Alright, so this is a story that's been rumbling around in my head since the summer. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope I myself update it well enough so you don't all think it is a goner. I think we all need a little pick up today, and I hope this can provide one.

Ruby was not scared, absolutely not. There was no way Ruby Rose was scared. She was just really, really, nervous. Her sister began working at this place down by the lake again this year. Ruby had gone there for years as a kid to have a bunch of fun and hang out with her sister and a couple of her friends from school over the summer before. But now she was going to apply to work there for her first job. It was early April, before the place was open or even close to being ready for business.

Every summer it was open and by fall it was closed down until next summer, which happened with almost everything on the strip. The strip was the main street down the town on the lakeside, and had all manner of shops and restaurants that were open almost exclusively during the summer. It had a very retro look, because most of the businesses began in the fifties and sixties, some even in the early twenties. Yang, her dad, and Ruby always went down to the lake to hang out and relax, go swimming at the beach, or just play games down there. But Adventure Zone, where her sister had worked for two years now, was by far the best part for kids. It had bumper boats, a go-kart track, batting cages, and arcade, and even a rock climbing wall. Ruby and Yang loved it there as children, playing on the bumper boats, hitting some baseballs, and playing in the arcade getting rid of their dad's quarters.

Ruby had just arrived there with her dad, even though she could drive herself, and it was only about five minutes away from home anyways. She would've gone alone, but she is kind of nervous around people she hasn't met before, and her dad knew the manager since Yang had worked there for a couple of years. It was rather easy to get a job there if truth be told, but Ruby was just worrying herself. With a competent older sibling working there before her, it was going to be a cake-walk to get the job, even if Ruby didn't know that herself.

When they went around to the other side of the main building which housed the arcade and registers, she saw the owner and a couple of other people she knew from her school putting up the tarp over the top of the merry-go-round. She thought that the owner was really strong for being able to help her friends put up the tarp, he was over 70 years old after all, and was absent most of the prior summer because of cancer.

"Hello Mr. Henen! How are you doing today?" Taiyang called to the owner.

"Hello, not too bad. Just have to put this pain up soon, takes forever." Mr. Henen explained, "What can I help you with? Ah, first, let's get out of this crappy weather."

He walked Tai and Ruby in to the main building's closest entrance, which was almost right behind them, and into his office. "Well, my younger daughter Ruby is 16 now, and wants to get a summer job. I figured she should work here, and be able to get some help from her sister Yang if she ever needs it," Tai explained.

"Your Yang's little sister? Can you lift at least 40 pounds young lady? It is very important to know because some of the stuff here is pretty heavy," Mr. Henen asked Ruby.

"Yes sir, I can lift 60 easy. Yang helps me keep in shape." Ruby replied.

"No kidding, seriously? You're a lot stronger than you look. Here," Mr. Henen handed Ruby an application, "Fill this out, leave it on the desk and have a wonderful day. You're going to get hired. I know Yang, and if you're anything like her, you will do just fine."

"Thank you very much Mr. Henen. So, how has it been so far, putting stuff up?" Tai asked as he follows Mr. Henen out of the office.

"Oh it's been a pain in the ass. . ."Mr. Henen began to say as they both walked out of earshot.

Ruby looked at the application and noticed it was pretty basic. It asked for any previous work experience, none, and general information they needed to know about her to properly fill out checks to pay her. Ruby filled it out quickly and left the paper on Mr. Henen's desk like he told her to, and walked back outside to where her dad and Mr. Henen went.

". . .yeah. We got some new electric bumper boats finally which is great, but they got delayed in Indiana. So we won't have them for a couple more weeks" Mr. Henen said.

"Wow, you got electric ones? All the boys who watched Yang rip the cord to turn the engine on will be very disappointed," Tai said.

Mr. Henen laughed his head off, knowing full well what Tai had meant. "Dad, don't say stuff like that, it's weird." Ruby said blushing slightly.

"Don't worry Ruby, you know it's true as much as I know true. So, is Yang going to work the Go-Kart Track again this year?" Tia asked Mr. Henen.

"Most definitely. She is as good as any one of those guys who work there, probably better." Mr. Henen said confidently.

"Hey, I take offense to that." One of Ruby's friends said who was still working on the tarp.

"Oh shut up Bruce, you know damn well she is way better than you are at dealing with the drunken idiots" Mr. Henen said, pointing his finger accusingly at Bruce.

"So? I don't see her here helping you right now" Bruce said in retaliation.

"Very true Bruce, very true," Mr. Henen said, "But I didn't say she was better at setting up the merry-go-round than you, did I?"

"No," Bruce sighed. "You didn't. I'll keep working on it."

"Hi Bruce!" Ruby waved to her defeated friend.

"Hey Ruby, finally going to work here like Yang? That's cool." Bruce said waving back to Ruby quickly before getting back to work.

"Yeah, it's going to be a lot of fun I think." Ruby replied, waving her hand to Bruce, "See you later Bruce."

"Ready to go Ruby?" Tai asked Ruby.

