Local Hero

Summary : Emmett McCarty's career is split between modeling for Ralph & Lauren, and being a comic book artist. His trade was creating hero's, never one himself. But he saw something about Isabella Voultri, the shy, single Mother who moved in upstairs, made him long to protect, cherish, and love her.
Isabella has survived through a rocky marriage, a crazy lover, money hungry family memebers and finally, just finally, she manages to settle down somewhere remote, from her past. She meets Emmett, a charming, rugged- looking, single man. Her walls are up, and her weapons are poised to kill. But something in his sweet, charming face disarms her. Surely he can't be dangerous?!

A/N: Hey guys! So this was a story just sitting around and I finally deside to stop abusing it. lowl And I have a huge thing for Emellas! love Emmett he's so cute! So don't judge me! Disclamer: Dont own, never will. Btw, sorry for all the spelling mistakes! I'm only human, sadly. Lowl! R and R!

Chapter 1: Introductions, and Curious Strangers


Brian took a searing breathe, knowing it could be his last. A major amount of holy wood was plunged brutally into his lungs,and to dared not to a fiendish twist of Fate had caused such angst, and a freak accident had transformed his beloved into a Hunter born and bread to the finest?! She was his other half, and his exterminator. She knew all the Wisdom..all of the knowleged of the One Wheel..Brian, Beloved Dark Prince of Immortals, drew strength to do the task that was one of many bleak outcomes..

CONTINUED In the next issue!

"Crap!," Carlie Voultri cursed, then quickly looked around to see if her mother hadn't heard her. She'd recently tool to swearin', mostly in whispers, a couple of months ago, and wasn't anxious for her Mom to find out. She'd get that look on her face. Thankfully, she was busy going through the sets of boxes that the movers had delivered. She was supposed to be unpackin' her clothes neatly into her pretty new dresser- but she had decided to take a 'short' break. Besides, she liked breaks that included her readin' : "The Dark Prince: Part II". Carlie knew her Mom loved for her to read,but not so many horror graphic novels. As far as she was concerned, the gruesome, beloved Prince of Valkyrie was just as good as Momma's beloved, borin' ole Long John Silver. And Immortal Hunter Jamie was bae, compared to insolent, and idiotic Huck Finn. Rolling onto her back, Carlie gazed at her new (and newly painted) room. The new private condo was cool. She liked the doorman's fancy velvet black suit jackets, and the nice lobby lady, who let her sneak handfuls of candy when Momma wasn't payin' attention. But she wasn't lookin' forward to a new school on Monday. Bleh! Mom had said it'd be okay, and that people wold stare. But somehow, Ma made it all seem alright. She'd promised visits to old friends, and more time to hang out. Carlie bit her lip,chewing thoughtfully. But Mom wouldn't be there when the kids gave her the once over. And she hated the sweater Ma wanted her to where, insistin' that it would make her eyes 'shine and make the stars jealous'. She figured she'd get Ma to understand, 'cause she always did. Ma still looked sad sometimes though..Mom thought she was sneaky, hiding her tears and confidin' in the lumpy ole pillows late at night. Carlie scooted up on her new bed, laying with her legs dangling off the side of the bed. Gently Carlie clutched her precious graphic novel to her chest, wishing. Wishing Momma didn't have to feel so bad ...Wasn't her fault that her Da had left'em! She squeezed her eyes, and tried to remember just what her Da looked like.. It had been so long 'go... and she could dimly recall dark hair..big smile..big, nice hands..warm honey eyes.. pretty skin, just like hers..and twinklin' dark ones. Da called sometimes..than he stopped. Poor Momma. She didn't really need a Da when she had her Mom. She'd told her Ma this once, and Mom hugged her so hard she couldn't breathe! Then that night, she'd heard her Ma brawlin' like she'd died. So Carlie never said that to her again. Carlie yawned, and her eyes began to flutter. Big people worked funny, she thought lazily. But her Mommy was the the bestest. She hardly yelled, and she was amazin' with 'pologizing to. Plus, she's beautiful. Carlie felt herself smilin real big, as she began to doze lightly. Her Momma was just as pretty as Jamie, even though Jamie's hair was flamin' red, and not a yummy chocolate, an' her eyes are brown and not her Momma's sparklin' colt blue. She'd promised they'd go out and celebrate their last move with veggie pizza and China take out. And Carlie loved veg pizza and china take out almost as much as she loved Dark Prince Brian. She slipped into a deep sleep, so she could save Dark Prince Brian and Jamie, future destroyer of Tartarus!


Bella looked in a short time later, she saw her daughter, her universe, dreaming with an issue of Dark Warlord's Comics in her hand. Most of her books, some of which she paged through sometimes, were still in the packing boxes. Another time she would've gently scolded her on responsiblity, when she woke of course, but she didn't have the heart for it-she was taking the move so well. Another upheaval in her life. "This one's going to be good for you, darling." Forgetting the mountain of her own unpacking, she sat on the edge of the bed to watch her. She looked so much like her father...The dark brunette hair, the warm chocolate eyes..and her bubbly personality. It was rare for her to look at her baby, and think of the man who'd been her husband. But today was different. Today was another beginning for them,and beginnings always made her think of endings. Over six years now, she thought, a bit amazed by time. Carlie had just been a infant when Jacob had left them. Tired of Isabella, tired of responsbility, tired of everything they'd built together. The pain had passed, though it was a very slow and painful process. She had never forgiven, would never forget, the man\boy who'd never given his infant daughter- and wife without a second look. "And he didn't leave with decency either." Isabelle thought grimly, her slender fingers clenching and un clenching. Sometimes she worried that it- yes Jacob was so lowly of human exsistance that he was merely an it!- meant so little to her darling Carlie. Selfishly, she was relieved that Carlie was to young to really establish a strong, enduring bond with the man\boy, who'd left them behind..And yet, she often wondered late at night (or other random times in the day) if her little darling bambino girl, held something inside. When She looked at her her,it didn't seem possible. Isabella stroked Carlie's hair now, and turned to look at Car's view of the busy town out side. Carlie was out-going,confident, clever, and good-natured. She'd worked hard to help her (Carlie) be those things. She'd never spoken harshly of Carlie's father. But sometimes her tone had been on a very thin line between simmering anger and exploding into endless tears of agnst. She'd become mother and father, after Jasper had died. Sometimes, she mused rather lazily, she'd thought she'd actually succeeded. She'd read on every avaulable 'For Dummies' soccer book, so she would know how to coach her. She'd raced beside her, clinging to the back of the seat of her first two-wheeler\scooter. When it had been time to let go, she'd held back her tears and urges to press her darling closer to her heart, and simply let go and cheered as her darling rode wobbily down the block. She even knew about Dark Prince Brian. With a smile, Isabella eased the wrinkled comic book from Carlies' fist. Poor,heroic Brian and his misunderstood and misguided mate,Jamie. Yes,Isabella knew all about Tartarus and its secrets and tribulations. Trying to gently sway her darling bambino from graphics and horror to Dickens or anything other than gory death wasn't an easy feat. But neither was raising a child, with one parent. "There's still time." she murmured as she curled around her daughter. Time enough for a real life.."Car, I hope your your happy. I hope I've done the right thing.." Silently, Isabella wished for once she hadn't been so stubborn. If only she would've kept in touch with family..hadn't started that terrible feud...hadn't... Her eye lashes fluttered briefly, before sleep settled to mist heavily in her mind..Unconciously, her arm hooked around her daughter's waist, as she too slept on.

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