Chapter 14/.5 "What's this about?" "That will be explained in due time." Zoey was confused as to what is going on. She decided to chime in. "Did he do something wrong?" "That's not for me to say here." Chase's worry grew. "To be honest, Mr. Matthews this is not a request, we need to have a conversation, please follow me." Chase rose to his feet, threw an arm band of his backpack onto his shoulder and followed the mysterious man. He flashed Zoey a sideways grin, Zoey couldn't help but respond with a worried glance. "I'll be fine Zoe, don't worry." "I'll try." The man led him to the administration building. Chase's worry only grew, am I going to see the Dean? He thought. He was led into the building and up one set of stairs, his fears were confirmed. The man gently opened the door, the door frames nameplate read Dean Rivers. "Dean, Mr. Matthews is here to see you." "Good, send him in." The man shifted to look at Chase, as he held the door open for Chase. Chase swallowed the lump in his throat before pushing himself through the door. "Chase my boy! Thanks for coming." Mr. Rivers was surprisingly up-beat, which helped to temporarily negate Chases nervousness. "Why did you need to see me?" "Well, we need to have a conversation." "About?" "In due time, how are you doing?" "I'm fine…" "Can't help but notice that fat lip their son" "Chases suspicions were confirmed, he knew what this was about." "Ya turns out concrete isn't that soft when you fall on it." "Hm… is that what happened? You simply fell?" "Yep…" "And I suppose if we brought James Garret in here, he would say the same thing about his wounds." "I don't know, you would have to ask him." Dean Rivers lightly tapped his folded his hands on his desk, he eyed Chase with a look of we both know where this is going. "Alright Chase, lets cut through the semantics, our office received a notice that there had been a physical altercation between you and James Garret, now are you going to at least admit to that?" "We may have had a slight disagreement." "Well, if this was a slight disagreement as you claim I doubt my office would have been called." "Who called you?" "Does that really matter? You should be more worried about the ramifications of this altercation." "Boys will be boys." "Ah yes Chase I went to High-School I know, but unfortunately Chase the allegations are a little more severe than that, you see the complaint we received was that there was a minor skirmish, but it was ended by you kicking James in the face when he was on the ground." Chase's body tensed in anger. "What? That's a lie, obviously it was James who called you, this is ridiculous." "Maybe, Chase, maybe, that's why we have called you in today, because it wasn't James who called us, it was his roommate who alleges he saw you do it. Now I don't want this to turn into a here-say conflict, but we do take these allegations very seriously. Chase gripped at the chair in his anger. "So if you already believe that side of the story, why did you call me in today?" "Because I was hoping to hear your side, now that we have established there was indeed a conflict, and that bruise on your lip was not from what you claim, Chase I must warn you, this is much more serious than you think, and in issues like this it is very important that you tell me the truth, so the fact that you have already told me a fabrication already doesn't bold well for you, so please tell me in exact detail what happened between you and James Garret..."