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Mephisto looked at various bookshelves in his office. They were originally supposed to be for school related documents, but quickly became filled with other things.

Manga, to be specific.

He looked through the books, trying to find one in particular, little did he know someone had taken it earlier.

Earlier when he went on break…

Just after Mephisto slipped out of the room, Rin went in. He would be gone for half an hour, plenty of time for Rin to 'borrow' some of his collection.

Back to the present…

He saw Rin walking around with the same book he was missing, so he figured it wasn't a coincidence because Rin was kind of poor at the moment. Mephisto smirked as he thought of a fitting punishment for Rin's crime.

The next day…

Rin woke up to the sound of hell opening up right next to him. His alarm clock continued shrieking for a few minutes until he couldn't bear its cries anymore and shut it off. He dragged himself out of bed and yawned. He wandered into the bathroom closest to his bedroom and turned the lights on.

Staring into the mirror, Rin blinked a few times in a panic to make sure he wasn't hallucinating. What he saw in the mirror was him, for sure, but it was his demonic form.

His reflection was covered in flames, his tail swished behind him, and his ears were pulled out more than normal. He began freaking out.

"Yukio!" He shouted. Footsteps echoed throughout the hall and then the old bathroom door creaked open.

"Yes Rin?" Yukio asked before gasping at the sight in the mirror.

"I think we may have a slight problem." Rin said. "What if this is a curse or something?!" He asked. Yukio sighed.

"Stay away from mirrors, I guess. Hope it wears off or we can fix it."

"What about if we can't or it doesn't? I can't avoid mirrors around the others forever!"

"Just try to today, I'll try to get something worked out."


Avoiding mirrors was much, much harder than it sounded.

Five more minutes until school ends, then everyone leaves and I can finally use the bathroom...

Rin thought. Turns out that pretty much every other locker had a little mirror and there were people running around with cosmetics mirrors all day.


At last, the last bell rang and Rin had half an hour till Yukio's class. He quickly packed up his books (not textbooks, manga he stole from Mephisto) and watched the hallways empty. He dashed for the bathroom and hastily locked himself in a stall. Everything was calm, until the door opened. Three sets of feet walked in and Rin immediately recognized their voices.

"Come on, it's not that big of a deal if I sneak that stuff into class." Shima said.

"Well, even if you don't get caught bringing those kinds of books to class you'll probably fail the class because you're not paying attention." Konekomaru replied. Rin sat silently, hoping they'd leave. Bon looked at the sink counter.

"Hey, Rin, you in here? This looks like your stuff." He said. Rin sighed.

"Yeah, so?" He said, refusing to leave the stall.

"Just wondering." Bon said. All three of them got into stalls and locked the doors.

Now's my chance to get the hell out of here!

Rin thought. He practically leapt out, running to the bathroom's door. He hastily grabbed his folder and pencil case off the counter just as one of the stalls unlocked. Shima opened the door just long enough to see Rin panicking and, very obviously, trying to avoid the mirror.


Right after class, Rin quickly left the room while eyeing Izumo's makeup mirror. Shima turned to Bon and Konekomaru.

"I get this strange feeling about Rin today, he seems paranoid that someone is watching him, but he's acting like someone is watching him through mirrors." Shima said.

"Mirrors? That's odd." Konekomaru said.

"It's almost like he's scared of them." Shima said.

"Maybe we should try to help him!" Shiemi said, listening in on their conversation.

"What could we do? Fill this room with mirrors, or something?" Bon said, realizing a second too late he had just given everyone else a bad idea they would totally go through with.

The next day...

All of the cram school students (besides Rin) planned to come a bit early and bring all the mirrors they could to try and help Rin. Shiemi had just set up the last mirror when Yukio walked in.

"What's going on?" He asked.

"Listen, we think Rin has developed a fear of mirrors." Shima said. Yukio just stared at all the mirrors a few people managed to find and bring to school. He was about to tell everyone to get rid of them, when the door opened. Rin strolled into the classroom and gazed upon all the reflections of him. He stared at the blue flames on the glassy surfaces and began to go into a panic attack.

What the hell is going on?

He thought. The other Exwires just stared in shock as Rin fell to his knees.

"Rin!" Yukio yelled, running to assist his brother.

"No...stay away..." Rin mumbled. "I don't want to hurt them..."

"What?" Yukio asked.

"STAY AWAY!" Rin yelled, bursting into flames. All the mirrors shattered, sending glass shards and blue flames everywhere. Rin began panting as the flames died down. He passed out onto the ground.

It was at this moment that Mephisto realized he could've just gone to Rin's locker and taken his books back.


"Oh well, it was more entertaining this way." The demon said, smirking and taking a sip from a floating tea cup.

This was some of the oddest stuff I've ever written...

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