Pairing: Kuroko x Various
Rating: T (Just for safety)
Genre: Friendship, Slice of Life, Humor, Romance
Summary: Kuroko had never been in Teiko instead he's always with Kiyoshi Teppei and also from the same school as the older. Kuroko Tetsuya also a little bit older than the rest of GoM and also he had been hired to keep an eyes on the 16 years old GoM. What will he do when he sees that GoM plays basketball just because of winning is everything? Can he, alone, change the way their play is? Smart-Kuroko, Seirin-GoM, Kuroko-Harem
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Chapter 1

"Kuroko-san, I beg you! Please work with us! The way we are now, all of us who work to serves the kids will died earlier just by hearing they complaining about how we work with them. Only you can stop the Generation of Miracles now. No one can stay long with them. I beg you!" Kuroko looked at the person in front of him who is bowing 9o degree with his famous stoic and blank expression.

"I'm happy with the offering that you give to me, but I'm a college student. I don't know if I can split my time in between to watch them and study." Kuroko explained with a flat toned that everyone knows he like to use.

"Don't worry about that, I already talked with the head master so that your schedule be change." The guy in front of him immediately raised his head up and answers the baby-blue hair guys.

"Oi, seriously you change his schedule? Is that GoM really that uncontrollable?" The fierce red hair guys who stand beside Kuroko the whole time ask.

"You don't know how they act. Akashi Seiijurou, the captain of the team acts as he was the mature one than any of us who is older than him. He was the one who always ordering us around like we are his slaves even though it's suppose to be reversed. Aomine Daiki is rebellious. He can't be control by anyone except Akashi Seiijurou. Kise Ryouta worked as a model. His whining and complaining about everything can make us go deaf and his fan girl always come to see him at the gym that make we can't focus on our own work. Midorima Shintarou is absorbed with his Oha-Asa. Every day, he always has his lucky item changes so that he can always have a lucky day. Meanwhile, Murasakibara Atsushi the bigger guy among all of them but also the childish one among all of them tend to always eating snacks, snacks, and snacks every day. We can't keep it up with them anymore if they didn't changes at this rate. So, can you, Kuroko-san?" Kuroko looks at his light, Kagami Taiga who raised his eye brows instead towards him.

"It's you they need. So, think carefully before deciding a decision since you always come with an immediate answer." Kagami as always ruffled the baby-blue hair guys.

"I'll give you appropriates answer before tomorrow so maybe around tonight." Kuroko said and the guys in front of the light and shadow partner bowed and said his thanks continuously, completely irritating the two of them.

"So, I expect you'll accept the offers right away, no?" Kagami ask while both of them strolling around the city and walked towards their favorites place, Maji Burger.

"There's no harm if I accept the offers, Kagami-kun. Instead, maybe I'll enjoy my time bullying our junior." Kagami stared at the baby-blue hair who is sipping his vanilla shakes while watching the outside scenes.

"Oi, Kuroko are you alright? I never thought that you'll bully people." Kagami keep on stared at the teen before him.

"Of course… that's only a joke. You know I can't play prank towards other people except Kagami-kun." Kuroko gives him a blank expression so that people will never knows what he's thinking right now.

"Haha… that's not funny Kuroko and don't give me that kind of faces!" Kagami shouts at the phantom guys who just give him a wryly smiles.

"Oh, I see the two of you still getting along?" A new voice come from behind Kuroko and their old team mates and senpai can be seen walking towards where they sit. "It's been a long time since I meet you two. What was it, years ago?"

"Yes years ago, Kiyoshi senpai." Kuroko reply bluntly as he looks at his former team mates and senpai.

"By the way, it's rare to see senpai around here at this time." Kagami ask as he takes bites of his burger. Kiyoshi just smiled.

"You see, I've miss the time when we still a student at Seirin and all the practice that Riko give us. It's like my body move by its own to the street court and without my knowing, I already played basket ball." Kiyoshi explains while scratching his nape.

"Alone?" Kuroko ask when a new voice interrupted.

