"Commander Shepard. The Illusive Man would like to talk with you, he says it's urgent." EDI's voice came over the intercom system of the Normandy SR-2.

"Thank you EDI." Shepard replied neutrally. He was rather annoyed that the Illusive Man would call now, Shepard was eager to return to his current mission. He had just succeeded in recruiting a Salarian by the name of Mordin Solus, and was about to head out to rescue Archangel from his or her little predicament.

Shepard made his way directly to the communications room to talk with the Illusive Man. He didn't even bother to take his armor or weapons off as he would be returning to the Omega right after this meeting. As soon as he entered the room, the conference table started to sink into the floor to provide a pad for the hologram communications. Small lasers began to scan his body to create an accurate hologram.

As soon as Shepard appeared, the Illusive Man greeted him, "Shepard. How has your mission progressing?"

"Good, we just recruited The Professor, I was about to get Archangel, but you called. What is it? EDI said it was urgent."

"I was just contacted by a very secretive group calling themselves "Hellsing". Have you ever heard of them?" The Illusive Man took a drag from his cigarette.

"Can't say I have. Should I know them?"

"No, they are a very secretive organization. Even with my network of information gatherers and a transaction or two with the Shadow Broker, I've only been able to gather rumors. The only things I know is that they existed before Humanity took to the stars and they are very, very powerful. I've just considered them a myth, at least until now."

"And they just called you, just out of the blue? Seems like a rather farfetched story if you ask me."

"They did, the message just pushed it's way into the front of my queue of messages. I didn't think it would be possible. It must have come from inside." Yet another drag from the cigarette.

"So, what do they want?"

Letting loose a puff of smoke from his mouth, the Illusive Man replied, "They said that they believed your story about the Reapers and want to help. They also know about our mission. The message also said that they sent one of their best agents to meet you at Omega and join your crew to help hunt down the Collectors."

"And I should just trust them?"

"No, but keep them close, we need more information. We know more about the Collectors than Hellsing. You should get going, it wouldn't be wise to keep them waiting." With that, the Illusive Man severed the communication leaving Shepard back in the communications room of the Normandy.

A soft beeping sound came from his omni-tool, indicating an awaiting message. Pulling his omni-tool up, Shepard read the message.

Dossier: The Operative

The Hellsing organization recognized the truth in Shepard's claims of the return of the Reapers. As a result, they have decided to dispatch their best operative to assist Shepard in combating the Reaper and Collector threat. The operative is waiting in the lower Afterlife for pick up.

Attached to the file was a map of Omega and a specific hallway was highlighted. This must be where the Operative was waiting for him. After applying the file to his active missions list and sending a request for his chosen squad mates, Shepard turned around and walked out of the communications room and made a beeline to the airlock. Mordin and Miranda met him at the airlock a minute later.

"What's next Shepard? Are we going to get Archangel?" Miranda asked.

"Change of plans, we have a new dossier to take care of, it should be faster, after that we will get Archangel." Shepard pressed a button and the Normandy airlock opened, revealing a dirty hallway of Omega.

"Thats odd, the only dossier left on Omega is Archangel. I was not informed we had a third one."

"Thats because I just got it, right from the Illusive Man himself. Apparently some organization called 'Hellsing' wants to help us. They sent one of their best agents to help us out. You heard of them?'

"Only rumors, never bothered to look into it, seemed like a myth."

Mordin decided to butt in at that moment, "Heard a few things at STG, some sort of Human paramilitary group. Forcibly closed some investigations into strange occurrences, lots of black lines." Shepard would have to get used to that kind of rapid fire speech pattern of his.

The conversation ended due to the loud dance music of Afterlife, leaving Shepard to wonder exactly who these people were. Without much information to go on, this mission had a lot of potential to go wrong. Who ever these people were, they were good at covering their tracks.

The group was about seventy meters away from the designated meeting location when the sound of gunshots prevailed over the loud thumping beat from Afterlife. The team immediately began running towards the sound of the gunfire. When they were only twenty meters away, there was silence signaling the end of the abrupt fire fight.

As soon as Shepard turned the corner to face the designated hallway, he saw a sight that he would not soon forget. The hallway was littered with the bodies of Krogan and Vorcha. They wore the blood red armor of the Blood Pack mercenary group and covered in their respective blood. In total, Shepard counted at least five Krogans and seven Vorcha bodies among the carnage. The Vorcha had a only one gunshot in their head, while the Krogan had several holes in their head as well as their torso.

At the end of the hallway stood two figures, one female Human and one Krogan. The Human held the Krogan up against the wall with one arm, while the Human's right hand held a pistol up to the Krogan's eye. The Krogan had large Blood Pack armor, which signified him as the leader of the two Human was wearing a set of burgundy red light armor with gold highlights and no helmet revealing her platinum blond hair.

As Shepard's squad approached, the very one side conversation became audible, "-and if I ever see you or any more of your Blood Pack buddies here again, I'll show you what I can really do. Got it?" Judging by the carnage of the hallway and the lack of any injuries on the woman, Shepard felt it was safe to say that it hadn't been a battle but a massacre.

Needless to say, the battle hardened Krogan replied to the question very quickly with a series of nods. "Good. Now, beat it!" The woman casually tossed the Krogan to the ground. The Krogan immediately got to his feet and ran past Shepard's squad in terror without looking back.

The woman turned to look at Shepard, and for a moment, he could have sworn he saw a flash of red in her blue eyes. She placed the pistol that she had been threatening the Krogan with back on the magnetic plate on her hip.

"So, you must be Commander Shepard. Sorry about the mess." She had a British accent and was not even out of breath from her fight. Now that Shepard could get a good view at her, he realized that she could be no older than around nineteen. If Hellsing's best agent was a teenager, then how much help could she really be? Then again, one quick look around proved that she could hold her own and more.

"Yea, thats me." he replied, "You're Hellsing, right?"

"Yes, I am Seras Victoria, but you can call me Seras. I've been ordered to help you defeat the Reapers, and by extension the Collectors. Looks like we will be spending a lot of time together."

"Alright, we are running short on time, we need to get another person named Archangel. Know him?"

"I haven't been here long, so I can't say that I do. Only a few rumors, heard he is a good shot, I'd like to put that to the test."

"Grab your things, meet me aboard the Normandy, dock D-14, then we'll head out to get Archangel. I want to see how well you can fight first hand."

Seras gave him a crisp salute, "Yes sir!" She then turned and went down the hallway presumably to get her things.

Shepard turned to Miranda and Mordin, "Lets see what we can find out about Archangel, something is telling me that Aria might know something." Shepard's two companions noded and made their way to Upper Afterlife.

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