Chapter 1: The Black Knight

A/N: Today I learned that Monty Oum, the man I always wanted to meet but never had the chance to and the inspiration I found to write a story, has just past away. It pains me so much to say goodbye already, but not as much as those who have either supported or known him longer than I have. I put this story up for Monty, my inspiration and hope that people will like it even though it will have grammatical error, be slightly cliche at times and a little vague. This is my first fanfic. Reviews are appreciated as well as criticism. I'll continue the story if people like it.

"Damn I'm running low on dust." Will murmured as he checked his weapons. Will is 16 years old he has short black hair, a red and a silver eye, and is about 5.7ft tall. He is outfitted in a black tee shirt, jeans, and a red cloak with armored shoulders he carried two long swords on his back. Oh and just to mention he has a ridiculous aura reserve but no semblance. Many thought of him as a strange character but Will always decided to feign ignorance. For most of his life, he was on the run from what he didn't know he just knew he had to keep moving. There was only one person he knew and considered a brother to him. His name was Jay and Will hadn't seen him for a long time he only knew that Jay, who was the same age as him, was starting at Beacon Academy this year. Which is why Will was in Vale to give him a congratulations on his early graduation from Signal Academy. "Well... I got time he doesn't leave until tomorrow." Will said to himself. So he pulled out his scroll and looked for the nearest dust shop that was open. "From Dust till Dawn? Interesting if not corny name. Meh, whatever. As long as I can get some dust I'll be good." Dust, a mystical item that can be found in powders or crystals, contains natures' wrath: fire, wind, lightning, etc. In layman's terms, it was magic. Will arrived at the front of the shop and hurried inside. It was 12:00 at midnight so Will was tired as he walked in he used his aura to scan the people in the shop only to notice about eleven bodies in the store with ten armed and ready. He didn't take note of the eight weapons drawn; he only wanted to get the Dust and leave. Will put the Lien on the counter, grabbed the dust canisters out of the hands of the other people, and loaded them into his own special canisters, uncaring of those surrounding him in the semi-cramped shop.

"Hey kid." One of them said. Will looked up to see a orange haired man in a white trench coat, and wearing a bowler hat with a black feather but the one thing Will decided to focus on was the abnormally long eyelashes he had.

"Yes Mr. Eyelashes? he asked getting an eye twitch from the man.

"Do you know what's happening right now?" he asked. Will pulled his hood down let his silver and black hair show. He finally noticed the weapons drawn and a gun was pointed at his head.

"I'd say, judging by the drawn weapons, that this is a heist of some sort." he said in a weary voice.

"Yes and you're taking the Dust we're taking."

"Uh huh."

"So if you would be so kind we'd really like to have that Dust back." Eyelashes said pointing his cane at Will. Will looked at him for a moment then in one swift motion knocked the cane away from him and tackled two of the robbers out the window as he heard the other window crash open. He saw a girl in a black corset with red trimming and a red cloak. She also had black hair with red tips and on top of that she had brilliant silver eyes. If Will wasn't so tired, he would have thought her to be beautiful and cute.

"Hey." She said to him he didn't respond and upon further inspection he had fallen asleep causing the girl to sweatdrop. Then she heard a coughing noise which turned her attention back to the shop.

"Get them!" The orange haired man cried out indignantly to the others. Now the girl started to panic the men were coming at her and this idiot fell asleep. Well, only one thing to do she thought and took her weapon which was now in scythe form and, using the blunt, end smacked Will in the head.

"OW!" Will cried out rubbing his head. "ALRIGHT! WHO'S THE JERK THAT'S ASKING TO DIE?" he asked looking at the group before him. He looked at the girl who just pointed at the group of robbers. His now silver eye turned the same color of red as his other eye. He slammed his fists together cracking his knuckles. "ALRIGHT YOU GUYS TIME TO PAY THE PRICE OF WAKING ME UP!" Then he charged and punched one guy in the face sending him flying into a wall. Another guy ran up and swung a sword at him which he dodged and kicked him in the stomach while at the same time stealing his sword. "Ugh what a gross sword." Will said. Will was very...attuned with sword spirits and this one was pretty bad. He didn't have time to dwell on it as another guy shot at him with a tommy gun he dodged accordingly and using the sword cut the gun in half. Then as the final guy charged him Will tripped him and punched him in the face and into the ground. As soon as he was done he turned to see the red-clad girl finishing off the last of the henchmen and threw her opponent at the leaders feet. His rage now satisfied Will fell back to sleep while standing up. The girl was about to chase after the criminal before turning to Will she sighed and proceeded to chase the criminal anyway. Will woke up a minute later feeling rather protective over something. He couldn't figure it out then he heard an explosion and went to check it out. He climbed up to a rooftop to see the girl standing with a woman with blonde hair, a riding crop, wearing a blouse, dress shirt, and a cape. He assumed that the woman was a huntress. Oh ok I was worried over nothing the Huntress has it under control he thought to himself as he went back down the ladder. He was about to find a hotel until the same Huntress from earlier had reappeared in front of him.

"Hello Mr. Sapphires" she said. Will only sighed.

"May I inquire what you want?" He asked not really thinking about his grammar only trying to sound formal. The Huntress said nothing and only handed him a letter and walked away. Will looked at it for a second then decided to pocket it, he proceeded to the hotel rented a room and fell asleep in the bed minutes after collapsing in it to dream about a certain red head.

