After taking into much thought and consideration over choices as well as directions, this is going to be the last update for this story. I've lost motivation as well as desire to continue it. I'd be lying saying that I wanted to continue. I don't feel that way anymore. I am upset that the story will remain unfinished, but I feel a sense of relief washing over me as I type this.

It wasn't the bad reviews (even though there certainly were a few that were unnecessary) sometimes you need a push.

Yeah, they weren't written great. I liked them.

Yeah, some characters were nerfed. I tried to make it realistic as possible.

Yep, some scenes were boring. I tried to show, not tell.

Hell yeah my grammar and spelling is awful. I did this as a hobby. Hobbies aren't supposed to be stressful.

These reflections have made me realize I have a lot of work to do before I can call myself a writer. I love writing these stories so much that I have to take a step back from them, not sure if I'll be returning to them sad to say. The time spent trying to make the stories good, but the overall will I had has been lost to make them good. I didn't let them get to me. Some were very necessary to push me in a better direction. And some were weak, like most. Above all; I welcomed them.

So, not only are a few of my stories being discontinued, but I'm going to stop writing Halo stories all together because I've lost interest in them. I liked the story as well as the characters along with their interactions, but I've grown tired of them and want to do something different with my time. I'm not sure which direction I'll be going in, but I think I'll spend my time on one shot ideas. Who knows what franchise it'll be.

But I'm done with Halo. Daily life with a spartan will be the only one I work on. Once it's finished; that's it.

Take this as my two weeks notice. I'm considering deleting the stories but there are still some people who enjoyed them. And if they wanted to save them now would be a good time, but I may leave them up.

This doesn't mean it's a total loss. Some other stories in the halo and RWBY section have become really good. I'd strongly recommend you guys go and read them and show the authors the support they deserve. Some are examples of what a good Halo and RWBY crossover should be.

If anyone needs me I'm on twitter, YouTube, Xbox, and PSN. I'm also on SpaceBattles taking in new tips from others on how to make the stories better. If you need something or like to know anything, you can reach me from there. Or message me here in my DM's. They're always open.

For the readers who enjoyed the stories, I'm sorry that I let all of you down. I'll be better in the future. I promise.