School days Ch. 2

Warning: A/U and Femslash: HARLEY QUINN AND POISON IVY.

Chapter 2: Comfort or confront?

Harley passed her fingers through her golden curls as she tied up her hair firmly in a single pony tail. She had the whole gym for herself. The small group of acrobats in the school was reduced to one member since Barbara Ann Minerva had dropped school to go live with her mom in Africa.
Harleen still remembered vividly Pamela's comment about the matter.

"She is a low achiever moron. If she wants to go waste these years, so be it" the redhead had snorted immediately and started talking about how this was the only chance they had to be somebody.

Harley had half heard it at first since she had been surprised by her friend's reaction. She had thought Pamela would had approved and even given Barbara the honor of praising her. But she had to remember that if it did not involve at least grass then any environmental interest was just worthless for the Plant queen. In Harley's simpler conclusion: Pamela was a plant hugger and Barbara was more of an animal maniac.

Despite the fact that Harley had a lot of sympathy for animals, as she had dared to tell Pamela when she had stopped to catch her breath from her extended monologue about the importance of a well-structured action plan, Harleen still agreed with her friend. She just could not see how Barbara thought she would get on a better position to help cheetahs in Africa when she hadn't even finished high school.

Maybe it is like pudding says and Barbara is just using the whole Cheetah excuse to get the heck out of here-Harley thought as she stretched her legs and arms. She couldn't blame her for it.

Whichever was the real reason; there was just one thing that mattered. Barbara Minerva was now gone and Harley was a one-person team. If it hadn't been for the long list of trophies that were under her name, the principal would have completely erased the numbers designated for the gymnastic club from the school's budget. However that would have never happened as long as Quinzel studied in the school. Even Harleen could see that she was amazing enough to represent a great gold mine for the principal.

"You are great"-Pamela had told her once. And she had smiled proudly.

She was great.

A small smirk crossed her face as she repeated the words in her head.

Harley, you are great-a voice reiterated and her guts tickled as she looked at the bar she had in front of her. She bit her lip in anticipation. Her chest moved up and down as her stomach held itself against her thorax box.

She ran; guffaws caressed her lips as she defied gravity. Her muscles tensed as her body twisted in the unusual forms of a somersault. The world was upside down and it was beautiful.

Her feet hit the floor.

She looked up, panting. Nobody clapped. Nobody was there to see her, but the words inside her head kept reciting and she thought of Pamela again as she stretched her sore legs.
To be honest, Harleen was used to the ambivalent way her mind worked by now. She would think about her when she was not thinking about Joker.

At first it had come to her as social interest. She wanted to understand Pamela Isley, or so she thought. Maybe she just wanted to get to her. Maybe she just wanted to be friends with the devil.
Her mother used to say she had a weakness for power and Pamela Isley was somehow powerful in the school. That was what she thought that made her so interesting, and it was like that for a while.

The girl she met behind the red locks was cold, manipulative, kind of misandry and had a poisonous attitude. She was the kind of person that would wait for at least the whole class to kneel and get her pencil if she dropped it.
Harley had found her intimidating and that attracted her to Isley right away.

But then again, she had discovered more about Red. Behind the freckled face of Isley, there was the other person; a girl who worried when Joker hit her by accident and hurried to the hospital. The kind of friend who let her tell the doctors and her mom that she had fallen on her face while practicing, when she knew it had been Joker.

At least, Harley had the impression that Pamela knew. She could tell it by the look of her eyes. But she hadn't gone against her will and she had respected it, despite the fact that she questioned her judgment.

Since that day, Harley had come to think of Pamela as a friend, a person who would take her decisions seriously and who wouldn't go against them. Harley had discovered that Pamela could be loyal and sweet. And Sweet Pammywas also needy. She would curl against Harley's lap when she was studying or listening to music. She would reach for her fingers in the middle of a horror movie and then excuse herself saying she had thought that Harley was scared- though Pamela knew Harley found scary movies hilarious.
Pamela would need to be hold when winter came and she would love to lean on Harley's shoulders when she saw her reading at the library.

Pamela was quite clingy. And Harley liked all that about her, because for the first time in a long while she could feel important for somebody. She would feel wanted.

"For somebody?" Harley questioned her thoughts aloud unconsciously. She didn't know what to make of her own reasoning at this point.