The next day he got up smiling the dream was...nice. He shook the rest of the sleep off and went to take a shower. After the shower he remembered the letter that was handed to him. He retrieved it from his pocket and opened it.

Dear Wesley William Sapphires,

This letter is to formally invite you to attend Beacon Academy. Here is a place that will offer you knowledge and safety. Also you need not worry about graduating from Signal and the like or about finances your skill is enough to grant you entrance to my school.


Professor Ozpin


If you want answers to your past please consider attending.

Will paled at the use of his full name no one knew it except Jay and how this man had got it he had no idea but was very determined to find out how he knew Will's name and what he knows about Will's past. He took the invitation and put it in his pocket and made his way to the airport. He got there as the last ship took off and made his way to the student area quickly flashing the invitation to the guards standing there. The other students looked at him noting his odd hair color and his abnormal eyes so as to avoid attention he pulled up his hood and continued walking. He walked until he saw a familiar red figure talking to a blonde woman. He walked up to hear the end of a conversation.

"...I just don't want people to think I'm special or anything." he heard her say. He smirked and decided to make himself known.

"Aw but Little Red being special isn't as boring as being normal" He said startling the young girl.

"AH! Who are you?" she asked not recognizing him. Will did his best to pout as he pulled down his hood.

"I'm offended Red and to think that I helped you at the dust shop last night." Her eyes widened.

"Wait you're the guy that fell asleep in the middle of the fight!" Will chuckled albeit a little embarrassed.

"Yeah I have to apologize for that, I was pretty tired last night. I probably should introduce myself my name is Will Sapphires."

"My name is Ruby Rose."

"And my name is Yang Xiao Long Ruby's older sister." Interjected the blonde.

"It's a pleasure to meet both of you." Will said Sun Little Dragon huh? Will thought to himself. Then Will saw someone familiar. "Um sorry I just saw someone I knew excuse me I'll be right back." He said while walking away leaving the two sisters to stare after him. Will finally caught up to the person he was chasing.

"Jay!" he called out to the grey clad boy. Jay S. Emerald had very dark grey hair a blue and gold eye he wore a green tee shirt under a gray coat with blue pants.

"Wesley?! You're attending Beacon too?!" Jay said in surprise not realizing he used Will's actual name. Will's skin paled as a pain shot through his chest, he glared at Jay until he realized his mistake. "Oh right sorry Will." Jay said correcting himself. Will gave a huff of annoyance but waved it off as his skin returned to normal. "Anyways what are you doing at Beacon I thought you said there's nothing left for a school to teach you." Will sighed.

"I did say that but there are some… things that even I could still learn." Jay nodded understanding what he meant. Apparently their conversation had lasted until they reached Beacon. The two exited and admired the sight of the school.

"Hey I got some friends from Signal I need to do some catching up with ok? I'll see ya later." Jay said. Will nodded and said goodbye to his friend. Then he saw Ruby getting left behind by her sister and she almost fell on some luggages if Will hadn't caught her by the wrist. He pulled her up as she mumbled a quick thanks to him. She turned to apologize to the person but ended getting reprimanded for it.

"What are you doing do you know what kind of damage you could have caused?" The girl, that Will now identified as Weiss Schnee, said.

"Well she didn't because I caught her." Will brought up.

"I know but isn't she a little young to be attending Beacon?" Will sighed. Is this girl wanting to cause a scene because she is causing one.

"Look" Will said, "Firstly Don't complain about things that didn't happen. Secondly don't bring up points if you can figure them out yourself. She's obviously here due to her exceptional skill that the headmaster witnessed himself so don't start assuming things or you'll make a fool of yourself." He could see Ruby trying to repress a smile and the heiress standing there and glaring at him. "Also she was about to apologize for something that wasn't her fault anyway and by interrupting her you're coming off in a bad way." He continued. Then he saw one of the carriers drop a luggage, that popped out a very poorly sealed dust container. Oh mother of… Will didn't finish his thought as he pushed Ruby down and shielded her from the oncoming explosion. BOOM. Will turned to see Weiss covered in soot and checked himself for any damage. Seeing there wasn't any he checked on Ruby. He turned to see her blushing then he noticed one how close their faces were and two the position they were both in and he blushed as well.

"Sorry." Will said as he got up then he helped Ruby up.

"UNBELIEVEABLE!" the heiress screamed. "This is exactly what I was talking about." Oh my… you've got to be kidding me! Will thought.

"Excuse us princess but it wasn't our fault!." Ruby defended.

"It's heiress actually." Said a new voice. They all turned to see a black themed girl with a black bow, black hair, and she had amber eyes. She was outfitted in a black vest with a white undershirt and was carrying a cleaver her on her back.

"Weiss Schnee. Heiress to the Schnee Dust Company known for being the main propellent for dust around the world" Will finished.

"Also known for its controversial labor forces and questionable business partners." The black themed girl added. Weiss not believing what she was hearing stormed off and they all watched her go.

"Thanks for the help…?" Will let the sentence hang.

"Blake." was all she said before walking away. Will let his shoulder sag before straightening back up and turning to Ruby.

"Welcome to Beacon!" He said exaggeratedly.

A/N: I know it's bad to say goodbye to Monty so I won't. All I will say is thank you Monty and rest in peace. I'll see you on the other side.