It was a dark night, with the moon at it's fullest, radiating beams of light down onto the Earth below it. Some of these beams found their way through a window, providing the room with it's only source of light, creating shadows. Only one figure was illuminated, an old man, sitting at a large desk with the beams of moonlight hitting his back. To the very few who knew of his organization's existence, he was simply known as "The Director". The desk was a mess of papers, important legal documents pertaining to his organization.

At that very moment, the large double doors burst open as a middle aged man walked in at a brisk pace. He was holding a tablet which was emitting a blue light. Stopping in front of the elderly man's desk, he simply stood, waiting for orders to speak.

"What is it?" The old man questioned, his voice indicating his British accent.

The younger man responded with a crisp and distinguishable voice, "Sir! There is news from the Omega Nebula. It's not very good either."

"Let me see." The elder commanded while reaching out for the tablet. He received the device and spent a few minutes reading it's contents. "Hm. Thats not good, looks like we will have to accelerate our plans. Shepard's death is a major setback, without him, the Reapers will surely win. Let's hope Cerberus will actually succeed in this 'Lazarus Project.'"

"Sir? What are your orders?"

"Start preparing our forces, we may only have a few years to get everything in order for their arrival. Oh, and send for Ms. Victoria, I would like to discuss a new assignment with her." The Director ordered.

"Very good Sir, I will do so at once." The man replied and then proceeded to retrieve his tablet and walk out the door. Holding the glowing screen closer to his chest, the blue light illuminated his uniform. The uniform contained only one patch which was red, black and yellow. The words read "Hellsing. We Are On A Mission From God". The doors closed behind him returning the room to it's shadows.

"You know you only had to call for me." A female voice which seemed to come from the shadows. A female figure walked out of one of the corners of the room which was covered in shadow.

"Yes Seras, I know." The Director acknowledged. "I think the new personnel are not very comfortable with you watching everything. I think having them physically fetching you helps to calm the nerves. "

"If it helps, I am not technically watching them, Pip handles most of that. Besides, Its all for security's sake. Anyway, what are my orders Sir?"

"I want you to assist our forces in the preparations."

Seras gave him a raised eyebrow, "That's it? Surely there are better people to assign this task to."

"Yes, there are, but we need everybody, including vampires on deck for this. Besides, I want you to do something special."

"And that is..." Seras purposely left the sentence for the Director to finish.

"I want you to keep any eye on Cerberus. I don't trust them, they may be for the betterment of mankind, but they still are a terrorist group. Do whatever you have to, just don't get caught. Also, look into their "Project Lazarus". I want to know exactly when it succeeds or fails, this could change everything."

Losing her joking attitude, Seras replied with a crisp salute "Yes sir! Right away!" As she lowered her left arm, it dissolved into black and red shadows, swirling around her body as if it had a mind of it's own. She then turned around and walked straight back through the dark corner from whence she came.

2 Years Later

The Director looked down to his personal data pad when it gave off a quiet beeping sound, indicating there was a new message requesting his attention. He picked up the data pad which was laying on the desk in front of him. After entering his password, the device displayed it's message.

Project Lazarus appears to be a success. Intercepted messages indicate Shepard is gathering a crew to combat the Collectors, who are kidnapping colonists. Further information is attached to this message.

Awaiting further orders.


After a few minutes of going over the information is the attached articles, the Director of the Hellsing organization thought carefully about the next set of orders to give. With a sigh, the Director brought up the holographic keyboard and began composing his message. Once he started the plan, there was no going back. It was time for the Hellsing organization to start large scale operations again.

Acknowledged, return to nearest base to rearm and gather necessary equipment. Your orders are to confront Commander Shepard and offer the assistance of the Hellsing organization for the completion of the mission. Do not reveal the goals of the organization or what you are until directed otherwise or if it comprises the mission. Under no circumstance is it to leak to the public or Cerberus.

The Director sent his message and after a minute, received his reply.

It will be done.

Leaning back in his chair, the director took a moment to contemplate the situation. With another sigh, he leaned forward in his chair and began to sent more messages and paperwork which would be needed to get this plan running smoothly.

The Harkonnen weapon system was Seras' signature weapon. The original was a thirty millimeter single-shot, breech loader anti-tank rifle. It weighed in at roughly sixty kilograms when it was unloaded. It fired depleted uranium and silver shells for piercing armor, and incendiary napalm rounds for killing large groups. It's second iteration, the Harkonnen II was very similar to the previous one, except that it was belt fed and had a range of approximately four kilometers.

