Hey guys. It me again. So its another songfic based on the song 'Blank Space' by Taylor Swift. I DO NOT OWN THAT SONG. So ya..enjoy. ps, i do not own Fairy Tail. Hiro Mashima does.

Hey have i seen you before ? cause i think i have. What ? no. Well, it's nice to meet you Lucy. The name's Sting. You know, when i first saw you i immediantly knew what you were meant for me. why ? well...you're blond, i'm blond. You're good looking and i'm good looking. Do i need to say more ? Give me a chance here, i could show you incredible things. From magic, to the stars and maybe in my sheets. Money ? suits ? and ties ? i can read you like a manga you know ? you don't care about all that, and i bet you heard about me, the duo Dragon slayers, the hot young master, but that doesn't matter. So lucy, why won't you give me a chance and let's get to know each other more often cause i can make the good girls bad for a weekend.

I could bring you anywhere you want to. The skies the limit. Once a while i would steal kisses from you cherry lips cause you're my queen and baby i'm your king. I'll do anything for you, i'll be the perfect guy for you i'll even be your 'prince chariming' for a year, but my sweet lucy, the worst is just about to come. Screaming, crying ? we'll go through ALOT of that drama. And when you find out the real me you'll be second guessing about me. I mean come on lucy, sleeping together with that bastard Natsu ? you're asking for it. Best friends ? how about you-get-away-from-my-girlfriend-before-i-kick-your-sorry-ass-friends ? But it's okay, cause i know you'll come back to me each time you leave. Baby, im a nightmare dressed like a daydream.

Have you ever heard the term 'boys only want love if it's torture' ? at first i thought it was just bullshit. I mean, guys want relationship with cool girls with no drama, no tears, no screaming and sex all the time but let me tell you this lucy, for you, i'd walk through the deepest pits of hell. I would stay with you during your darkest times. You could kick me off the cliff and i would still blame myself for standing to near the edge. And you wanna know why ? it's all because you're mine. So if you try to break up with me, you wouldn't wanna know what i'd do to ya, so don't say i didn't warn ya.

So lucy, it's either gonna be forever, or it's gonna burn in flames. I got a long list of ex lovers and they all say i'm insane, or i'm not worth it. But i know you love the players and you LOVE the game. We're young, we're reckless and we're free lucy. I can bet you we're gonna take this too far that it'll gonna be the best thing of your life or it's gonna scar you to death. But you know lucy, i got a blank space baby, and i'll write your name.

Sting Eucliffe & Lucy Heartfillia forever.

Sooooo, how was it ? bad ? okay...:(. Anyway read and review, please no flames. I know it was short but meh, just wrote this for fun. Oh and sticy is bae. I can't believe i said that. So ya...ttyl kay ? xx.