Chapter 2: Initiation Begins!

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Jay was on the look for the blonde guy he saw throwing up on the ship. He knew he wasn't from any of the combat schools. How could he tell? Jay's semblance allowed him to read people's minds so he knew Jaune Arc, the blonde, had snuck his way into Beacon. But he could understand why Jaune had snuck into Beacon, because like him, Jaune wanted to be a hero and Jay could relate, in a way, having been a lot of a time saved by Will like that one time... Well that's a story for another time, but Jay understood how it felt to not be a hero, he wanted to help him, but he also wanted Jaune to prove his worth. He discovered said blonde making his way to the court yard.

"Hey you!" He called getting the other boys attention as soon as Jaune had walked over

"I know you snuck your way into Beacon," he said quietly as soon as the other boy reached him. The blonde boy, surprised, was about to deny it but Jay stopped him, "don't lie I know the whole truth but don't worry I won't tell anyone. In fact I have a little proposition. If you can prove you deserve to be here and show the resolve to be here no one will know and I'll forget everything that has happened. Deal?" Jaune nodded nervously without question. Jay smiled innocently "Alright I'll see you later."


Will accompanied Ruby all the way to the opening ceremony where he fell asleep and missed everything that happened in that time even when he subconsciously fell asleep on Ruby's shoulder causing her to blush and Yang to start teasing her. Then after the speech, and after waking Will up, they made their way to the ballroom where initiates were supposed to sleep. Will found a spot near Ruby and passed out. The next morning Will got up early and went to perform his morning rituals. He came back to see Ruby still asleep. She's so cute then Will paused man when I fall for someone I fall for them hard he he thought. Then he decided to wake her up after an inner war of whether he should or not.

"Ruby time to wake up!" He said shaking her awake. She got up after a few more shakes.

"Morning sleepy head!" Will said. Ruby yawned and replied,

"Morning." Then she looked at her sleeping sister and grimaced, then she looked at Will and an idea formed in her head.

"Hey can you wake up Yang for me I need to go take a shower."

"Sure." Will almost regretted that decision because almost everything he tried couldn't wake the blonde brawler up. Then getting an idea he yelled in her ear "YANG WAKE UP THERES ONLY ONE SLICE OF PIZZA LEFT IN THE CAFETERIA!" Which worked like a charm as Yang shot up threw on clothes and ran like mad to the cafeteria. The reason he guessed that would work is because that's the only way for others to wake him up in the morning without getting beat to a pulp. Ruby happened to come back then to see Will pleased with himself and the mess Yang left in her wake.

"What did you do? I can never wake Yang up!" She said surprised.

"Just a little bit of 'friendly persuasion'." Will said with a shrug and a smirk. "Now come on we have an initiation to get to."

A few hours later

Will and Ruby arrived at the cliffs ready to start their initiation after the whole Gia. Ozpin smiled at them before starting his speech.

"For years, you have trained to become warriors, and today, your abilities will be evaluated in the Emerald Forest." Then Glynda spoke.

"Now, I'm sure many of you have heard rumors about the assignment of "teams." Well, allow us to put an end to your confusion. Each of you will be given teammates... today."

What?! Oh you've got to be...! Will thoughts were interrupted by Ozpin.

"These teammates will be with you for the rest of your time here at Beacon. So it is in your best interest to be paired with someone with whom you can work well. That being said, the first person you make eye contact with after landing will be your partner for the next four years." Right the only person I work well with is Jay... Or Ruby I mean we worked well together at the dust shop and I like her so maybe... His thoughts were interrupted as he heard a clicking sound Uh oh was the last thing he was thinking as he was launched. Will panicked a little then calmed down and straightened out. Then he sent a large amount of aura to his legs and landed. Unfortunately he used a little bit too much aura and lost control of it as he landed therefore it went out of control blasting away the nearby trees. Oops. Will got up and dusted himself off. I better start moving that explosion I made will attract unnecessary attention. And with that thought he set out. A few seconds later Ruby showed up saw the crater and continued to follow the powerful aura trail she was sensing.

Back at the cliffs Glynda is listing off the pairs.

"Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long, Jaune Arc and Pyrhaa Nikos, and as for the unmatched Ruby Rose, Wesley Sapphires, Jay Emerald, Weiss Schnee… Wait sir if this list is correct two will end up without a proper team and we're only doing four man teams this year so that means two will be cut from the program seeing as they won't have a full team." Glynda said. However because she looked away from her scroll she missed Jay pick up a white rook piece and walk away with no partner and she missed Will walk in to take a white horse piece and walk away with no partner. Then the notification popped up saying a pair had been formed so Glynda looked at it. "The last pair is Ruby Rose and Weiss Schnee." she announced. Ozpin frowned at that one but kept his calm demeanor. Glynda saw them pick up the white horse piece along with Blake and Yang. "Well the teams have now formed we have Teams CRDL, JNPR, and RWBY. Guess we will have to drop Mr. Sapphire and Mr. Emerald." Glynda said putting away her scroll.

"Who's getting dropped?" came a voice. They turned to see Jay walking up the cliff.

