Harry and Ginny

She knew where to find him.

Every time it became too much, every time he needed to forget, every time he needed to stop being the boy-who-lived and become just Harry, he came here.

She didn't know what was so special about the apple tree behind the Burrow. She thinks he just liked it because it was quiet, and you couldn't see it from the house.

She wrapped her sweater around her. It was a windy day, and for some reason that always seemed to make things worse for him.

Maybe he was disappointed the wind didn't blow the pain away. Because really, when you think about it, they didn't win the war. No one did. No one ever does.

What was the point of freedom if Fred wasn't there to laugh with them, to make George smile again? What was the point, if Teddy had to grow up like Harry, never knowing his parents, never having the chance? What was the point, if Dumbledore wasn't there to see how happy the rest of the world was now?

Maybe, she wondered, that was the point. Everyone knew the chance. Everyone took the chance. Why? Because they felt it was worth it. It was selfish of her to wish otherwise.

She reached the tree. He was there, sitting against it with his head in his hands.

She knelt next to him. "Harry?"

He looked up, and she was surprised to see he wasn't crying.

"Harry?" She asked again. "You alright?"

He gave her a loose grin. "Depends. Is everyone better?"

She frowned. "What? What do you mean, better?"

He sighed. "I miss them. I do. But—" He paused, measuring his words. "I mean, I miss them. Fred, and Remus, and Tonks, and Mad Eye, and, hell, even Snape." He choked out a laughed, before looking up at her again.

"Ginny, it was their choice. Their risk. When I was gone, Dumbledore told me to pity the living, not the dead. And—I think he was right.

"We have to go on, to keep fighting. They've done their bit, and all they have to do is wait. Us? We have to live." He swallowed. "And it's hurts to live. It hurts a lot."

She was crying now, feeling hot tears sliding down her cheeks. He hesitantly reached for her, before pulling her close to sit next to him.

"Merlin, Ginny, I'm sorry." I didn't mean to make you upset again. It's just—too much, in there. You know?"

She smiled, resting her head on his shoulder.

"Yeah, Harry. Yeah, I do."