"I want to take you home and lead you to my bedroom. I'll take off all my clothing and then I want to peel all of your clothes off, one item at a time, until you are naked before me. First I'll go over every beautiful inch of you with my eyes and then I'll explore every sensual inch of you with my fingers and finally I'll lead you to my bed, lay you down, and then devour every exquisite inch of you with my lips and tongue."

Ruth's breaths became quicker and she still hasn't moved, so he presses on.

"Once I've done that, then I'll discover all the ways I can make you orgasm. Is it my lips on your taught nipples? My fingers inside your wet vagina? Or maybe my tongue flickering across your swollen clitoris?"

Ruth is gripping the edge of her seat to try and keep herself under control.

"Once I've brought you to pleasure each of those ways, I'll flip you over and pull your hips back so you are on your hands and knees with your back arched and your ass in the air. I'll rub the tip of my rock hard cock across your folds so your juices mix with the pre-cum leaking out of me. Then I'll guide myself to your opening and let my head slide into you before it moves back out, rubbing across your clitoris again. Each time I guide myself into you I'll go a little deeper, filling and stretching you as you moan in pleasure."

Ruth's body is tight with tension but she still didn't move.

"Once I'm all the way in, I'll slide out and then slam back into you. I'll take great pleasure in watching you swallow my cock and listening to your panting breaths. As I glide in and out of you, I'll reach around with one hand and pinch your nipple before moving that hand down so my thumb can strum across your clitoris before going back up to one of your nipples. It won't take long before your walls are clenching around me and sending me over the edge as I pour my cum deep inside you."

Ruth is hardly breathing at this point and he knows her pulse is racing.

"My cock still inside you, we'll collapse on the bed with my arms wrapped around you. We'll pull up a blanket and sleep together, our bodies satiated. In a few hours, we'll wake up and discover new ways and places to pleasure one another. I want to try the shower, the kitchen table, and the rug in front of the fireplace. We'll eat when we're hungry for food and sleep when we're exhausted but otherwise I want to spend the weekend naked with you and bringing you to pleasure as often as I can."

He places a feather light kiss on her ear and moves just far enough away so she can turn and look at him. It takes a couple minutes before her breathing is somewhat under control and it's then that she turns to him.

"Why are you doing this?" she asks in a voice barely above a whisper.

"Because you seemed to be under the impression earlier that I don't want you, that I'm not interested in anything more than a good night kiss." Her face remains unchanged, but he could see the questioning look in her eyes.

"The truth is that I love you and I want you. All of you. All of you and everything with you. The truth is that I'm afraid that if we go beyond just a kiss that I won't be able to stop. The thought that I might hurt you by my desire terrifies me, so I've held back."

Now that Harry has put into words the thoughts that he'd been unable to get out of his mind for the past week, he sat back straight, dropping his eyes to his lap and closing them, afraid that she'd see him as weak. A moment later he is startled when Ruth's hand comes to rest on his left cheek and her lips against his right ear.

"The truth is, Harry, that I love you and I want you. All of you and everything with you. You only need to be honest with me so we can get through these struggles together." She kisses his cheek and pulls back.

Harry lifts his head to see Ruth smiling at him. Without taking her eyes from him, she reaches over, picks up her glass, and finishes off the wine. After setting it down, she pushes the stool back from the bar and stands, slips on her jacket, and slings her bag over her shoulder. She then reaches her hand out to Harry.

"Are you ready to go?" she asks.

He is caught a bit off guard by her response. "Where are we going?" he replies as he stands from his stool.

"To your house, of course. Isn't that where you said you wanted to take me?"

He smiles and nods. "Yes, I did. Do we need to go by your place first?"

Ruth presses her body against his and looks up to him with a hungry look on her face.

"No. I'm spending the weekend naked at your house, remember?"

Harry groans at the thought that his fantasy is about to come true with the woman who's hand has slid around to stroke his ass.

"We're leaving now, before I'm unable to walk," he whispers and drags her out of the pub, her laughter trailing behind them.

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