Those were her old weapons, of an old age before the discovery of element zero. That discovery had forever changed the way weapons were made. The weapons now included element zero technology which allowed for much faster traveling shots, thus increasing the damage inflicted. Now most weapons don't use bullets, instead they contain blocks of metal that serves as the weapon's ammunition. A small miniature slug, about the size of a grain of sand, would be shaved off of the block and fired at supersonic speeds by magnetic forces and mass reducing fields. Soldiers would never have to worry about running out of ammo. Though, they would have to worry about overheating if the weapons were fired too rapidly. That problem was solved by detachable heat sinks, which would absorb the heat and could be easily swapped with a fresh one so the operator could keep firing. On the other hand, it just brought everyone back to square one, now soldiers would have to worry about carrying heat sinks instead of ammunition.

This was good news for the Hellsing organization, because producing thousands of blessed silver bullets was costing them a fortune. Manufacturing blocks of silver and using that was much more efficient. Heat sinks on the other hand were easier to produce and carry, boosting their soldier's effectiveness.

Seras' current Harkonnen weapon system was improved by new technologies as well. After years of extensive research, development, and testing, Seras finally got her new rifle, the Harkonnen III. While the basic idea had not changed very much, the way it worked had. The cannon still fired thirty millimeter shells, but at much faster speeds using mass altering fields, causing ridiculous amounts of damage and an increase of range to six kilometers. The rifle itself was comprised of a much stronger alloy, allowing it to survive much more punishment from the environment and enemy fire. Instead of a single-shot breech or belt fed loading system, the Harkonnen III used a simple magazine system, allowing for three shots of continuous fire before reloading and a much faster reload time than the Harkonnen and more maneuverability than the belts of the Harkonnen II. Because of this, ammunition must be carried into battle instead of heat sinks. The Harkonnen III still had it's ammunition diversity though, the rounds that the previous Harkonnen weapon systems fired were still used, but now there were new types. Such as disrupter rounds, to take out heavy duty kinetic barriers, as well as high explosive rounds to deliver a massive payload. All in all, it was a massive improvement in Seras' eyes.

Seras grinned as she picked up her Harkonnen III and moved to retrieve the shells that would be needed for the duration of her time working with Shepherd. While the possibility of restocking at a Hellsing safe house existed, she did not want to put it up to chance. Pressing a small button on the side of her rifle, it folded up to a much more reasonable size, it resembled less of a flagpole and more of an extremely large briefcase. Dragging a large green metal box with the words "DANGER! HIGH EXPLOSIVE" and under it, was a small yellow radiation symbol.

Seras carefully added the box of explosives and her own Harkonnen III rifle to the small shipping container which kept all of the things she would need. There was not much in the container, it was mostly her ammunition, clothes and a stock of medical blood packs containing many different types and species of blood such as Human, Krogan, Asari, and Salarian. She didn't like Turian blood, the last time she drank it, it felt as if she was drinking shards of glass. No wonder everyone stays away from the dextro-amino acids. The largest single thing in her container was her coffin, filled with earth from her birth place so she could regain some of her strength when she slept. In total, the container weighed about one and a half tons.

After sealing her belongings she turned back to the armory to pick up some more conventional types of weapons for fighting normal combatants such as humans or other aliens. She finally decided on the M-96 Mattock assault rifle. The powerful, accurate shots were more useful for her marksmen fighting style. As a side arm, the M-6 Carnifex would do just fine. This Carnifex was special though, this one had a silver block on the inside instead of the factory issue one. It would be handy to have an anti-vampire weapon for emergencies that was not a massive anti-tank cannon.

Seras set her chosen weapons to the side and spent the next five minutes dawning her armor for her upcoming missions. While she really had no use for it, due to her extremely fast regeneration, it would help keep her cover when she returned from the mission without any bullet holes. Also, getting shot kinda hurt. She still wasn't as desensitized to pain as her Master is.

Suddenly, a voice came on the intercom, "Are you ready for deployment M'am?"

Responding to her pilot, "Yes, I am ready for drop off." Seras said as she typed a few commands on her omni-tool, sending her offer of support to the Illusive Man at Cerberus. There was no way that he could let Shepard deny her offer with the rumors that have flowed through his channels. He would want to find out why Hellsing was more secretive than the Geth.

"Alright, we'll be docking with Omega in a few minutes. Good luck M'am." Seras waited in silence until the Hellsing frigate was docked with Omega. The airlock hissed open and, taking a quick peek to make sure no one was looking, she picked up her container of supplies and snuck through the station to her designated meeting spot in the lower levels of Omega. It wasn't very hard, she stuck to deserted corridors and shadows to reach her spot without being seen. Placing her storage container down in the shadows, Seras jumped on top and leaned against the wall.

She took out an unmarked plastic bag containing blood from a hard case on her hip and fit a simple straw into it and began drinking. Human, B type, not bad. She leaned back on her container and watched the asteroids circle the station. All she had to do now was wait for Shepard.

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