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Izumo: Stop putting me in these things

NM: I didn't even mention you yet!

Danny: Hi

NM: You still aren't in this series!

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"Those stupid familiars aren't cooperating!" Izumo complained.

"Why don't you try summoning new ones? Yuki-chan says that we're going to be trying again today since almost no one could summon anything last time." Semi suggested.

"Sounds like a good idea."


"Some of you have already figured it out, but if you haven't, we will be trying to summon familiars again today due to the fact that you've gotten more experience since then and you have a higher chance of success now." Yukio said while pulling out papers that had the circles on them. Everyone grabbed one and they began attempting to summon. Izumo was up first.

Please give me something better than last time…

She thought. She placed a drop of her blood on the paper and began to summon. When she finished and waited for a familiar to show up a puff of smoke appeared and Rin disappeared.

"Rin!" Yukio said.

"Where'd he go?" Shemi asked, looking around.

"That idiot probably got kidnapped by a demon." Bon said, not really caring. Another puff of smoke appeared on Izumo's paper and Rin reappeared.

She had summoned Rin.
"I asked for a familiar, not an idiot." She said, ripping up the paper and Rin disappeared again, only to reappear in his seat a few seconds later. Izumo, confused, grabbed another paper and repeated the summoning. Rin proofed onto her desk.

"This has got to be the worst way for a secret to get exposed." Said the demon, sighing and letting his tail show and droop. "Well… funny story…"

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Izumo: It didn't fulfill mine, this familiar sucks

Rin: Hey! You're the one that summoned me!

NM: Guys! Quit fighting! You don't have to be partners from now on.

Izumo: Good, my old familiars were better

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