Sirius Black hated James Potter.

No one knew that. Even if they thought he did, they didn't know the real reason.

Sirius Black absolutely despised his so-called best friend.

And even though he sometimes wished James Bloody Potter would drop off the ends of the earth, Sirius knew that he would do anything for James.


Even walk away from the only girl he ever truly loved.

Sirius was well known for being able to bag any girl. He'd flirt, and wink, and then he'd end up in someone's bed.

That's how it always was.

People said he was irresponsible. Said no honest woman would ever settle down with him.

So he said he didn't want an honest woman. Said he wanted every woman, and to do that, you couldn't be married.

So he jumped, and dove, and broke hearts left and right with that 'ole Black charm that he of course just had to inherit.

Because the Black charm wasn't really a charm. It was a curse. Not a nice one like the Potter curse, either, where you supposedly fell in love with someone of a certain hair color—

No. The Black curse ensured that you could get any woman. Except the one who got you.

He tried to fight it, tried to ignore it.

Hell, he'd even started a rumor that he and Remus were dating, and he was so glad Remus never found out that Sirius was the one who started it, or Sirius would never have to worry about love ever again, because he'd be worrying about other things.

Yes, Sirius Black hated James Potter.

He hated Severus Snape, too.

Oh yes, the slimy, sniveling git was totally worth his hatred. Sirius just wanted to shudder every time he saw the Slytherin.

But that wasn't all.

He hated James Potter.

He absolutely loathed Severus Snape.

And he cursed Lily Evans –Potter, Lily Potter—to the ends of the earth, to the very pits of hell, anywhere where he didn't have to see her, anywhere he didn't have to think of her, where he didn't have to be reminded of what he'd lost.

And sometimes, he just didn't care. Because James Potter had known how special Lily was, even before Sirius had. And Snivellus, smelly, icky little Snivellus, had known even before James had.

No matter what anyone thought, he hadn't betrayed the Potters. James was his best friend, and Lily was the love of his life.

It was that simple.

And sometimes, when he looked at Harry, he just didn't know what to think.

Whenever he saw the boy, his precious, beloved godson, he thought he could understand Snape.

Because it was Lily's eyes and soul in James Potter's body.

Yes, James had been his best friend.

Yes, Sirius would have died for James. Twice.

But he would never, ever stop loving Lily Evans.