Dear John: In response to your last

A/N: One-shot that needs yet a little more, so here is Chapter 3, based upon the amazing fic of wendymarlow called "Dear John",

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Chapter 3 – Sunday afternoon, February 1st.

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John's phone, outgoing text:

John: Sorry sprained hand punching MY SODDING 'NOT DEAD' FLATMATE! Spent night A&E after arrest - disturbing peace - get us both patched up.

John: Can't use dominant hand, bit not good on pain pills & knackered. Will take rest of week until hand heals. Then another 4 honeymoon. Look fancy invite in post w date, time, place.

Sarah: WHAT?

John: Yeah Sherlock viscount; HRM will be put out if no wedding, Mycroft insists.

Sarah: WHAT?!

John: Don't be tedious, John on Sex Holiday starting now - Good night - SH

John: Sorry bout that. See you next week. JW


A/N: Un-betaed, so all mistakes my own. There maybe an epilogue (I'm fond of those) with Mycroft making an appearance.

Thank you wendymarlowe for your on-going encouragement and kindness.

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