Chapter 5

Kuroko Tetsuya was standing outside of the street basketball. It was already dusk and he just got back from Seirin after helping Riko practicing the basketball player. He comes inside of the court. The court was a bit shabby, the hoops worn and two out of four were missing their nets, but it would work for what he had planned. He'll do some shooting practice.

Indeed that he can shoot, but he only can shoot 6 out of 10 and he thinks he needs to polish his ability more. He readies his stance, ready to shot a Phantom Shot. He drew a large of air to his lungs before exhaled it slowly. His eyes never leave the hoop as he aim straight at the hoop, he shot. The swift sound can be heard as it enters the hoop smoothly before bouncing on the ground.

Kuroko crouched as he takes the orange ball before he started to dribble it around the court. After a few minutes of dribbling, he throws the ball to the hoop but the ball never enters the hoop as it just hit the ring. He narrowed his eyes. He was obviously frustrated with it. This is the only problem he really hates about himself. He can't shot after dribbling the ball.

He closed his eyes and inhaled a large amount of air. He exhaled and opens his eyes slowly as his left eyes change color to a blazing-red color.

The Emperor Eye.

Kuroko started to dribble the balls and when he enters the three pointer line, he jumped and throws the ball. The time his feet touched the ground, that's the time the ball entered the hoop smoothly. He stared at the hoop intently before his eyes changes color to its normal color back.

"I'm really useless without the Emperor Eyes." He murmured letting the ball to roll passed him.

"Who said that?" A new voice asked. Kuroko turned behind to see the person picked up the orange ball. "You're never useless. Not for me…"

"Kagami-kun…" Kagami smirked as he twirled the ball with his index finger.

"Geez, Kuroko. You're scared the hell out of me, you know. When you didn't pick up your damn cell phone, I thought that something might happen toward you." Kagami scolded as he drew closer towards Kuroko.

"Hah… I'm sorry." He replied with a deadpanned expression. "My cell phone was silence so I didn't hear it."

Kagami watched every moved Kuroko makes and he, who had the longest time together with him, knows that something had bothering his mind. "Kuroko, I know something bothering you, so, you know, you can tell me anything if you want."

Kuroko smiled a little. "Kagami-kun, you too soft and kind towards me, you know? And it's really didn't suit you at all with that face." Kuroko pointed out as Kagami twitched in annoyance.

"I'm sorry then for having this kind of face!" He protested. "Huh… I've known you for so long, so I know when you're trouble or not." Kagami explained.

Kuroko sighed. "No, I'm fine, Kagami-kun. There's nothing to worry about." He assured the dark red hair male who didn't buy it at all.

"Tch, I forgot that you're this stubborn." Kagami commented as he slung his arm around Kuroko's shoulder. "Then, because of you, we'll eat outside." Kagami exclaimed.

"Why because of me?" He looked at the happy guy.

"Hmm… you don't have to know. Let's go!" Kagami replied as the two of them started too walked out from the court after receiving Kuroko's bag on the corner of the court.

"So, Ryouta, tell me what had you found when you go meet with him?" Kise immediately choked with his food as he coughed.

"Ah, Ki-chan! Are you alright? Here some water!" Momoi gives him the water which he retrieved and gulped it in one go. He let out a sighed after feels better.

"Thanks, Momoicchi~ Um, Akashicchi, what do you mean by that?" Kise asked, looking at Akashi that is in front of him.

"Don't play dumb, Ryouta. If the reason were not important, I wouldn't let you get out from the gym. I know that you're searching for Kuroko Tetsuya, no?" Akashi smirked when he sees Kise tensed.

"I've been found out, huh?" Kise sighed. "There's nothing I found interesting with him. He was searching for Aominecchi so I just want to go ask why did he was so persistent on doing thing like that." Kise explained and the others looked at him. He doesn't want anyone to know that he had taken an interest with the guy name Kuroko Tetsuya. So he left out the part where the two of them had a conversation, hugging and things like that.

"He was searching for Aomine, again?" Midorima adjusted his spectacles using his left hand.