"Yep, we did what we needed to do. Besides, it won't be open for a while, and nothing else down here is. Especially with how this last winter was, there was still ice on the lake last month!" Ruby said.

"Yeah, let's head home and relax. Get to tell Yang she gets to have her little sister work with her this summer," Tai said as they got into the car to drive back into town.

"Yang! We're back!" Ruby said as she opened the back door to her house.

"Ruby! How did it go?!" Yang asked as she ran from the living room where she was previously laying to the kitchen, where the door happened to be.

"He said I'm basically hired," Ruby said as Yang rushed over to her.

Yang hugged her very hard. "I am so proud of you!"

"Please s-stop. You're crushing me," Ruby wheezed.

Yang let go of Ruby. "This is so amazing! We will be able to work together and have fun and hang out with friends and-"

"Yang, please relax. It isn't a big deal. You said so yourself I was almost certainly going to get hired," Ruby pleaded, hoping that Yang would relax.

"Oh but he could've still said no. There are plenty of girls working there already. But he didn't! I am so excited. Training is in a couple of weeks so new people can get trained and such. It'll be so much fun!"

"Yang, quit smothering your baby sister. I'm going to run to the store, Yang, try to tell Ruby anything she might need to know now." Taiyang said as he started to the door to walk back out, "And please just take it easy, we don't need Ruby freaking out over what you have had to deal with."

"Bye dad!" Ruby and Yang said as their dad walked back out the kitchen door.

"So, what do you want to know?" Yang said as she walked into the kitchen to get something to drink.

"I don't know. How are the other people working there? Are they nice?" Ruby asked her sister.

"Well, it depends Ruby. Some people are really nice and will last until they have to go to University or back to high school. Other people won't make it to 4th of July weekend. Heck, there was this one girl, who was as rotten as can be." Yang said

"What do you mean?"

"She would call us lazy, while she wouldn't do any work herself. She even got us in trouble one time and we had to pull weeds on the entire mini-golf course." Yang said, repulsed by the memory of the girl.

"I hope there's no one like that this year. . ." Ruby said sadly.

"I'm sure there won't be sis, we have a lot of nice people coming back this year. Some new people too. Like I said, there are a lot of girls, but a decent amount of boys too" Yang purred seductively.

"Ew, Yang, that is so gross!" Ruby exclaimed as her cheeks began to rouge at what her sister was implying.

"Sorry sis, that's just how it is. But if you hear anything about me, anything, ask me about it first." Yang said

"What? Why?"

"Well, I don't want you to hear a bunch of crap about me when most of it probably isn't even true." Yang said, beginning to look uncomfortable.

"Yang, I won't spread rumors about you sleeping with random people or other people working there. Just try not to cause them please. Besides, I know you aren't into guys, so I know those rumors are fake at least." Ruby said confidently.

"Yeah, But helping a friend out can still be taken the wrong way. I took one of them home last year and he started up a bunch of rumors about he was with me, I nearly punched his teeth out I was so mad." Yang growled. "So, anything else you want to ask me about?"

"Are the kids annoying?"

"Yes, some of them are very, very annoying." Ruby looked a little dejected, considering they themselves used to go there, not to mention she liked little kids, "But not all of them. It just depends. Sometimes you will get really nice kids, and other times, you will get absolute monsters."

"That's a bit frustrating."

"Well, look at it this way. Not everyone can be as nice as you. Besides, usually you only have to deal with the rotten kids once. It's the adults that are worse," Yang said, her face growing grim.

"What do you mean Yang?" Ruby asked, concerned on the quick change of Yang's demeanor.

"Some people just keep buying tickets, even if they are not very nice. And other people are very hurtful when they get rejected Ruby. Just be careful about weirdo's alright?" Yang asked.

Ruby hugged her sister. "Yang, I promise I will be very careful." Ruby whispered.

"Thanks Rubes" Yang whispered back as she hugged her sister tightly. "Now, you want some food? I know you must be starving after facing Mr. Henen and surviving!"

"Yeah! Let's make some grilled cheese!" Ruby said excitedly.

"Alright! You get the stuff out and I will fire up the pan!" Yang exclaimed.

As Yang got a pan out of the cupboard next to the oven, Ruby got the bread out of the cupboard next to the fridge close by the door. Ruby then went and opened the fridge and grabbed the cheese, and made the sandwiches, preparing them to be put in the pan and made into grilled cheese. "There you go Yang! I got the sandwiches made and now we just need to put them in the pan"

"I got it Ruby, you just go and relax for a minute in the living room" Yang said. Ruby went into the far living room and relaxed, well, as much as she could relax. Grilled cheese was amazing after all!

In her daydreaming, Ruby didn't notice some smoke start to come out of the kitchen, until her sister shouted. "Ruby! Get in here, the grilled cheese is burning!" Ruby rushed into the kitchen to see smoke just flowing off of the pan as one of the grilled cheese sandwiches was stuck to it, likely because of the cheese.


So there it is. I hope you enjoyed, and remember, stay chill.