Hello all

You may remember me, the author of two stories, The Girl Who Ran and Remnant Knight


This is not an update or a new story

This, in fact, began as a one shot, but now it is a project

Actually, it is a memorial

A memorial in which we will remember the man, the legend, the creator

Mounty Oum

If you do not already know

Monty Oum passed away one day ago on February 1, 2015 at 4:34 P.M.

We mourn his passing, but we will remember him and his great legacy that he leaves with us

Let us never forsake his works and his life, but instead immortalize him in memory

That is what this is for, this story to behold

Now, I give you

Monty Oum, the First Huntsman

Ruby shifted in her sleep, letting out soft snores and little noises as she tossed and turned. The memories of the Valean Breach were still new and fresh, searing the images of a burning Vale into her mind. She awoke in a loud gasp, her bed shifting from its rope suspenders.

Seeing no one awakened from her own awakening she shrugged and began to lay back down when a whine caught her ears. Down below, Zwei was wagging his tail, looking up at her with large eyes full of worry. The scythe wielder looked down at him with a tired expression.

"What is it, Zwei? Do you need to go out?" she asked with a frown.

He gave another whine and ran to the door, scratching at it. Before he could bark, she had jumped out of bed and quickly dressed as to not be caught in her pajamas while taking him out. Nestling Crescent Rose in its compact, she began walking him out.

Outside the dorms, the night breeze fluttered her cloak. Her pale skin turned paler, turning from porcelain to an almost vampire white color. After letting the corgi do his business, she walked it back to the threshold of her dorm. However, she did not make it before she noticed a hue of green and purple. Curiosity turned her mind away from sleep as she snuck over to a support pillar of one of the aqueducts that encircled a part of the main avenue of Beacon.

Down at the end of the avenue an airship was docked, a single figure stood alone in the night. A cool breeze swept by and fluttered their unzipped, black suit and let her see a green scarf. As she moved closer, she continued keeping an eye upon the mysterious being. This was a mistake, however, as the young huntress-in-training stepped on a twig, snapping it.

The figure, a man she realized, perked up and turned in her direction, giving her a view of tousled, silver hair and tinted spectacles.

"Ms. Rose?" he called upon seeing her crimson hair in the light of a light pole.

"Uh, hi, Professor Ozpin," she nervously greeted, standing up with shaking knees and a flustered face. "H-how are you d-doing?"

He eyed her, raising an eyebrow and tilting his head to the side as both his hands rested on the head of his cane. With a single movement, he had pulled his cane up and used it to gesture at her, silently asking her to come towards him. Ruby obeyed and walked over, Zwei nervously following behind, letting hushed whimpers and whines out.

"Would you please explain to me why you are out here, in the middle of the night?"

"Well... uh, sir... I was... letting my dog go to the bathroom?" she squeaked while twiddling her fingers.

The corgi at her feet let another whine out and bowed his head down, putting his paws on his snout. Ozpin looked down at the small dog before letting a soft smile grace his lips, letting an amused breath come out of his nostrils.

"It is quite alright, Ruby," he claimed and looked back at the statue he stood before. "I, myself, have come out into the night on important matters."

She raised her eyebrow, tilting her own head this time.

"What's going on?"

"Nothing that should concern you," he assured and emphasized by pushing a hand forward lightly. "Unless, you would like to be concerned about it?"

"I, uh... sure?" she cautiously answered, letting a shy smile out.

With a small chuckle, he turned to the statue and pulled off his purple cross pendant. Placing it on a small Beacon symbol, she noticed a soft glow of blue emitting from them both. Suddenly, without a warning besides Ozpin's hand on her shoulder, the base of the statue shifted and opened up to reveal a threshold. Far down a corridor stretched, the walls of it made of intricately carved stone with patterns of dust running along them, glowing a soft blue hue that illuminated the hidden passage.

"Shall we?"

Ruby turned to her headmaster, a surprised and shocked expression on her face that as quickly replaced with one of excitement and curiosity.

"Let's go!" she squealed and Ozpin began leading her down into Beacon's past.

Ruby could hear the threshold close midway down the corridor, but did not fret. This was Ozpin, one of the most famed huntsman of his time and headmaster of Beacon Academy, he surely had plan on getting out without being noticed. The journey down was fairly long, but not to long as to draw boredom as the Ruby let her eyes wander the sides of the walls, seeing symbols of all kinds etched into them. Images of all kinds of weapons, plants, places, and various other things lined the walls in intricate versions.

Soon, she realized that these were not just simple symbols, but the symbols of huntsmen and huntresses past. Turning to look up at her elder, she parted her pursed lips to ask the question on her mind, "What is this?"

"The only true, surviving memory of an age long past," was his only answer, not taking his eyes off the end of the tunnel.

Eventually, the two approached a massive set of metal doors, the symbol of Beacon etched onto them. Carved into its very iron, the image seemed to give off an aura of power and strength. Walking several steps forward with a hand placed on Ruby's shoulder to stop her from following, Ozpin took a statue like pose in front of the doors. With both hands on the top of his cane and elbows tucked into his sides along with his legs straightened, he seemed to impersonate a statue itself, standing firm and frozen.

Suddenly, a light began to glow beneath him and Ruby realized a glyph had faded into existence under his very feet. It cast a green glow over the dark stone floor, turning clockwise as Ozpin stood upon it. In an instant, the glyph flashed out of existence and the massive iron doors parted to reveal a great chamber within.

