Okay so this is kinda a significant kind of update and it's because I want to rewrite this story. Honestly looking back about a year ago I had no idea what the hell I was doing. Most of this story was never planned and I kinda made up crap as I went along. Admittedly some stuff worked out well and some other stuff didn't which was a shame because some of them were pretty good ideas but they were "misinterpreted" in a sense due to my sub par writing at the time. This led to way too many mistakes than I care to count and as much as I want to go back and fix these mistakes it's much easier to hit the reset button and go back to square one (you'll probably see some elements from this story though so it's not completely gone). Now my writing skills have somewhat improved I want to add in, hopefully, more details, story, and excitement on this next run. I still plan on stick as close as possible to the RWBY Canon while at the same time adding in my own original story. I hope you all look forward to "Dragon Knights of Remnant: Rebirth" if you have any questions feel free to PM me.