A/N: I'm writing this story both to see my idea written out and to show that even though Monty passed away he is still inspiring people to be creative. Some characters from dragon age won't make an appearance but have been replaced by a RWBY character I feel is close to their personality or the class they would be such as Weiss being a mage and Ruby being a rouge. Please don't be rude in any reviews as this is my first story and I'm not that confident in my writing just yet.

Legend tells of a group of mages from the Tevinter city of Menagerie breached the vail separating the world of Thedas and the world of dreams and spirits known as the Fade which mages tap into so that they can use magic. When the mages, known as magisters in Tevinter, entered the fade in physical form they made their way to the Black City where the seat of the maker is said to be they made an attempt to over throw him so that they could become gods themselves. Upon seeing the seat of the maker they were sent back to Thedas tainted by a curse that caused them to become vile creatures known as darkspawn.

Soon more and more people became corrupted by the darkspawn taint so forces from Ferelden, Orlais, the Free Marches and Tevinter took up arms against the darkspawn and drove them underground where the dwarves hold them back to prevent more people falling to the darkspawn. During the first Blight, which is what a major darkspawn invasion is called, a group of warriors called the Grey Wardens discovered that drinking the blood of a darkspawn man allow a person to sense when a darkspawn is near and can allow them to kill an old god that has been corrupted by the darkspawn, now called an archdemon, and force the darkspawn into a retreat but this kills the warden who dealt the killing blow to the archdemon.

The year is 9:30 Dragon and Duncan, the commander of the Ferelden Grey Wardens, and King Cailan Theirin of Ferelden are preparing for the possibility of facing the fifth blight. In his search for Grey warden recruits, Duncan goes to the Circle of Magi tower in Ferelden which overlooks lake Calenhad where a young mage by the name of Weiss Schnee is about to face the most difficult test she will ever face, the Harrowing where a mage is sent into the fade to either summon the willpower to defeat a demon or become possessed by it and die at the hands of the Templars who ensure the people of Thedas are safe from mages. "Magic exists to serve man and never to rule over him thus spoke the prophet Andraste as she cast down the Tevinter Imperium, ruled by mages who had brought the world to the edge of ruin. Your magic is a gift, but it's also a curse,, for demons of the dream realm – the Fade – are drawn to you, and seek to use you as a gateway into this world." Knight-Commander Greagoir said to Weiss. "This is why the Harrowing exists. The ritual sends you into the Fade, and there you will face a demon, armed with only your will" First Enchanter Irving said to inform Weiss what she was expected to do. "What happens if I cannot defeat the demon?" Weiss asked the First Enchanter. "If you are unable to defeat the demon or take too long in finishing the Harrowing the Templars will kill you to prevent you from becoming an abomination" Irving stated.

"This is dust: the very essence of magic and your gateway into the fade" explained Greagoir. "The Harrowing is a secret out of necessity, Weiss. Every mage must go through this trial by fire. As we succeeded, so shall you. Keep your wits about you and remember the Fade is a realm of dreams. The spirits may rule it, but your own will is real." the First Enchanter said to try and give Weiss a boost in her confidence. "The apprentice must go through this alone, First Enchanter" the knight commander told Irving "you are ready" he informed Weiss. Weiss then approached the basin that contained the dust. When her hand neared the dust it made her hand glow a pale blue, there was a bright flash and Weiss awoke in strange place with an uneven ground and a greenish tinge. Weiss noticed that the only thing she had was the robes she had on her when she entered the Harrowing chamber but luckily she had enough knowledge on offensive magic that she wouldn't have trouble with lesser fade creatures but felt she needed to try and get a staff to improve the power of her spells.