A river sat around an island of green within a vast cavern. Waterfalls let pouring water come down and, somehow, smoothly pass into the river. It remained crystal clear as all the unclean and impurity of it seemed to wash away down into a tunnel that most likely lead to another waterfall somewhere. A neat, wooden bridge arced over the river allowing both visitors and Zwei to walk onto the grassy island.

Lush, green grass fluttered as moonlight poured into the place several holes in the cavern ceiling, most likely unnoticeable from above. Paths of cobbled stone seemed to lead across the island, from many different stone altars. However, beyond each of them, there lay a single, mighty one that stood apart. Built majestically with a podium of marble standing before it, the altar seemed to be made in honor of something or someone remembered greatly.

"Whoa," Ruby gasped as they set foot onto the grass, "now what is this place?"

"This, Ms. Rose, is the resting place of our forefathers."

"Wait, our forefathers? What does that mean?"

"Allow me to explain, Ruby," he offered and she nodded as he lead her to the grand altar where he rubbed a hand over a plaque.

Ruby squinted her eyes, attempting to read the dusty metal as he brushed it off, eventually able to see the inscribed words with the help of several dust crystal lamps and the moonlight:

Here lies our champion and hero,
Monty Oum,
The First Huntsman

Her eyes read it over and over again, even her mouth moved to spell the words.

"The first huntsman?" she breathed in disbelief, slver eyes as wide as the cafeteria plates and her breath ragged as if she had run twenty miles without her semblance.

"Yes, Ruby," Professor Ozpin responded as he turned with a smile. "This is the tomb of our forefathers, our precursors, those who came before and founded our kin. This, is the monument to Monty Oum, the very first huntsman whom saved both mankind and Faunus-kind from extinction."

The young girl could not believe it, this place, this hidden memorial beneath Beacon was the resting place of the very first huntsman in existence!

"B-but wh-why, h-how, what!"

With an amused smile, he began to sit down on the grass, setting his cane down on his lap, "Perhaps, it would be better if I explained this thoroughly." Patting the ground in front of him, he gestured for her to join him on the ground. "It is quite soft."

Still showing shock, she began to sit down on her crossed legs, Crescent Rose still on the back of her waist as Zwie curled up next to her.

For some time, the headmaster of Beacon Academy stared at the cavern ceiling, then at the altar of Monty Oum, then finally, at Ruby Rose, herself.

"My dear Ruby Rose," he began and she blushed a bit as he continued, "I brought you here because of all the students I have seen and trained, you show potential so much greater than even I."

She listened intently, the sound of trickling and pouring water soothing her soul as did the sight of Ozpin in the moonlight.

"While this is the honest truth, it is not the full one," he continued and she tilted her head in curiosity and confusion. "I am not the same man I once was, I was not the same huntsman who enjoyed the thrill of the hunt and the company of my fellow brothers and sisters-in-arms."

Ruby leaned back, putting her hands on her knees as she rocked on her crossed legs, anxious to hear what he would end up telling.

"I shall start from the very beginning," he claimed and looked up at the ceiling where the scythe wielder's gaze followed, her mouth dropping at the sight of dust crystals embedded into the cavern roof. "Many millenia ago, perhaps even eons, it began with this very castle."

"You will not find a place like this one anywhere else, not even here at Beacon shall its halls of old be comparable."

"Why's that?"

"Because now I rule over these halls, but all that time ago, Beacon Castle stood under the rule of Queen Vale."

"Queen Vale?"

"Yes, Queen Mavis Vale, the Angelic Protector, Lady of the Field of Battle, Fair Maiden of the Highest Order."

Across valleys and mountains, past forests of emerald and crimson, there lay the mighty Kingdom of Vale. The people here were prosperous, citizens under the mightiest of rulers. The line of Vale remained secure in Mavis Vale and her daughters and sons, princesses and princes, trained to be defenders of the people no matter what for the people faced a grave threat they had known since their ancestors set foot on Remnant.

At the very beginning of Human life, there was darkness, a great darkness that would have consumed them had they not had the will to persevere. Humans, were strong and persistent, they were steady and morally strong. This power lead them to combat these monsters they faced, these beasts of shadows, paladins of bone, the drinkers of blood, the Creatures of Grimm.

Man attempted to spread its influence, its power by expanding, but it was not to succeed. Every kingdom established fell, every settlement made razed, and every tent pitched was torn down. Far to the north, the Kingdom of Atlas faired better than others with its great craftsmen whom created mighty machines of war and walls of defense. To the west lay the Kingdom of Vacuo, home of the mystic prophets whom studied the cosmic energy within themselves to fight the Grimm. Then, to the east lay the Kingdom of Mistral, home of warrior born fighters, each man taught to wield a blade and every women taught to harvest sustenance to supply their defenders and families.

It was the eastern lands that fell to the Grimm first, then the west, and soon, even the north fell. Only Vale stood strong against the darkness, the original capital returned to its roots as refugees flooded into it.

Aboard one ship from Mistral, on this floating mass of wood and cloth there was one man and his family who waited for safety. This one man, this one, single, insignificant mortal would be the hero of mankind, he would be champion of both Men and Faunus.

This man, this Monty Oum would become a huntsman, the first and original huntsman.

Chapter One: Fine

There it is my fellow mourners, the first chapter of an incredible tale

I will attempt to forge a schedule on which to post new chapters

Hopefully, I will be able to post every other day, maybe every two days

Now that, that is finished

I would like to say this and this alone

Goodbye Monty