Silly, you are forgetting about pudding-She thought and she excused herself with a simple explanation. She was not counting Joker because she had been thinking about Red and Red was certainly too different from Joker. Pamela was soft where Joker was rough and sweet where he was bitter. Thus what she was feeling could only, of course, be just as different.

Yes. That's it. That's why I forgot about Pudding just a second ago.

Harley placed her hand on her hips and raised the other one as she pulled herself to the side of her body and then to the other. Her waist stretched harder since she was doing it faster than before.

"You're going to split yourself to the half" said a raspy voice in the gym. Pamela's voice echoed in the almost empty room.

Harley's heart skipped a beat as though she had been found doing something wrong, as if what she was thinking a moment ago was something reproachable.

She turned around and there was Pamela with her piercing gaze. She had put her dark green shirt around her waist and her hair in a ponytail. Harley immediately thought it was because the summer weather was too hot and the air conditioner in the school had been slacking for the past week. Even now, the ac in the gym was producing more of a sound than real cold air. The redhead's forehead had a light layer of sweat over it.
Harley swallowed.

"You look hot" she said and she turned around a bit too fast to do a cartwheel. Her words had sounded different from what she had intended, however she didn't look back to see if Pamela had taken it the wrong way. She probably hadn't even noticed the slightly unusual tone in which the words had sounded. Not even Harley did until a second after spoken.

"I am hot" Pamela had said as she folded her arms, her words showed annoyance. This high and dry temperature was going to be the death of her.

"Do you want to leave already?" Harley asked her calmly but Pamela simply growled a negative, as she sat on the corner of the court. Her freckled hands gave her some support as she stretched her legs on the wooden floor. Harley looked at her from the corner of her blue and sparkling eyes. She stared for a second but different from Joker she knew she was not being asked to say that she wanted to leave.
Pamela was not demanding her to pity or fear her; she was not even asking her to hurry.
Harley smiled at the thought. This was Red and without another word she continued her practice.






Thirty minutes passed in a blink. Harley was lost in her own world in front of Pamela's green eyes. And Pamela was not able to look a way, somehow Harley knew that. Somehow it made her want to do greater things: a higher jump, a cleaner ending. It was then when she rushed a pirouette and her feet landed a bit harder than they should have while her ankle twisted in the wrong direction and her beautiful doll face crashed into the floor.

"HARLEY!" Pamela screamed as she hurried to get to her side.

Harleen felt the blood rushing to her nose and cheeks in pain and embarrassment. "I'm ok" she said but Pamela had helped her sit down anyway "I've had worse, Red" she insisted yet her friend was not listening.

Pamela's hands were going from her ankle to her legs, from her waist to her arms…from her shoulders to her face. Her green eyes locked with Harley's blue ones as she cupped her cheeks in her freckled fingers.

"Does anything hurt?" she demanded with worry in her voice.

"No" Harley lied and Pamela pressed her cheeks harder.

"Harleen!" the girl growled as she pulled her closer to her beautiful face.

Harley looked into her eyes, those eyes that had been showing her feelings in a way that she was not used to see in anybody- care, tenderness, support, concern… love. She couldn't resist their call. She leaned closer and pulled Pamela's face closer to hers, their forehead met as she shut her eyes and felt her friend's warm breath caressing her skin, their lips were rather close but not close enough.

"I'm fine" Harley said and she stayed there, trying to remember how to breathe. She could feel Pamela getting stiff at the proximity.

"Are you sure?" the other force herself to speak after long two minutes.

"My ankle hurts a bit but overall I am ok" Harley whispered then she opened her eyes and she was surprised when she saw Pamela's eyelids shut firmly. Just then Quinzel noticed that her friend's hands were shaking. And she imagined how it'd be to spend her life without this girl in it.

Harley's lips pursed, her fingers got into the hairy jungle that was Pamela's head while the tip of her fingers caressed her warm scalp. She nuzzled her and Pamela held her breath.

"You don't have to be afraid, I just broke my ego, I am ok" Harley said.

Pamela finally breathed out.

Both of them stayed like that for a while.

Harley's heart started going a bit faster and even though she never moved, she couldn't stop feeling guilty about how comfortable she felt with something so simple. Not even after having sex with joker she had felt this kind of pleasure and yet again she told herself that it was because what she had with Red couldn't be more different from what she had with Joker thus of course she would always find herself comparing without any fruitful results.She couldn't put her finger on what it was but she knew it had to be ok. She could love them just as much as she did… and it would never be the same feeling thus it had to be ok.

To be continued.