Fred Weasley the Second and Josephine Wood [OC]

He was standing near the entrance to the Gryffindor Common Room, his hands clasped behind his back. He was leaning against the wall nonchalantly, looking as if he didn't have a care in the world.

The Portrait swung open and she climbed out, the tip of her brown ponytail swinging loosely over her shoulder. She was dressed in her Quidditch robes, and her bag was slung over her arm. She was even wearing the Quaffle charm bracelet he had gotten her three years ago.

He grinned cockily as she neared him. "What, can't you even dress up for a date?"

She smirked back at him, eyeing his open tie, half unbuttoned shirt, and rumpled hair. "I will if you will. What you were you doing that took so long anyway, snogging my brother? You look it."

He made a face. "Merlin, Jo, my eyes! No, actually, I was helping Gid with a little something down in Longbottom's office."

She raised an eyebrow. "I'm not sure whether or not to be impressed by your stupidity, Weasley. You do remember what happened last time you pranked Professor Longbottom?"

He grinned wider. "You mean when we pranked him. 'Sides, should be fine. We stayed out of his greenhouses, after all."

She pretended to glare at him, and tossed him her bag. "Yeah, sure. What are we doing?"

He ignored her question, and guided her down the steps. "Just came from Quidditch practice?"

"Of course. What else?"

"You and Jamie still fighting over the captainship?"

She snorted angrily at the mention of his cousin. "James bloody Potter is a complete arse!"

"I'm sure half the girls in the school agree with you."

She smacked him in the shoulder. "He knows we have a split captainship! And yet it still doesn't stop him from trying to take everything over! Argggh! I wish he'd just gone to one of the club teams, but noooo! He had to go on my team!"

He laughed.


"Sorry." He answered, not meaning it at all. "But tonight will make up for it."

She looked at him disbelievingly.

He stopped for a moment to hide her bag behind one of the suits of armor. "Follow me."

He led her down and out onto the grounds. The sun was setting, and there was about twenty minutes left until curfew, but he was Fred Weasley the Second, thank you, and a little thing like curfew wasn't going to hinder his plans for tonight.

Grinning happily, he led her over to a tree by the lake. It was quiet out, with no one but them around. He stopped them about five feet from the edge.

Pulling out his own Quidditch bag from his pockets [he had shrunken it, obviously], he pulled out his broom—and hers.

"Freddie!" She almost shrieked in surprise. "I just had that with me! It was in my bag! How do you do that?"

He laughed again. "I'm the best thief in Hogwarts, love. Anyway, come on. I'll race you."

And so the two of them raced their brooms over the still water, enjoying the moonlight shining down on them, and the chance to be alone. They flew a few laps around the lake, and slowed down near the middle.

They were both panting heavily, and sweating a bit.

"I so wish our brooms could go under the water." She said wistfully. "It would be so cool."

He frowned. "You hate getting wet."

"Hate's a very strong word."

"You hate getting wet, you hate my cousin, and you hate chocolate frogs. I'd say you have sufficiently strong feelings regarding all three of those things."

She smiled at him, and bumped into his shoulder gently. "You know, some guys would be jealous if a girl had such strong feelings for their cousin."

"Yeah, and I might, if James wasn't so busy pestering Allie."

She giggled. "I feel so bad for her. He's so annoying."

"Not as annoying as me?"

"That's true. No one's as annoying as you…except maybe my brother."

"Hey!" He protested as she laughed at him. "I am far more annoying than Wood!"

"Yes you are." She reached over and kissed him.

He very happily kissed back.