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"AHHH!" Danny screamed as the sound of the usual explosions echoed out of the basement and into his room.

Danny practically flew out of his bed and onto the floor, tangled up in his messy blankets. He narrowed his eyes in annoyance, making his baggy eyes very noticeable. An irked groan escaped his lips as he got out of his purple blankets.

Danny was a pale, small teenage boy, especially compared to most of the other boys (especially the jocks) at his school. Due to the late nighter he pulled to finish his homework and cream a bunch of newbies in Doom with Tucker, his normally bright blue eyes were slightly darker than normal. His bushy, black hair that was styled in the form of a reverse mullet was a disheveled mess, more so than normal.

Danny crawled out of his blankets and lazily threw them on his bed. He swore that his parents had made it their mission to drive him insane with their antics. Whether it be break dancing (very badly) to new wave in front of his classmates, spraying some poor peer or out of shape teacher with Anti-Ghost Goo, or something just as embarrassing. Did he mention spraying someone?

Danny dragged his feet out of his room, down the stairs, and all the way to the entrance of the lab. His mind was thinking of ways to tell his parents to keep it down so he could sleep in. It was SATURDAY for crying out loud!

He was about to open the door when his day-glow-orange jump-suited dad, Jack Fenton, opened the door in Danny's face. The poor kid was sent flying backwards a bit, slightly dizzy from the force his dad used to open the door.

"There you are Danny-boy!" Jack beamed happily, "Come on! We have something exciting to show you! It will change the world!"

Jack grabbed Danny and dragged him into the lab in a cartoonish fashion. Danny yelped as his dad barreled down the steps.

'Someone please kill me…' Danny thought.

In the lab, Maddie, Danny's blue jump-suited mother, was finishing checking all of the calculations, making sure they were correct this time and that the Ectofilter had purifier and not something like fudge (which she saw Jack almost put in on accident) in it. Everything was in the clear and was correct, thankfully. She was about to move all of the fragile stuff out of the way when Jack shot into the lab with Danny in tow. Jack accidentally knocked over some of the fragile objects with the way he was dragging in Danny.

"Jack!" Maddie scolded, "Danny is not a rag doll!"

"Sorry, Mads. I am just excited to show our son our greatest invention since college!" Jack said as he released Danny.

"I understand honey, but you can't throw the children around like that," Maddie said.

"So, what exactly did you want to show me this time?" Danny asked, praying it wasn't something that would mortify or embarrass him for life.

"See that over there, Danny?" Jack asked as he pointed to a large octagonal hole in the wall with cables and high tech interfaces attached to it.

"Yeah," Danny said, unimpressed so far by the fact he was being showed 'a fancy hole in the wall'.

"That, son, is the Fenton Portal! It will punch a hole into the ghost dimension, AKA the Ghost Zone, and allow us to see where the ghosts rest aside!" Jack said with enthusiasm.

That perked a small amount of curiosity in young Danny. Another dimension sounded something straight of science fiction. However, his parents were going to attempt to prove that you could go to another dimension. Too bad it had be part of their crackpot job of being ghost hunters.

Jack picked up the plugs as Maddie stood next to him, anxiously waiting for their years of research to finally pay off. Danny sat there, awaiting for the grand moment with mild interest.

"BANZAI!" Jack bellowed and slammed the plugs together.

As the two plugs connected, all positive tensions rose. A few well meaning, Ectoplasmic electric sparks danced in the portal for a few seconds before fizzling into nothing. Jack frowned at the portal and unplugged the plugs.

'That was anticlimactic...' Danny thought.

"Come on! I said BANZAI!" Jack said and slammed the plugs again.

The same well-meaning sparks reappeared and disappeared. The plugged in plugs fell from Jack's hands. Jack and Maddie slumped in disappointment. All that hard work, the numerous revisions, materials used, all wasted on a failure. The one thing that stood as top priority in their minds when it came to ghost hunting had failed.

"Oh Jack..." Maddie said as she saw her husband's hurt face, "It will be okay. We will think of something."

"I hope so Maddie..." Jack said with a few sniffles.

"Danny, Jack and I are going to go drive around for a bit to sort things out," Maddie said as she patted her baby boy's head, "If Sam and Tucker happen to come over while we are gone, please try to behave yourselves. Jazz will be watching you."

"Mom, I'm fourteen!" Danny complained, "I don't need to be babysat! Especially by that spaz!"