"Hmm~" Murasakibara didn't show any interested with it as he keep on eating his snack.

"Are you sure you didn't hide anything from me, Ryouta?" Kise nodded his head instead of speaking because he knows if he speak, he'll just stutters out and that will be dangerous. Akashi doesn't like liar.

"By the way, Satsuki, where's Aomine?"

"Aomine-kun had gone home alone again. He insisted when I want to go home with him. He's change…" She added it inside of her mind.

"Is that so? Well, put that aside, had you find any information about this Kuroko Tetsuya since Ryouta didn't find any useful information about him, Satsuki." Akashi said when Kise just cried crocodile tears after Akashi said that he didn't find any useful information.

"That's mean, Akashicchi~"

"Um, I've found it." They perked their head up after Momoi said it.

"Well, tell us." Momoi nodded her head as she take out her pink note book where she writes all the information

"Kuroko Tetsuya, a graduate from Seirin High, currently studying at Tokyo University, once a basketball player. He was the Captain of Seirin team when he was in Third years and had won the Inter high and Winter Cup consecutively. He was also get scouted by the international basketball team but he rejected the offers. Only that I get to find about him. Some of the articles featuring about him were so few. Information about him on the internet also had so few like someone erased it by purposed." Momoi said as she looked at each one of them.

"Heh, this is interesting. So, he was the one who lead Seirin?" Akashi said, crossing his hand in front of his chest. His eyes showed that he had takes interest with the guy.

"Um, I've to go now. See you all tomorrow." Momoi exclaimed as she waved towards the four Miracles.

"Akashi, do you by chance want to test him?" Midorima asked, looking at his captain while walking towards the share house which Akashi owns.

"Hmm, just see."

Aomine was again on the rooftop of Seirin High. He was so bored that even the Horikita's magazine was put aside by him. He had told a lied towards Momoi that he'll go home early. His mind was being disturbed by the same guy from the day when he was being search. Why did he search for him? Didn't the others tell him that he didn't attend any of the useless practice anymore? For him, the practice that they always go are just useless for him who already strong. No one can beat him. The only one, who can beat him, was him.


It just a lie to makes people believe with it.

Who said no one can beat him?

Deep inside of his heart, he always prayed to meet with someone who can someday beat him. He already get enough with no one can beat him. He also wants to taste the feeling of lost. Never once he tasted the lost feelings. Will he ever taste it or never? Why just can't he meet with someone like that? Maybe, people like him, who love basketball to the core of their heart no longer, exist.

That's totally absurd. He stands from his previous position before he climbed down from his favorites place and exit from the rooftop. The Horikita's magazine had been forgotten by him as he just leaves it there, untouched.

The next morning, inside of the dorm* where the Generation of Miracles are, Midorima was becoming frantic after he looked at today's Oha-Asa. Unfortunately for him, Cancer sign was rank last and the lucky item for him was a mascot with number 16 and he had to stick with an Aquarius sign to evade any dangerous or bad thing to occur towards him.

"Shintarou, what's wrong? You're rather agitated today." Akashi who just descended from the second floor asked.

"I'm last rank on Oha-Asa for today. Furthermore, the lucky item was a mascot with number 16; also, I have to stick with Aquarius sign for a better luck." He answered as he slung his bag on his shoulder. "So, I have to search for my lucky item for today. See you at school." He continued before he quickly exits the house with Akashi smirks after seeing Midorima expression.

"Aka-chin, what's wrong with Mido-chin?" Murasakibara who just come out from the kitchen with chocolate bar asked after hearing their conversation.

"Nothing's wrong, Atsushi. By the way, why are you eating snack first in the morning?" Murasakibara forgot that Akashi had warned him not to eat snacks in the morning. "Hmm… it's okay. I'll let you go for today, but there's no next time anymore. Remember that, Atsushi." Murasakibara sighed after that before he nodded his head and follow the redhead teen towards the kitchen to have breakfast.

