Here we are again! This may be a three chapter day on here as well. Oh, and a little A/N I forgot from the last one. The story about Blanche's ex-husband.. It's TRUE! *sob* That's so sad… Poor wittle Blanchie… Well, enjoy chapter 5! -TheKatInTheHat

They both fell asleep, and the house was quiet.

In the middle of the night, Katie woke up with a scream. Blanche jumped up, running into the room. "Katie? Baby, what's wrong?"

"B-bad d-dream.." The little girl sobbed, reaching out for Blanche. She picked her up and held her close.

"Wanna sleep with us?" She asked. Katie nodded, burying her face in Blanche's neck.

"P-please, momma…" She mumbled. Blanche smiled at being called 'momma', and laid down beside of Buck, holding Katie close. When he felt the bed shift, Buck grumbled, starting to wake up. Katie cuddled back against Blanche, afraid to go back to sleep.

"It's alright.. I'm right here, nothing can hurt you, baby.."

"Okay," the tiny girl whispered, nuzzled into her.

"Blanche," Buck murmured, half asleep. "Wha's goin' on..?"
"Katie had a bad dream, so she's sleeping with us. Go back to sleep, Daddy." She kissed him. He nodded.

"G'night, Blanche, Katie.." He patted Katie's head gently, causing a soft giggle to come from the child. Blanche smiled and held her close.

"Sleep," she said. "I'll be right here." Katie nodded.

"Okay.. Momma, will you tell me a story?"

"A story? Oh, I'm no good at stories.. Well, let me see.." Katie looked up at her, deep brown eyes waiting patiently. Blanche smiled, and began telling a story of far-off places and adventure. She smiled at the little girl. Katie slowly fell asleep in Blanche's arms, a smile on her face as she felt warm, safe, and most of all, loved.

A/N: Okayyy, that was cute. In the role-play that this is based upon, Katie is now like… 20 and has a little girl! BUT. We'll get to that eventually.. I may make two stories out of this one!

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