I haven't written in a long time. I acknowledge this. Heck, this idea has been swimming in my head since I first saw ROTG [which was like 2 years ago]. Stuff got in the way and I'm sorry. I hope to finish this soon. It's a tiny thing, but I hope who ever reads this enjoys it!


One would be wise to not mock powers older and stronger than one's own self… Now wisdom is a strange thing and sometimes it comes to us after the time we need it…

Case and point: Pitch Black.

Groaning on the cold floor of his lair, the spirit's head was spinning like a top. He had laid there for what seemed like hours already, never having the strength to get up. In his pain, he knew he had no one to blame but himself. He had forgotten to what lengths some spirits went to in order to settle a score-but he was being reminded of it now, for sure.

One of his Nightmares crept up to his curled form; the nudge and gentle neigh was probably meant to ask about its Master's health.

Pitch waved it away, "Be gone", he thought-cringing from the pain in his mind. Why didn't the blasted thing get that he didn't want to be bothered? He didn't answer to them.

Eventually the manifestation got the idea its Master was trying to get across. Fine then, it didn't need the grumpy spirit to tell it to not bother anymore. It would warn the others later. With a huff the Nightmare pranced away, ignoring Pitch's pained moan at the sound of its perky clomps.

Plus…It wasn't as if He was going to be talking any time soon anyway…

As the poor so-called Nightmare King was cradling himself in an effort to find his dignity and peace of mind, a trifecta spirit was sailing through the wind some miles from Pitch's lair. The visit was a useful visit-a fun one, mixing business with pleasure was this beings favorite thing!

So sure, maybe the reaction to Pitch's little slip up was a bit…radical, but if this played out right than this promised to be wicked…in all the best ways.

With dark and crazed glee, the spirit flew to yet another palace.