Midorima is really in a big trouble. Not only he can't find any mascot with number 16 at all store he had go, he had to go with all trouble coming towards him. Like, he had slipped on a slippery road and felled with his butt first, a granny unintentionally doused at him makes him drenched all over and so on.

Poor Midorima.

He really can't live without his lucky item. Midorima sighed when he saw a fast car moving on the road and when he looked at the ground just beside him, there was puddle there. And he was positive that the car will collide with it making the puddle splash towards him. He knows even if he move now, the bad luck won't go away from him. So, he readies himself for the impact.

The car drive past him but there's nothing happen to him. Instead, he was surprised by someone suddenly called his name.


He turned his head to looked at the newcomer just to see the guy he just meet two day were standing behind him. "Kuroko Tetsuya…" He narrowed his eyes.

Kuroko was looking up at him since Midorima was to taller for him. His stoic expression can't be read by Midorima who just adjusted his glasses. "What are you doing here?" He asked.

"I live at that apartment, so when I exit from the entrance gate, I saw Midorima-kun standing here, unmoving." Kuroko answered before his eyes linger around Midorima's head, clothes, and body. "It seems that Oha-Asa is true." Midorima looked at him.

"Do you by chance always watch Oha-Asa too?" Midorima asked since it's rare to seeing a person like him still exist. People always tend to say to him that watching Oha-Asa was rather incredulously for a grown up man like him, but he didn't care about that.

"I'm not like Midorima-kun who always watched it every day. It's just that after know about your habit that always watched Oha-Asa, I try to watch it." Kuroko explained. "Anyway, Midorima-kun, do you want to go to school like that?"

"No, I know that something like this would happen so I have brought spare clothes with me." He answered while adjusting his glasses, again.

"Then, do you want to come to my apartment to dry yourself off?" He offered.

"Hmm… I'll accept it not because I want it. I have too." He said as Kuroko thought how this guy can be so tsundere.

With that, the two of them walked towards Kuroko's apartment. Fortunately, Kagami had already gone off to college because he had morning classes. Kuroko open the door with his key and let Midorima come inside of the house. It was simple with less furniture and simple decoration. The wall was paint in white and the living room was separated with the kitchen.

"Midorima-kun, here, you can use this towel; also the bathroom was on the second door after you walked straight and turned left." He pointed and Midorima walked towards the bathroom while Kuroko goes towards his room to takes something.

After a few minutes, Midorima with a fresh clothes and almost dried hair come out from the bathroom. "Ah, are you done already, Midorima-kun?" He nodded his head.

"Thanks for letting me use your bathroom." He said as he looked away, his tsundere is still there.

"You're welcome. And Midorima-kun, I have something for you." Kuroko said as he stand before he gives the thing towards Midorima when –


Kuroko's puppy, Nigou was wiggling his tail to left and side and watched at Midorima. "What is this?"

"You're lucky item for today." Kuroko answered. "This is Nigou, Seirin High mascots and my dog. He always wears Seirin's jersey with number 16." When Midorima hear the word mascot and 16, he inspects the dog and the jersey, and true the dog was wearing Seirin's jersey number 16.

"You know my sign?"

"I simply asked Riko-san about it since I always see you bring different item for the past two days." He deadpanned before he gives the dog towards Midorima who takes it, gladly.

Midorima looks at the clock hanging on the wall and realize there's still 35 minutes before classes started. This is the perfect time and situation for Midorima to ask the older about something that had been intrigued him from yesterday.

"Kuroko…" He called and Kuroko turned to look at him. "I've wanted to ask this question for a long time. Can you answer me, honestly?" Kuroko tilted his head but nevertheless nodded his head, indicated the younger to proceed with the question.

"Are you a basketball player?" He asked, eyeing the older.

Kuroko looked at him before answered. "I Am."

"Then you still play I presume?" Kuroko nodded. "Then, you are the phantom player, right?" Kuroko was surprised by it but he suppressed it by wearing his blank expression.