"But you will always be my baby, though," Maddie said and hugged her son.

Danny was a little embarrassed by this, but none of the less, returned the hug in full.

"Will we get to share that one soda that you suggested last week?" Danny asked.

"Whatever makes you happy," Maddie said with a smile.

With that, Maddie led Jack up the stairs, rubbing his back. Jack was practically crying waterfalls as he trudged up the stairs.

Danny went up to the stairs and gave one last look at the portal.

'What if it did work?' Danny thought, 'Oh well, not my problem right now!'

Danny went upstairs without a second thought. The subconscious curiosity however lingered in the bad of his mind.

As the credits rolled for the movie Bloodbath 2: Goriest Nightmare, Danny heard the doorbell ring. He rushed to the door and opened it. On the other side of the doorway stood Sam and Tucker.

Sam was pale like Danny, but not as pale. Her black hair was in a half-ponytail with the remaining locks covering her head like a cape. She wore a black tank-top with a dark purple oval, purple stockings, combat boots, and a black skirt with green hatching. She had been Tucker and Danny's friend since the second grade and was pretty much the only force within the trio that kept everyone in line.

Tucker, on the other hand, was an African American boy with knowledge on all things technology. He had short, stubby black hair hidden away under his trademark red beret. He wore a yellow shirt, glasses, tan-green cargo pants, and tan army boots. He was what Sam described as a 'meat head' and had been Danny's friend 'since forever'. He was practically an accomplice when it came to doing crazy stuff, like hacking into Jazz's computer when they were younger.

"Hey guys! So ready for an epic Saturday of non-stop fun?" Danny asked.

"Dude, you know we always are!" Tucker said.

"Anything to escape my parents," Sam said.

With that, the trio set up the gaming console and controllers. Danny pulled out some of the games that he had.

"Alright, we got Apocalypse 2: The Ultimate Zombie Blood Bath, Party Killers 3, and Spleen Buster Brawl. Which one you guys?" Danny asked.

"I call Party Killers!" Tucker said childishly, receiving a raised eyebrow from Sam, "Come on, Sam! It has a bunch of insane moments!"

"Yeah, ones that actually make you go insane from how senseless and random they are!" Sam retorted, "I'd say we should play Apocalypse 2. It has some good graphics, and we can insert our own content. In fact, I wouldn't mind making all of the zombies look like Paulina."

"You know we can't kill them if they all look like her!" Danny said.

"Yeah, Sam. Instead we would be dead!" Tucker said.

"Except me," Sam said with a smirk.

"You are just cruel, you know that?" Tucker asked.

"And I am proud of it!" Sam said with triumph.

After having a small argument on what game to play, they all settled on the middle ground choice. Spleen Buster Brawl. They all could agree the game was probably made by some old crackpot who lived with his very old mother, considering the insane amount of fairies in the game. Then again, Danny practically was the son a few crackpots himself. Sam was glad that there were the so called 'Anti-Fairies' in the game, or she would have refused to play the game period.

An hour on the game passed, and the trio was growing bored of abusing Tucker's character. Tucker got a sly idea brewing. An idea that could be considered payback. He only knew it would be good payback because Danny had told them about how Danny kept getting kicked out of the lab when he tried to tell his parents to be quiet.

"So dude, why don't you show us what your parents have been doing in the basement?" Tucker asked with a sly smirk.

Sam's curiosity came to the surface, she too wanted to know.

"Yeah Danny, you have been complaining about the racket they make down there. It's only fair that we know," Sam said.

"Is something embarrassing again, like the Fenton Anti-Ghost Diapers?" Tucker asked with a snicker.

"Fenton Anti-Ghost Diapers?" Sam asked with an amused face.

"Can it, Tucker! We agreed to never speak of that again!" Danny said with his face beet red.

"Okay, I get. But can you please tell us what your parents have been doing?" Tucker said, raising his hands in defense.

"Turns out, all of that noise was caused by them making a ghost portal," Danny said, knowing his friends wouldn't rest until they knew.

"Cool!" Tucker and Sam said.

"Show us, dude!" Tucker said.

"Even though it sounds like it came from a cheesy science fiction movie, I am willing to give it a chance," Sam said with a smile.

Before Danny could even get a word out, Sam and Tucker were already going down the stairs that were in the kitchen into the lab. Danny sighed. He was going to be grounded big time if his parents found out about this.

