Chapter 14

It had been two days since the fight, Chase and Zoey desperately tried to move on from that hectic night, everything that had happened was hard to process, so they tried their best to push it to the background for now. James seemed to honour Chase's request to leave his friends alone, although Chase pondered what exactly "this isn't over" truly meant. Thankfully that didn't matter at the moment, Zoey and Chase contently sat at a table parked by the coffee cart. They sipped on their coffees and enjoyed each other's company. It had seemed like years since they were able to have a normal conversation.

Chase did not take it for granted.

"You know what I was just thinking about Chase?"

A small level of panic hit Chase, with everything that had happened, she could mean a thousand different things.

"Do you expect me to guess?" He tried to smile.

"Remember that beach party we had?"

"How could I forget," Chase smirked

"That was the time when we nearly got stranded and died at the beach, kind of hard to forget." Chase reminisced.

Zoey raised her eyebrows playfully.

"You didn't seem too scared at the time."

"I'm pretty good at hiding my true feelings."

Zoey brushed her hair gently to the side,

"Yeah, I've noticed."

Chase realized all the possible meanings that statement could have, he quickly wanted to divert the conversation back to a playful one.

"What made you think of that beach outing?"

"I'm not exactly sure, I just remember us declaring that would be a tradition, some tradition it turned out to be."

"You do have a point… oh, right I remember why we didn't go back."

Zoey gave a sincerely confused glance.

"How come?"

"You don't remember? You of all people don't remember the physical harm you caused me?"

Zoey laughed.

"What are you talking about?

"On the way back, in Mr. Bender's truck, I was trying to sleep but someone kept twitching in their sleep and throwing elbows into my rib cage."

Zoey gave the most sarcastic eye roll her face could produce.

"Haha, ya right, we were sleeping the whole time.

"Oh I know you were, but I was too busy getting constant elbows, to sleep."

Zoey rolled her eyes, "Kind of hard to elbow someone when you're sleeping."

"Well Zoey, I hate to break it to you but you twitch in your sleep…"

"You are such a liar… wait you weren't even sleeping next to me."

"I started by you, but I couldn't handle the abuse, so I had to move."

Chase couldn't help but smile.

"I find this hard to believe considering you just telling me this now."

"You were the one reminiscing, the trauma just came back to me."

"Trauma? Wow, didn't realize this was hard for you to talk about, you look torn up."

"Oh you know I am." Chase laughed.

"Remind me to never sleep next to you again then," Zoey smirked.

"Don't worry I won't have to remind you, I'm never letting that happen again, my rib cage couldn't handle it."

Zoey rolled her eyes while giving him a friendly elbow to his arm.

"Didn't know you were such a wimp."

"Always with the sass, hey, I don't know a single person who could endure such a level of abuse."

"Ok well, ill take a note, Chase can't take any physical contact."

"Hey now I wouldn't go that far, I just can't sleep with you ever again."

Zoey raised a playful eyebrow. Chase couldn't help but flash a slightly embarrassed grin, before continuing.

"Relax, you know what I mean."

"Ya, I know, so you're saying my alleged twitching is the reason that tradition was never honoured."

"Put two and two together Zoe, I don't mean to cast blame, but your sleepy elbows are what ruined that tradition." Chase chuckled at the intentional irony.

"I think if it's any one's fault it's got to be the man who was so intent on sleeping beside me that they met the alleged wrath of my elbows."

"Oh get over yourself, if I was so intent on being beside you, then why did I move? This is a classic strategy of a guilty party, always trying to deflect the blame right back to the accuser, you're looking more guilty by the second.

Chase playfully narrowed his eyes at her.

Zoey responded with a smile.

"You contend that I am the one deflecting but I see you deflecting from the fact that you wanted to sleep by me, too bad my elbows got in the way, or so you claim, when we both know you moved just because you didn't want to look too obvious."

"Wow, you know you are in a corner so you're willing to throw out any accusations. Disappointing Zoe, I expected more from you. I moved because you needed your space, it's as simple as that."

"Well, if I indeed I was twitching, which no one has ever complained about before, then a true friend would've realized that clearly I was having a nightmare and would've cuddled me back to sleep."

Zoey gave a quick raise of her brow as the corner of her mouth curled.

"Don't know if cuddling someone back to sleep, falls under the definition of a true guy friend, guess I didn't think of that at the moment.

"Oh, c'mon true friends can show physical signs of appreciation, and it can just be a friendly gesture."

Chase's playful banter stopped, as he wondered if Zoey was trying to tell him something, a physical sign can just be a friendly gesture, was she talking about her kiss after the fight? Was that all it was? A friendly gesture, Chase had to admit he hoped it meant more.

Chase snapped out of his inner thoughts, in hopes of offering a sufficient response to their friends back and forth.

"Well, now I know maybe next time it will be different."

Zoey's eyes narrowed, was that a calculated response? She wondered.

"What do you mean next time?" Zoey questioned sincerely.

"Don't worry about it," Chase stated, flashing his sideways grin.

They both allowed laughter to punctuate their conversation.

Chase had missed this, he was very happy to be back in Zoey's life,

but Mia's words suddenly came to mind, two options can bring you inner peace, date her, or remove yourself from her life so you can move on, you won't ever be content being her friend. The very reason you spend so much time with her is that you want more than a friendship.

Chase tried to brush her words to the side, Mia wasn't correct on this one, Chase was content, this was nice, a friendly conversation with his close friend, to an outside party it may look like flirting but it was just friendly banter, he assured himself. His thoughts were interrupted.

"Chase Matthews?"

An elderly gentleman approached, he wore a dark grey suit, centred by a purple stripe tie.

Chase was confused about what this man would want, he certainly didn't recognize him.


"I'm going to need you to come with me."

— — —

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