Alice was sitting on the couch in her bedroom stealing glances at her husband reading his book every once in a while. She picked up magazine, flipped through it for a little bit, then threw it in the ground. She couldn't sit still and Jasper finally realized it.

Jasper chuckled at his wife and she gave him a glare.

"Alice," Jasper started, "What's wrong."

"Nothing's wrong. I'm fine," Alice said impatiently.

"I know that's not true. I've been with you far too long to think you're fine. You're impatient and curious. I can feel that. So what is bugging you?"

"Nothing I'm fine," Alice yelled and went to sit on the bed with her magazine. Jasper went back to his book. Alice flipped through the new fashions until the silence was too much for her. Her quiet voice broke out.

"Tell me about Maria."

Jasper dropped his book and went stiff.

"What," he spat.

"Tell me about Maria. I barely know anything about her. You won't tell me more than little details."

"Trust me Alice you don't need to know anything other than what I've told you. She was a monster."

"I just want to know how you became you. If Maria hadn't been Maria maybe you wouldn't be the you that's here today."

Jasper got up and sat next to Alice on the bed. He sighed and thought about what he would tell his wife about his creator.

"Well I can tell you that she knew what she was doing in the south. I mean she knew to get me," he laughed dryly and continued, "She was the best manipulator and she knew it. I thought she had loved me and I was in love with the idea. I should have known that she didn't mean it. Why would she have someone she loves kill so many people?"

Alice put her hand on her husband's shoulder and smiled, "You couldn't have known anything about what she wanted."

"I should have been able to tell though. I felt love but it wasn't for me. It was for the power. She loved being in control and I was just one step under that. She loved controlling me but she didn't love me."

Jasper stopped to collect his thoughts again. "I can still she her. Her dark Spanish skin with her dark long hair. That accent makes me cringe still and the language is just too hard to hear."

Alice chuckled, "Is that why you picked French to take."

"No I actually picked that because I knew how much you loved Paris and I wanted to know the language next time I took you."

Alice cuddled up to Jaspers side and sighed. "I'm sorry for how she treated you."

"You don't have to apologize. You couldn't help it. You weren't even born yet," Jasper laughed, "Just be happy we found each other because I'm extremely grateful I have you and not her. You saved me from the monster."

"I'm actually glad she was a part of your life. She showed you how much you were worth to others even if it was in a terrible way. She drove you away and she led you to me and I'm kinda glad she hurt you so I could show you how much I love you while I put you back together."

Jasper was glad he left Maria and found his angel. She brought him out of the dark and showed him the light. He kept thinking about Alice until he realized she was talking to him.

"Te amo tanto Major Jasper Whitlock," Alice said.

Jasper looked at his Alice, "You know that language doesn't sound that bad when you say it." He laughed and kissed his wife.