The pain inflamed and captured Chase's entire body, his shaky hands supported a glimmering golden necklace, with inscribed words that could mean a billion different possibilities for him and the girl he loved. He read the words over and over

"I love you


His mind attacked its archives as it desperately searched for a James that Zoey could possibly know. What could this possibly mean for him and Zoey? What did it mean that she still had it with her? And most importantly why didn't she tell him! Chase lazily lowered his body onto Zoey's bed, as he leaned over, his forehead in his right hand as he grabbed at his black fro with his fingers. He sighed and held back an urge to yell. The thoughts stung as he comprehended them: the girl He had been chasing for four years, that he was hopelessly in love with, and the girl that he thought shared the same affection owns a necklace from a boy that he has never heard Zoey speak about. Obviously, this information has been withheld on purpose he thought as he rubbed his face into his right hand. He hoped to God that this was from some loving close relative.

Chase Snapped out of his thoughts as he heard graceful steps walking towards the bedroom door, he looked up to slowly meet eyes with the one beautiful Zoey Brooks. She happily walked into her room returning from the bathroom, she smiled as her eyes met Chase's but instantly her whole body sunk as it realized the mood of the room, she spotted what Chase held in his hand, fear struck her body at the realization of what inevitable conversation the future had in store.

"What's this?" Chase said quietly.

Zoey let her eyes slowly lock to his.

"Chase... I wanted to tell you, it's just I didn't want to risk it affecting our relationship or our time in Hawaii"

"Well now is a good time to tell me… what is this?"

"Just a necklace from a guy I dated last year…"

"How come i've never heard of him"

"I wanted people to keep it quiet, I didn't want to risk anything rocking the boat, I was going to tell you I just never found a good time."

Zoeys words came out slowly and carefully as her body stood in stunned stillness, her face held an expression of sorrow.

Chase shook his head slowly. "How could you? after I had chased you halfway around the world…"

"How could I? he was nice and sweet and asked me out so I said yes, but Chase that thing you hold in your hand is the reason why I broke up with him... he told me he loved me and I knew I loved you"

Chase let out a deep sigh as he ascended to his shaky feet. He responded slowly.

"Zoe, being an American in England, it seemed to get a lot of the girls attention, I got asked out quite a bit, I never once even considered the idea, why? because I knew I loved you"

Zoey quickly scrambled for a response.

"Chase, I never felt much with him, now I realize he was basically just a replacement, a plug for the hole you left when we separated, that's all he was, he doesn't mean anything to me…I love you."

Chase lowered his gaze, pain grabbed a hold of his posture.

"I liked to think I wasn't replaceable… I know you never were..."

With that he slowly stepped past Zoey, he couldn't even make eye contact with her. Chase was hurt and Zoey knew it, all she could do was stand there, mouth agape and arms slumped to her side in disbelief as to what had just happened.