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P.S. I don't know exactly how often the bill was debated but it must have been in between 1924 & 1967, this is mere conjecture.

An Edmund/Robert fic, love these two!

Edmund angrily came in and knocked back a huge glass of whiskey, his head was spinning. What was he going to tell him? This was what they had secretly longed for, his own private pain. He suddenly heard footsteps.


He froze and turned round, Robert Read, his thirty-three year old lover stood before him. His heart melted, they had been together three years despite everything and he loved him more than when he had met him.

'Robert.' He knocked back another glass.


'…I'm sorry darling.' The crushing disappointment on his face broke his heart.


'Oh Robbie! It-it's just not the right time.'

'Yes but you always say that!'

'What can I do? I-I have to vote the way the whip says!'

'Oh don't give me that!'

'It's true!'

Robert's bottom lip trembled slightly as he sat down. 'Why? Why does it have to be like this? What harm have we done to anyone?'


'No seriously! Why should we have to be punished? Why isn't Harry's sexuality treated like this?'

Edmund stared into the distance as he thought about his lesbian wife and best friend. Sighing, he placed the glass down and went to sit next to him, he rubbed his back. 'Darling I promise it will happen one day.'

'But you're home secretary! Why can't you…'

'I can only suggest I can't turn a perspective bill into a law all on my own.'

Robert suddenly turned to him. 'You do want it to happen don't you? I mean, you do want us to be together?'

'Robbie of course I do! I want the same thing as you.'

'Not that it would make any difference.'

'What's that supposed to mean?'

'I mean that you are a peer of the realm, that you belong to an old institution that will never move forward!'

Edmund put an arm around his shoulders. 'I love you so much! I don't tell you as often as I should I know, but I do.'

'Why should we be penalised? Just for loving each other?'

'I can't answer that Robert.'

'I'm just sick of it!'

Edmund watched him. 'Darling...'

'Oh stop that! Do you even want it to change?'

'I maybe many things, but I'm not a masochist!'

'I heard Bill Gibby talking the other day. He says that the Labour party would legalise homosexuality.'

'Oh did he?'

'He says that there's no reason why we can't live together like man and wife. Says we're all individuals.'

Edmund felt his anger heightened but not at Robert. He got up and poured himself another whisky. '…And I'm sure that they'll see to it that pigs can fly!'

'I thought you'd just agreed-'

'Yes! I DO Robert! But this isn't the right time! Laws are only effective if people see sense in them!' He looked at his crestfallen face and pulled him into his arms, he felt Robert nuzzle his neck. 'It will happen I promise. It will.'

'Well…If it does…YOUR party won't legalise it!'

'Well…You never know…In time… I mean look at what we have nowadays! Women voting AND driving! That wouldn't have even been heard of fifty odd years ago!' He touched his face. 'Things are moving on just…very slowly.'

'Fine! Whatever! I have to do some work.'



'I do love you, you know.'

'Mmmm…Yes Edmund, I know.'

Edmund watched him leave and sighed. Privately, he agreed wholeheartedly with him, they were in the twentieth century for crying out loud, they couldn't live in the Victorian era forever. Yet, he had a sinking feeling that the battle had only just begun.