Hey guys! I know, it's been FOREVEH since I updated my other fanfics, but it's coming, I promise. This is based upon a role-play I'm doing on instagram. Yes, I do have a Bonnie Parker role-play account.. I was the first one, ever! (at least, I think I was). Anyways, I hope you like it! - The Kat In A Hat.

The tiny little girl walked around the streets of West Dallas, her skin and hair dirty. Another orphan left to die in the harsh heat. Her feet were bare, her once pink nightgown threadbare and ripped almost to shreds. Her big, innocent blue eyes conveyed many emotions, but a simple few of them were sadness, fear, and most of all, loneliness. Blanche Barrow was walking along that same road, heading home to her husband, Buck after getting a little food at the store. The couple couldn't afford much, but Blanche couldn't let him starve. She saw the little girl, and waved.

"Hi, there.." She said. Her head snapped up, terror filling her deep brown eyes.

"H-h-hi," she mumbled. Blanche knelt down beside the small child,

"Where's your mommy?" She asked her, looking around the streets. "Where do you live?" The young woman was clearly concerned for the little girl.

"Momma went to be with Jesus.." The small child mumbled, a tear making a line as it trailed down her cheek. "Daddy too."

"Oh," Blanche sighed. "Well… Would you like to come home with me? We could get you washed up, and I'm sure I have something you could wear."

"M-my name is Katie.." She whispered. Blanche smiled.

"It's nice to meet you, Katie. My name is Blanche," she took the little hand that Katie reached out to her. Katie smiled slightly at Blanche, then reached up to be carried with a whimper. She scooped her into her arms and smiled. Katie held onto the kind young woman, not quite relaxing just yet. Blanche carried her into the house. "Buck!" She called, setting the food on the table and carrying her into the bathroom. "Do you wanna get a bath?" Katie nodded.

"Please.." Blanche smiled, filling the tub as Katie took off her threadbare nightgown and got into the warm water, the water instantly turning brown as she washed out her hair. After the dirt and grime was gone, Katie's short, curly hair was a pretty, dark brown. "M-Miss. Blanche?" She called quietly when she was ready to get out. Blanche grabbed a towel, picking her up and drying her off. She carried her to the bedroom. "Hmm," Blanche thought aloud. "All my clothes are too big.. Wait!" She said, making Katie jump. She went into the closet, getting one of Buck's shirts and putting it over her small body. "It'll have to do, for now.. Sorry, baby," She said with a smile.

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