Note: This storyline is composed of many different one-shots which have the Shepherds interact with characters from different universes. I have it happen in the outrealms as I think of that place as somewhere where characters from any universe could show up. The idea came to me when I read a fanfic about Robin and Lucina in SmashBros when someone mentioned that there are other realms where these fighters come from. (I don't know which story. There are a few.)

Since there are many different crossovers this story won't be under the crossover category. Instead, I'm writing the type of crossover from from the beginning. This might not end up being a long series. I hope it will have at least a few more chapters. It might not and just become this one one-shot but I don't think so.

Also, this first story isn't a crossover. Just something I've wanted to do for a while.

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Chapter One: A Thief's Backstory.

Crossover: None.

Characters: Robin, Gaius.

Rating: T (Just because of a Tharja reference.)

Robin, tactician of the Shepherds, was relaxing in the sun, sucking on a popsicle. The Shepherds were taking a small vacation in the Hotrealm, the beach outrealm. Robin's wife, Lucina, was, at the moment, playing a game of volleyball with the other 'Children of the Future'. While the tactician was happy that his wife actually having fun for once he was now alone. Not that he minded. The last time he was here, between a bandit attack and Tharja, his ex-stalker, asking to slather her in oil mid-battle, he didn't have much time to relax. Now however the Shepherds were alone and Tharja was with her husband Libra.

"Hey Bubbles, mind if I join you while you're getting a tan?" Gauis, the Shepherds thief and residential sugar-holic, asked. Robin shook his head.

"I don't mind. Feel free to join." While Robin didn't mind being alone he happened to like Gauis. The two had become good friends and enjoyed hanging out. Gauis sat down and the two lay down silently. Finally Robin spoke.

"You know Gaius, I'm curious. Why did you become a thief?" Gaius was silent for a moment.

"It's a long story Bubbles. You sure you want to hear it?"

"Yes I do." Robin answered. "I'm also curious as to why you're so hooked on sweets but that can wait for another day."

"Actually Bubbles, the story answers both." Gaius said. "Let me start.

"I'm the son of a rich middle-class merchant. My family has never been anything like those stuffy noblemen. I guess the best comparison I could give you is Maribelle. Her family is rich and powerful but not very well known. Though their social-standing is higher then my family's.

"Anyway, I've always had a strong moral code-"

"This is coming from the guy who steals for a living." Robin said. Gaius ignored the interruption.

"So when I would see something unfair I would be bothered. One day I was walking around the town I lived in and I saw a girl, around five, crying. I was ten at the time.

"I went up to the girl and asked what was wrong. She told me that another kid had taken her handkerchief that her mother had made for her. I was upset and I decided I would get it back. I went up to the guy, who had the handkerchief sticking out of one of his pockets, and, not knowing what else to do, decided to start a normal conversation, intending to eventually bring up the fact that he stole from the girl. But my fingers had other plans." As Gaius said this he wiggled his fingers.

"One moment I was talking, the next I deftly grabbed the handkerchief from the guy's pockets. And he didn't even realize it! As I did this I felt something I never had felt before. It was an odd tingling sensation and it just felt right. That's the best way to explain it.

I became hooked and it became a small hobby, taking things without other's knowing and putting it back, usually before they noticed it was missing. However, soon it evolved into something much more and I became a thief for a living."

Robin was very surprised. He didn't expect to hear this, that Gaius came from a well off family. He actually expected the opposite, a story about him living in the slums, stealing to survive.

"Interesting story. If I ever meet the guy who took the handkerchief I'll have to thank him." Robin said.

"Why?" Gaius asked.

"Because, if he never took it you may never had become a thief and that would've been a major setback for us." Robin said with a smile. "Though your story doesn't explain why you're addicted to sweets."

Gaius laughed. "That's because the story isn't over yet.

"The girl whom the handkerchief belonged to insisted on rewarding me when I gave her back the handkerchief. She gave me a candy. Now, my mom was always very... cautious when it came to sweets so I never had before. When I ate it a similar sensation occurred as the one that happened when I took back the handkerchief. And that was in addition to the explosion of sweetness on my tongue. So I was immediately hooked."

Robin chuckled. "Gaius my friend, you are most certainly a very interesting thief." the tactician said.

"That I am, Bubbles. Now, you gonna finish that popsicle Anna gave you? If not..."

Note: Not very long but definitely interesting. I hoped you guys enjoyed.