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Skye walked up to the plane a nervous knot twisting in her stomach. She carried her box full of tech equipment Skye had collected over the years. Skye also carried two small bags filled with every article of clothing she owned. After watching her van drive away by itself Skye was already starting to fell in over her head, it certainly didn't help that she was able to carry all of her personal possessions in her arms. While fussing over her lack of luggage she was bombarded by Simmons and Fitz, whom both rushed up to her like eager puppies each grappling for attention. While it was reassuring to not have them give her pitying looks for her lack of personal possessions the intensity of the collective stares and grins made Skye's stomach flip and flutter.

Stumbling through pleasantries she was quickly herded up the stairs to the main area of the plane. Skye looked around bitterly wishing this was her first impression of the plane interior. It was gorgeous and probably the nicest place Skye had been in a long time, if not ever. The thrill of riding in a plane the first time was dulled by the phantom feeling of a bag scraping against her face or the grimy aroma that bag seemed to be soaked in to maximize discomfort. An announcement for lift off pulled Skye's attention back to the giddy scientists who scurried away after placing her stuff in her newly acquired pod. Ward passed by briefly in order to fling a safety pamphlet at Skye before leaving.

Skye's blood boiled with embarrassment and anger at the way Ward acted, as if Skye had to make it up to him and prove herself. Which although Skye admitted she did have to prove herself to the team, Ward was being unnecessarily rude for a person that kidnapped her out of her home. Skye would never admit it but she also still had connections with the Rising Tide, or as Skye thought of it they had connections with her. She honestly wanted to be done with the Rising Tide but if S.H.I.E.L.D. couldn't protect her Skye would be back to relying on the Rising Tide to live. Granted S.H.I.E.L.D. already was better than the Riding Tide, giving Skye a home for free with food and even allowing her a small salary in exchange for her becoming a consultant. Skye wanted to trust the team but honestly whenever it came to actual emotional connections and relationships, Skye got hurt too many times to trust so easily.

Skye stood in her bunk staring angrily at the pamphlet before Coulson stopped by, probably since he would be able to predict the overwhelming greeting she would receive from his team. He talked a bit with her sharing stories and bragging a little bit, but Skye didn't mind in the slightest. Originally when he sought her out she assumed he was going to show some sort of dominance display or power speech about how he was the boss and to prove he was in charge. She certainly never expected to be welcomed and engaged in friendly conversation, to be treated as an equal instead of an ex-criminal or worse a charity case. Coulson immediately treated her as a part of the team, Skye decided in that moment that she would start acting like a member of the team. She didn't count on staying but it wouldn't hurt to act like it.

Flying over Peru was insane, there's no other way to describe it. Really the idea of flying anywhere was exciting to Skye. She changed quickly to a more suitable outfit for Peru but even in the shortish amount of time it took her to change the landscape had transformed from open skies and endless seas to a green lush landscape. The complete change in landscape gave an unbelievable feel to the mission. When she told this to Fitzsimmons they laughed but reassured her first mission jitters were normal. While Fitz packed the various drones and equipment Simmons rested her hand on Skye's shoulder.

"It's okay to be nervous but don't let that affect how you perform. We're all a part of this adventure together." Simmons whispered in Skye's ear, Skye meanwhile was fighting against the urge to either jump away or lean closer. Instead Skye settled for nodding jerkily heading back upstairs at Fitz suggestions since Skye seemed flushed and might be dehydrated. Simmons apologize profusely for not noticing and even offered to escort Skye upstairs and probably would have if Ward hadn't strutted into the lab demanding the attention of both Fitz and Simmons, despite having an engineering question that Fitz could have handled on his own.

Once landed the team immediately filed into the car with May driving, Ward sitting shot gun and Skye in the back with Fitzsimmons. She could have gone with Coulson in the local vehicle and avoided sitting in the middle, sandwiched with Fitz on her right and Simmons on her left, but Skye enjoyed riding in the team vehicle. Besides riding in the least comfortable seat was a rite of initiation for many teams.

The ride itself was whirlwind of relaxing, overwhelming and extremely embarrassing moments all crammed within a fifteen minute ride. It was relaxing to be accepted in team so quickly, which also led to the slightly overwhelming aspect, that and the fact that the whole ride there (and earlier on the plane) Fitz and Simmons chattered back and forth quickly with half sentences filled with scientific jargon. Although Skye couldn't keep up with the conversation since no one else seemed to be attempting she accepted this as normal and didn't mind much.