Danny chased them down into the lab. He prayed it wasn't too late to get his curious friends out of there. With that he remembered Tucker and his fetish for technology. Since he was already in there, he had a not in a million chance of getting that techno geek out of there. And Sam was a goth, so of course she would think ghosts were cool. Heck, she had a few books about them!

'Stupid, Fenton! I must really learn how to keep my mouth shut!' Danny kicked himself mentally, 'Hopefully Jazz is still too engrossed in her books to realize we are down here.'

Once Danny got to the bottom of the stairs, he saw Tucker drooling over the portal's interface as if it were a swimsuit model. Sam was admiring the portal, even taking pictures of it with the old style camera she brought.

"This is heaven! I swear, dude, if your parents weren't ghost hunters, you would be filthy rich from all the possibilities in this room!" Tucker said, "I must say, some of these inventions look like they came straight out of Star Trek, and that's saying something!"

Danny was about to say something when a rolled up white jumpsuit with black gloves, black boots, and a black belt smacked him in the head. He caught the jumpsuit and glared in the direction it came from to find an innocent Sam.

"Smile!" Sam said and took a picture.

Danny was dazed by the annoying flash of the camera. The jumpsuit unrolled to reveal a sticker of Jack's beaming face. After his vision went back to normal, he gave an annoyed look at his friends.

"Alright, you guys saw the portal. Can we please get out of here now? My parents will kill us if they find us down here. Besides, it doesn't even work!" Danny said.

"Don't be such a party pooper, Danny!" Tucker said as he lovingly rubbed the interface, "There is no way am I leaving these sweet babies alone!"

"First off Tucker, get a room," Sam said, slightly disturbed by how affectionate Tucker was being with a piece of equipment, "And second of all, I agree. We are not leaving! This place is amazing! Every goth almost dreams of seeing a portal into a world full of creepy things like ghosts!"

"But Sam-", Danny started.

"No buts, Danny! This is a chance of a life time! Are you really going to pass up the one in a lifetime chance to check out something that is totally cool?" Sam asked, "That is, if you are brave enough?"

Danny began to sweat nervously. Sam was now daring him. And when Sam dares someone, she expects you to follow through with it. While his healthy respect for Sam's dares, Danny also felt the resurfacing of his curiosities. He knew his parents would kill him if he didn't get them out of here before they got back or if something got misplaced or damage. However, his curiosity was pretty much being fed by Sam at this moment, so that meant any possible common sense he had went out the window.

"You know what, you're right, Sam!" Danny said, giving into Sam's will, "Who knows what super cool things are on the other side!"

Danny got into the jumpsuit that he was still holding. Sam couldn't help but let her eyes wonder as Danny got it on. Tucker even managed to sneak getting a picture of Sam's hypnotized face. If she found out about this picture, Tucker would be in the one place he feared most. The hospital.

'This is totally going into my online journal for safe keeping!' Tucker thought.

"Hang on a second," Sam said and walked up to Danny with a slightly disgusted look.

Sam grabbed hold of the stick of Jack's face and ripped it off. She pointed at it.

"You are not going to walk into another world with your dad's face on your chest!" Sam said and chucked the sticker into a nearby trash bin.

Danny smiled sheepishly at the fact Sam had just saved him from possible embarrassment. He didn't need his parents to embarrass him in the Ghost Zone like they did on Earth.

"Well here goes nothing..." Danny said and walked into the portal with caution.

Both Tucker and Sam awaited at the entrance of the portal, wanting to have front row seats if Danny did somehow get the portal to miraculously work.

"See anything yet?" Tucker asked.

"If you count wires and a bunch of bolts, nothing yet." Danny said from inside, "WHOA!"

Tucker and Sam winced as they heard Danny fall down in the inactive portal.

"You okay, Danny?" Sam asked.

"I think so," Danny said.

At that moment the trio heard a beep. Danny had accidentally hit something, most likely the 'ON' button.

'Who the heck puts an ON button inside of something?!' The trio thought.

The portal began to power up. Danny was frozen in fear as Ectoplasmic electricity began to dance around edges.

"Get out of there, dude!" Tucker shouted in panic.

"Hurry!" Sam called out.

Danny was so scared that his legs wouldn't obey the order to run. He knew something bad would happen, and boy did he hate the fact that he was right.