"No. He drags me with him to play one on one at the street court. Such a hassle…" When the two of them look at the new voice, they are rather shock to see the ex-captain of Seirin basketball team are standing there while holding a tray of food.

"Hyuuga-senpai?" The two said at the same time. Hyuuga and Kiyoshi decided to sit with their former team mates while having a chant since it's been a long time for them not to see each other.

"Hah!? You being ask to watch the Generation of Miracles? Are you serious?" Hyuuga said looking at Kuroko, didn't believes with the statements that Kagami just told them.

"Yes, they ask me to watch over them also to make them behave towards other people." Kuroko said, as the other two just hears the explaining from Kuroko.

"That'll take a lot of effort for you to watch over them. It's like your babysitting them and also what I'm worried about, can they notice you since you and your weak presence still there, you know that right?" Hyuuga said as he sips the drink he order before with Kiyoshi look at him.

"Well, I think it'll just be okay if it's Kuroko." Kiyoshi said earning a look from the others. "You remember, Kuroko are like our pillar, always giving us an encouragement to never give up! So, I think it'll be okay!' Kiyoshi exclaimed happily which the others give him a puzzle look.

"What are you talking about, Kiyoshi? That's not even relevance with the story right now!" Hyuuga said as he enters his clutch time.

"Haha… really? I'm sorry then!" He exclaimed while scratching his nape which he earns a glared from Hyuuga and Kagami while Kuroko just tilting his head to the side looking at his friends before a smiles appear on his face and of course the other didn't realize it since they are bickering towards each other. "By the way, speaking of Generation of Miracles, they study on our school right? Seirin I mean…"

"So, what wrong with it?" Hyuuga ask while munching his burger.

"Hora, you know, the couch must be her then." Kiyoshi pointed out as they raised their brow before they remember who he men by 'her'.

Before they can call out the name, suddenly, Kagami and Hyuuga's cell phone ringing at the same time and they answer it.

"Speak of the devil…" Hyuuga murmured as he answered it.

After a few minutes…

"Sorry, Kuroko…. My manager at my part time work calls me for an overtime work and I have to be there immediately! Can you go home alone tonight and don't wait for me!" Kagami said as he sprints towards the exit after earning a nodding from the blue sky hair guy. Yes, you're right! Kagami and Kuroko had been live together after their graduation on third year.

"Kiyoshi, we have to go! Riko already mad at us, asking where we are since she waits for us at her home" Hyuuga said as he stand and slung the bag unto his shoulder while Kiyoshi thinking over something.

"Hyuuga, you go first and don't worry I'll call Riko that I'll be late today." He said while Hyuuga look at him.

"And why is that?" Hyuuga ask looking at him.

"I want to accompany Kuroko towards his home since it's been a long time." Kuroko look at his senpai with a stoic and blank face before he interrupted the two in conversation.

"Kiyoshi senpai, you don't have to accompany. I'll be just fine." Kuroko said which Kiyoshi just smiles in respond.

"Its better you go now or Riko will mad at you, Hyuuga." Hyuuga just sigh before him wave towards Kuroko and exits Maji Burger and sprints towards Riko's house for his life. He doesn't like to make the woman mad.

"Kiyoshi senpai, you make me feels guilty." Kuroko said sipping at his vanilla milkshakes.

"Guilty? Why is that?" Kiyoshi said as he rests his elbow on the table and his chin on his palm, staring at the younger.

"Riko-san will be mad at you and that's because you want to accompany me go home." Kuroko answer still with his stoic and blank face. Kiyoshi wonder, how can the younger guy in front of him hold that expression of him for that long?

"You don't have to feels guilty, Kuroko. I'll be just fine." Kiyoshi said and Kuroko sigh at the sentence the older just made.

"Oh, did I hear that you just sigh hearing my explanation?" Kiyoshi exclaimed.


"Haha, you really are cute Tetsu-chan~" Kiyoshi said which Kuroko blushed after hearing the nick names that he had missed to hear for years already.

"Please don't me with that nick names at public, Kiyoshi senpai." Kuroko said and Kiyoshi are happy that he had succeeded on making the younger blushed.