"I'm afraid Mr. Emerald yo…" Goodwitch started.

"Glynda." Ozpin interrupted her. She looked at him and saw that he was pointing down. She looked in time to see three corpses of large Deathstalkers before they disappeared.
"How did he do that?" she muttered. Ozpin chuckled and told Jay to go to the assembly hall and never answered her.

Back with Will

Will was making his way back to the cliffs before he saw Pyrhaa run past him and behind her two large Deathstalkers. Oh great Will thought as one of them charged at him while the other continued to chase Pyrhaa. The giant black scorpion swung its claws at him which Will backflipped away from. Hm it's pretty big, although it's kinda weak must be younger than the other ones I've fought. Will thought as the Deathstalker stabbed it's stinger at him Will dodged under it and grabbed its tail. Calling upon some hidden strength he pulled the stinger with him and stabbed at a spot the Deathstalker's armor didn't cover. Then he put his two hands together and smashed the stinger all the way down killing it instantly. That was easy. Will jumped off the disappearing corpse before thinking Weren't there two of them? Then he decided to follow the one that chased the red-haired spartan (A.K.A Pyrhaa). He arrived just in time to see Ruby charge forward and slam against the Deathstalkers armor, only to bounce off, and then get trapped by a Nevermore's feathers. Crap! I have to do something! he thought as he ran forward seeing the Deathstalker's stinger fall towards Ruby. Not gonna make it... NO I WON'T LET HER DIE! I WILL NOT LOSE ANYONE AGAIN! The thought coursed throughout his body and unlocked something. Will realized what it was… his semblance. Suddenly Will was in front of Ruby and he grabbed the Deathstalkers stinger and held it there unable to move it back. Damn! This one is stronger and I wasted too much energy fighting the other one! He thought as he tried to move it back and he couldn't reach his swords seeing as both his hands were occupied. The Deathstalker pushed him back more he looked back to Ruby.

"Hey Ruby I need a favor ok?" This caused Ruby to look at him incredulously.

"At a time like this?" she questioned. Will nodded.
"As soon as I free you I need you to run and not look back ok?" this caused Ruby to think Is he going to sacrifice himself… for me? So she shook her head and shouted,

"NO! No way I'm not leaving you."

"Ruby we don't have time to discuss this! Please! I need you to do what I asked ok?" Will asked again this time putting some aura in his words to make him more… persuasive, for lack of a better term. Ruby nodded and not understanding why.

"Alright get ready. On my mark...3" The Deathstalker pushed him back more. "2…" he counted as he was pushed back farther. "1, GO!" he gave the mark and jumped letting the Deathstalker push him back full force and using this force Will kicked the feather trapping Ruby causing it to loosen up freeing Ruby. As she promised she ran but she did look back in time to see that Will fighting the Deathstalker until they were out of her sight. Seeing Ruby gone in a flash of rose petals "Alright you… you almost killed a girl that has a promising future now it's time to pay you back in full!" Will said drawing his two swords. Both swords were red and had dragons carved onto the blades and had rubies in their pommels. His eyes changed to silver as he flashed his newly acquired semblance and was appearing all over the place slashing wildly at any openings he could find. He hit all the chinks in the Deathstalkers armor and using red dust encasing both flames in swords in flames killed the Deathstalker. After he sheathed his swords he made his way over to where he would find the future Team RWBY and future Team JNPR. He saw that JNPR had successfully defeated another Deathstalker he had missed and RWBY had defeated a Nevermore. He watched the corpse of the avian grim fall and was mesmerized by Ruby who stood at the top of the cliff with rose petals dancing around her.

Later at the team ceremony Ozpin announced the unification of team CRDL.

"Jaune Arc, Nora Valkyrie, Pyhraa Nikos, and Lie Ren. You have gathered the white took pieces and from this day onward you will be known as Team JNPR! Ah but please remain on the stage I have a special announcement to make." Then the screen changed "Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long. You four have gathered the white knight pieces and from today forward you will be known as Team RWBY! I would also like you to stay up here as well." He said to them. "Now we have formed all the teams but there are two students that remain who do not have a team. Jay Emerald and Will Sapphires please come to the stage." Oh now he calls me Will. Will complained inwardly but was relieved that he didn't use his actual name, for the pain would be unbearable. The two made their way onto the stage. "As some of you may have noticed I haven't picked team leaders for either JNPR nor RWBY this is because there are two qualified to be leaders for team JNPR we have Jaune Arc and Jay Emerald and for team RWBY we have Ruby Rose and Will Sapphires. Now Will and Jay are you two willing to lead the teams. Do not worry whatever your decision is you will be part of the teams announced."

"I decline." Will answered and

"No thank you." was Jay's answer. Ozpin nodded respecting their decision.

"Very well. So Will you are now part of team RWBY and Jay you will be part of team JNPR. However, I would like to do something special. Will I am partnering you with Ruby and Jay I am partnering you with Jaune. I expect you two to watch their backs." Will and Jay nodded confused.

"Things are shaping up to be an interesting year" Ozpin muttered to himself.

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