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"Yang, we need to go!" Ruby shouted at her older sister who was in the bathroom messing with her hair "We're gonna be late!"

Yang was still getting ready and it just so happened to be the first of two days of orientation. It had been a couple of weeks since Ruby was officially hired by Mr. Henen to work, but that time had not made her any less nervous. "I'll be ready in a sec sis."

"Yang, come on! We need to get there before it starts!"

"And. . .done!" Yang said as she finally finished getting ready. Yang opened the door to the bathroom and shouted down the back set of stairs their house had "I'm ready Ruby, let's get the show on the road!"

As Yang hopped down the turning staircase with the floral patterns for wallpaper, Ruby waited impatiently in the kitchen near the staircase. "Let's go, I'll drive," Yang said as she rushed out the door, practically dragging Ruby with her

"Y-Yang, let go!"

"Nope. We gotta get there, and we're not using your car." Yang said as she half-dragged Ruby to their garage, which was at the end of their long driveway.

"We're using your motorcycle?!"

"Yep, and we'll get there with plenty of time to spare, so don't you worry Ruby," Yang said as she let go of Ruby and forced the wooden garage door open. She didn't know why it had to be lifted open instead of pushing a button and it going up on its own, but it was just a good workout, right?

Yang's motorcycle was everything their dad's was not. Where his was loud and had a giant engine, Yang's was quiet and had a smaller engine block. Where Yang's was sleek and covered in plastic, Taiyang's motorcycle was bulky and had exposed engine parts everywhere. The most striking feature was its color, bright yellow, with black panels, creating a stark contrast.

"Yang, are you sure? This seems dangerous, speeding on a bike and all."

"Don't worry Ruby, we won't be speeding, we're just gonna take the back roads that aren't all curvy like the main road is." Yang said as she tossed Ruby her helmet, a dark crimson to match the ends of her hair.

"Okay Yang, just please don't make us late for our first day."

"I won't, pinkie promise."

"Pinkie promise," Ruby said as she put her pinky finger around Yang's and hopped up on the bike.

As Yang sped through the roads down to the lake, Ruby couldn't help but look around. Everywhere she looked she saw budding early spring flowers across the fields that the road bisected. The way down to the lake this way consisted of a few roads. One road to get past the double-railroad tracks that they had to cross and to get to the end of town on the west side, another road that took them west and south following a curvature that led them through some forest and fields of grass and springtime flowers. A third road that was as straight as an arrow that took them down to the last pair of roads after that.

It was a bit of backtracking, considering after going so far west they had to go back east, but it still managed to save time as the main road was unbelievably wavy and always had traffic on it. Once they were inside the limits of the lake town it only took a couple more minutes to get to Adventure Zone.

As they went down a hill, Ruby spotted at the bottom an ice cream parlor that had been owned by a multitude of people over the years had once again another owner. She saw that they also were selling strawberry ice cream, so she made sure to tell Yang to stop on their way back home to stop and get some ice cream to try it out. As they made the final turn into the parking lot, Ruby was getting a little more anxious for what the day was going to bring. Yang had already told her what the basics of what she was going to be learning to do was, but she still wanted to get everything just right so she wouldn't get into any trouble.

"See, I told you we would make it on time. We're even early a couple of minutes," Yang said proudly to her sister as she popped her helmet off of her head.

"Yeah, thanks Yang, now let's get inside so we can get those packets you said we would get telling us the basics and stuff."

"Alright, but remember Ruby, you don't have to do every little thing by the letter, and a lot of the instructions are outdated so we don't do them anymore. Like, on the golf course stuff, it says stuff about picking the weeds of certain holes on certain shifts, but no one does that. No one has for a while." Yang said as they walked to the main entrance that was closest. There were two entrances immediately next to the gravel parking lot, the one Ruby and her dad had entered being on the other side of the building.

"Hey Bruce," Ruby said as they walked into the building, seeing her friend.

"Oh hey Ruby, hey Yang. Cutting it a little close?"

"Shudap Bruce, we are right on time," Yang said. "So, Ruby told me you had just a wonderful time putting the Merry-go-round up a couple of weeks ago."

"Yeah, a great time. It was so amazing I wish we had more than one to put up," Bruce said sarcastically.

"Well who knows, maybe next year they will have another one," Yang said.

"That's about as likely as us getting a raise, and you know it," Bruce retorted back.

"Yeah, well, whatever. So who all is new this year other than my sis?" Yang asked.

"A few people. There's Clif, then there would be a couple people I don't know, and a really weird girl."

"Weird how?" Ruby asked.

"Well, I'm pretty sure it's Weiss Schnee, but why she would be here I have no idea."

"Who?" Ruby asked again.

"That girl with the white hair in your grade. The one that's snooty a lot, and her dad owns like, half the properties in town."

"Oh. I've never really seen her around that much. Once or twice in the halls, that's about it," Ruby said.

"Well, she is a piece of work, I can tell you that for sure. Had her in my computer class, man what a pain. She was like a slave driver whenever we had to group up." Bruce said, shuddering at thinking about it.

"Is she really that bad?" Ruby whispered to Yang.

"No, he's just exaggerating as per usual. But she is a bit short," Yang said as she laughed.

"Yangggg, stop making terrible puns. They are so bad, it's not even funny."

"It is to me. Now let's sit down and get the usual shtick," Yang said as she began to walk to the area with the tables to sit down. "You sit somewhere over there Ruby, I gotta help with the talk, being a previous employee and all."

"Alright, can do Yang!" Ruby said exuberantly as she went over to the tables. She saw Clif sitting there in a blue polo shirt with everyone else just relaxing. "Hey Clif, how ya doing?"

"Huh, oh, hey Ruby," Clif said as he saw Ruby sit down next to her. "I'm doing fine, a little bit nervous about what's going on, that's all."

"Yeah, me too. But hey, your brother used to work here, right?" Ruby asked

"Yeah, and my two sisters. So, you walk in and get hired super quick too?"

"Yeah, siblings help I guess." Ruby said

"Yep. Now, time to work on not screwing up," Clif said. He was almost a foot taller than Ruby, and a bit heavy with it. He had short brown hair and green eyes, although sometimes they shifted to a gray closer to Ruby's eyes. "So how is Zwei?"

"He's Zwei. Always excited and a bouncing ball of energy. How's your dog and cat?"

"Well, char is fine, but my cat kinda disappeared," Clif said, looking a little sad.

"Aww, im sorry. I hope you guys find him," Ruby said.

"Yeah, I don't think we will. But it's alright. I know he was a champ to the end. You saw his neck those times right?"

Ruby nodded. Every month or two, Clif's cat would come home with a big mark in his neck, like something bit him. It gradually went away a few times, only to return again. "Probably whatever was making those marks probably got him in the end. But he had a good time as a cat. Always got food and had a home. No biggy, just gotta move on and chase ma dog"

"Chase your dog?"

"Yep. No fence to keep her in, so if she gets past me, I gotta chase after her. Hey, on the bright side, I'm probably getting better at sprinting, right?" Clif laughed.

"Yeah. Oh hey, looks they're about to start talking," Ruby said as she noticed the three owners of the place in front of all of them.

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