"Haha, you never change Tetsu-chan~ you look cuter when that tint of blush painting your cheek. Also, it's been a long time I didn't call that nickname ever since our childhood time.*" Kiyoshi said as he teased the younger more and more when Kuroko had enough of it that he stands from the chair and walked towards the exit with Kiyoshi beside him.

"So, Tetsu-chan how's your day with Kagami-kun at college? Any new friends?" Kiyoshi ask while there are walking towards Kuroko and Kagami's house.

"For now, none. My weak presence make the people around the campus didn't realize of my presence at all." Kuroko explains and Kiyoshi catch something like disappointment with Kuroko's statement.

"Are you sad that you didn't get to make a new friend at the campus?" Kiyoshi ask and clearly that Kuroko really sad about it since it's showed on his face. Kiyoshi immediately pulled the younger towards his embraced after seeing the younger that sad. He ever sees that expression and that's when Kuroko never got friends when he still 5 years old and Kiyoshi 6 years old.

"Kiyo-shi-sen-pai…" Kuroko said after the older pulled him into his warm embraced that Kuroko didn't see will coming.

"Don't be sad about it. We are still here as your friend. Kagami-kun, Hyuuga, Izuki, Riko, Koganei, Mitobe, Tsuchida, Furihata-kun, Kawahara-kun, Fukuda-kun… we're all still friend even if we're already separated and you know that, right?" Kiyoshi said as he pulled Kuroko closer towards him.

"Um, of course I know that. I never once forget about Seirin." Kuroko said as he grips the hem of Kiyoshi's shirt tightly and smiles. Kiyoshi's sweet-smelling are enough for Kuroko since he likes the scent.

"Oh, Tetsu-chan, don't tell me that you had fallen to me?" Kiyoshi said as he rested his chin on the shorter guys head before a deadly punch from Kuroko at his gut. Kiyoshi immediately crouch as he hold his gut that just being punch by the younger. "As expected of my Tetsu-chan, your punches are still strong, gah!" Kiyoshi said as he stay still in that crouches style.

"Kiyoshi senpai, I'm sorry if I hit too strong." Kuroko said as he too crouch in front of the older, doesn't know that Kiyoshi are planning something behind it. As Kuroko lean forward, Kiyoshi immediately cupped Kuroko's face with both of his hand and give a short, soft, sweet and gentle kiss at the lips much to Kuroko's surprised.

"Got you, Tetsu-chan~" Kiyoshi said as he stood and run from there before Kuroko stared at the back of his senpai while think…

"Why did he kiss me? Oh, maybe a goodnight kisses…" Kuroko mumbled to himself as he was oblivious with the way Kiyoshi act.

To be continue…


"You're late Hyuuga! Where's Teppei?" Riko said with her hand on her hips

"He said he'll come later… he's with Kuroko right now, accompanying that guy to home…" Hyuuga answer while inside he was cursing and swearing towards Kiyoshi.

"Eh, you meet with Kuroko-kun? Where?" Riko ask since he also had missed her team a little bit.

"At Maji Burger. Kagami also are there. By the way, why did you ask us to come to your house tonight?" Hyuuga said and Riko give him the smiles that he knows so well what it's mean.

"I already tell Kiyoshi to tell you the reason." She said while crossing her in front of her chest.

"No, he didn't tell me the reason but I really have a bad feeling about this."

"Be happy Hyuuga because today I'll cook for you a Special one that'll make anyone eats it happy no matter what!" She said with her hand in the air and her eyes twinkling in anticipated while Hyuuga had a terror looks on his face.



"Ah!" Kuroko look at his senpai with puzzle.

"What's wrong Kiyoshi senpai?"

"I forgot to tell Hyuuga the reason why Riko invite us to her house tonight…" He said and looks at Kuroko.

"Reason? What is the reason then…"

"Riko want the two of us to taste her new recipe that she'll make…" He said and Kuroko sweat-dropped just by hearing it. "Do you think Hyuuga will killed me because of that?"

Silently, the two of them prayed for Hyuuga.


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