At that fleeting moment, Danny got bombarded by all of the power the portal had gathered. The pain that he felt was unimaginable to the point that even a survivor of lightning strike would say that lightning was painless. He felt like he was being shredded on the molecular level and reassembled in some other arrangement. He wondered why he wasn't even dead yet as the megaton Ectoplasmic shock continued its rampage in his body.

Sam and Tucker could only watch in horror as their friend screamed at the top of his lungs endlessly. Both on the verge of tears as the feeling of helplessness to save their friend took the screaming silenced, Tucker and Sam weren't sure if they should be happy or petrified with sadness and smoke billowed from the inside of the portal followed by coughing. And it was coughing they knew all too well. Danny was alive.

"DANNY!" Sam and Tucker shouted, happy their friend was still were about to rush up to Danny when the smoke cleared.

They stopped dead in their tracks when they saw how Danny looked. Danny had snow white hair instead of his black hair that he inherited from his dad, skin that made Danny look like he slept on a tanning bed, and glowing green eyes that replaced the blue eyes that were similar to the ones that his ten year old cousin had. Those weren't the only things that changed however. His jumpsuit had completely inverted. White was now black, and black was now white. A white aura surrounded their friend as he leaned on the portal's outer rim for support.

"Danny? Is that you?" Tucker asked.

"Yeah, who else would it be, Tuck?" Danny asked, "Why are you looking at me like that? Did that shock give me a second head or something?"

"Ummm, I don't think you will believe us if we told you," Sam said.

"Try me. Give me your best," Danny said.

"How to put this gently... Your hair is whiter than an old man's, your eyes are a green and glowing, and you are glowing yourself like you were radioactive," Tucker said.

Sam shot Tucker a 'really' look as Danny laughed.

"Tucker, I am pretty sure it was just the shock of the moment," Danny said, snickering at his own joke.

"You think this is a joking matter, Danny?" Sam exasperated, "Go look at yourself in the mirror since you don't believe us."

Danny wiped an invisible tear from his eye. He began to walk to the mirror that was in the lab over a sink.

"Okay, I will take a look. But seriously, I doubt anything is-", Danny said and was shocked by what he saw, "OH MY GOSH!"

"Still think we are lying, or do you need more proof?" Tucker asked.

"Actually, I believe you guys now, but what the heck happened?" Danny asked as he checked the roots of his hair and his lone chest hair, silently hoping it didn't get zapped off.

"Other than you getting blasted by an insane amount of energy that no one should be able to survive, nothing much," Sam said nonchalantly.

As Danny leaned on the sink to get a good look at other areas on his face, he felt a tingly sensation flow through his body. Without a moment's notice, he fell through the sink and onto the floor. As he got up, he hit his head on the sink.

"Am I seeing things or did you just go through the sink, dude?" Tucker asked.

"Okay, I wasn't very concerned at first, that I will admit," Danny said as tensed a bit, "But now, I think this is very urgent..."

As Danny's nervousness climbed, he began to fade in and out of the visible spectrum before Sam and Tucker's eyes. With that, Danny screamed and promptly passed out on the floor.

"Oh great... How are we going to explain this?" Tucker asked.

"I honestly, have no idea…" Sam said.

At that moment, a white halo formed around Danny's middle and split into two different directions. Black hair, blue eyes hidden behind his closed eye lids, pale skin, and his classic white and red t-shirt and baggy blue jeans. Sam and Tucker had no words to explain what happened, but were glad that Danny was back to normal. They came to the conclusion it was just a fluke.

Just as they were going to put what happened behind them, Jazz came in rushing like a mother bear protecting her cubs. She saw Danny passed out on the floor.

"DANNY!" Jazz shouted in horror and quickly began to check his vitals, "What happened to him?"

"Danny went inside the ghost portal and it shocked him," Tucker said.

Sam nudged Tucker in the rib, hard. Jazz gasped in horror.

"Oh Danny! I knew mom and dad's sick obsession with ghosts would get you hurt!" Jazz said as she hugged Danny's unconscious body.

Jazz quickly pulled out her cellphone and began to dial a number.

"Um, who are you calling?" Sam asked.

"The hospital. We need to make sure this doesn't have a lasting effects like psychological or physical damage," Jazz said and then put the phone to her ear, "Hello. This is Jasmine Fenton. I have an emergency."