"What do you mean by that, Midorima-kun? Phantom was just a myth." Kuroko answered while Midorima put the dog on the floor. Kuroko still looked at him.

Midorima looked at the older as he walked closer towards Kuroko who walked backwards when he met with the wall. Kuroko looked behind him when suddenly two hands were trapping him. Midorima was glaring at him.

"That's totally a lie. I know about all Seirin's past on your time." He said as he looked at the older who surprised by what he had said. "You were the 'Phantom' player from Seirin, am I right?" Now, Kuroko felt the pressure and unconsciously his hand goes up and he put it on Midorima's chest, attempt to pushed him but it was futile when Midorima had a strong physical than him.

Kuroko give up. "If yes why?" Midorima stayed silent while still eyeing him. Behind the glasses, Kuroko knows that Midorima really wants to know about it. Kuroko sighed as the hand on Midorima's chest slowly slides down beside him. "Yes, I was the Phantom player of Seirin High."

Midorima walked backwards as he adjusted his glasses. "How do you kno…" Midorima cut in.

"I don't know." Kuroko frowned. "I never know about the old Seirin past. I was just guessing about you being the Phantom player. It was a 50-50 chance for me. The only thing that I'd do was just pressuring you to admit the truth. From your reaction, I'd know the answer already. I'm not idiot not to see you suddenly fidgeting or looking away from making any contact with my eyes."

Kuroko really didn't see all of this will come at once. Even if he was the observant person, he can't predict what Midorima would do at all. "So, you didn't know anything about our past?" Kuroko said as he emphasized the word 'our'.

"Your past is none of my concern. Not that it's important to the current team though. Even if it's important, by day, you'd tell us." Midorima explained as he tied the necktie before turned towards Nigou to pick him up. "It's already late; I'll take my leave now. Thank you for letting me uses your bathroom." With that, Midorima exits the house, leaving Kuroko who only sighed with the latter.


Midorima who just exits from the house immediately flushed. He was not okay after what had he done. Take note that even if people always saw him being tsundere, if he were alone, he changes to his real self.

He was about to walked from there when something clicks inside of his mind.

"Why did I didn't get any impact after he appeared? Did by chance he was Aquarius?" He pondered and changes his mind to wait for the older so that he can ask him about it. Not that he really wants to know about it though.

After a few moments waiting for the male to exits the house, Kuroko finally come out and was surprised to see Midorima was still standing there. "Midorima-kun, what's wrong?" He asked as Midorima eyed him before adjusting his spectacles with his left hand.

"Are you an Aquarius?" He suddenly asked leaving Kuroko pondering with the question.


"I'm asking you if by chance you're an Aquarius." He repeated the question as Kuroko just nodded his head. Midorima sighed before he turned and began to walk. Kuroko just tilted his head before he remembered something and the reason why Midorima asked him such question.

TodayCancer was placed last! So, be careful of danger but do not worry! If you have your lucky item, you'll be okay! Today's Cancer's lucky item is mascot with Number 16 and be sure to stick to Aquarius!

Kuroko remembered what the girl on the television had said about Cancer being in last placed and had to stick together with an Aquarius. So, that is why Midorima had asked him what his sign is because he was curious. Such a Tsundere guy he is.

"Ah, Midorimacchi~" Midorima cursed his unlucky day when he heard a hyper voice that belongs to none other the blonde model, Kise Ryota from a far.

"Shut up –nodayo. You're attracting too much attention with just your annoying voice." Midorima said as continued walk towards the gate school and ignoring Kise when he's whining.

"Midorimacchi, you're so mean~" Kise whined when he noticed someone was walking beside Midorima. He narrowed his eyes when smiles crept on his faces after seeing who it is. "Kurokocchi!" He yelled.

"Ohayou Kise-kun…" Kuroko uttered as he looked up from his book and the blonde started to attack him with question before hugging him. Midorima who just watched the scenes from the corner of his eyes just can give a silent thought towards the bugging blonde.

"Kise, I'll surely will make you see hell one day. No one can touch my lucky item."

End of Chapter 5

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