What Skye did mind was being flung into one of the respective scientists laps when the car hit a bad bump. Having nothing to hold onto in the middle this occurred extremely frequently with neither scientist batting an eye at the fact that Skye basically spent the entire ride alternating between their laps. Fitz often pushed her back up quickly and easily despite faltering in the conversation slightly. Simmons didn't even paused in talking when she helped Skye back up, but she was more gentle in assisting Skye.

"Fitz grab Skye's hand okay? This ride is rough and the last thing we need is her accidentally falling on the drones or something."

Fitz gave Simmons a questioning look but held on nonetheless as Simmons grabbed Skye's other hand and eventually moved up to holding her arm when the car jerked again prompting Fitz to do the same. Skye wanted to pull away at first but considering she was trying the experience of being part of the team before she had to leave she might as well enjoy it, and thus relaxed between the two.

When the car screeched to a stop Skye caught May's glance in the mirror, which allowed a few things to fall together. First off since this was a glance and not a glare Skye became suspicious, then thinking back Coulson's car didn't seem to make nearly as many abrupt turns, but May would never take personal pleasure in making Skye flustered. At least if she did Skye would let her have fun, since Skye would never accuse Agent May of any such activity like hitting pot holes on purpose to embarrass her, Skye had seen May wreck the guy and didn't want to have the same happen to her.

Unfortunately, the car ride would end up to be the highlight of the mission as Skye quickly found herself awkwardly following the team without a clear purpose. She couldn't keep up with Fitzsimmons in analysis, nor could she assist May or Ward with the physical defense. The Rising Tide was eager to exploit her skills with computer hacking while Coulson didn't even mention it once besides when she asked and that was only to have her on stand-by for a "just incase" situation.

Skye got the feeling of bench-warmer as she watched the team struggle through the mission. The first conflict came as in the form of the national police, originally busting in ready to take the 084 by force. Coulson resolved the issue as he knew the commander of the crew or something. Ward wasn't super clear about that part and instead taking more time pointing out that Skye didn't have a place on the team, as if she didn't already stick out like a sore thumb. Skye had already reaffirmed this earlier when she tried to help both respective pairs and was shot down.

Skye was going to ask more about Camilla but Skye couldn't form the words to describe the situation politely. Skye was going to say Camilla gave off more bad vibes in broad daylight than Ward would give off in a dark alley. Ward was grumpy and threatening but a perfect cookie cut of what to expect, Skye knew this the minute he turned up at her van with black shades and a suit. That and his constant insistence that he was a "specialist" enforced that he wasn't exactly a great team member and he wasn't trying to hide it. Camilla however seemed sneaky like a computer virus, appearing helpful until you let it in and it destroyed your computer from the inside out. Since Ward seems to take Skye just being there as a personal insult she doubted he would listen to her about his, especially when she used him as an example of a cliche enemy.

She didn't have to much time to contemplate this as the next moment rebels burst forward guns blazing. As the pressure escalated Simmons and Fitz became less inclusive and patient with Skye, whom didn't realize the pair was being patient in the first place until they snapped at her to back off. Instead giving up Skye went to stand in the corner, at least there she would be out of the way. Skye waited for her chance to join, although Fitzsimmons didn't mean anything by the comment it hurt Skye in a way she couldn't describe. She wanted to be back between them working as a group, so Skye would wait and capitalize on the opportunity when she could. She wasn't about to give up on this group, she already wanted them to like her and at this point giving up would hurt more.

Ward meanwhile was more focused on the enemies outside than the danger the 084 presented and Fitzsimmons kept trying to highlight, this was especially apparent when he decided to yank the 084 out of the wall. Ward continued to tug of the cube despite the fact that it began to let off a pulsing glow. With a final yank Ward removed the 084 from the wall but as he did so it released a beam that shot across the cavern striking Skye in the chest.

Skye was catapulted backward sailing out the door only to have the back of her head catch on the rock above the opening and end up tumbling into the ground face first. Both scientists leapt to their feet rushing to Skye, but Ward managed to snag Fitz shirt yanking him back.

"We have to keep moving. Pack up your stuff NOW! " Ward ordered Fitz as he shoved the 084 into a bag and flung it on Fitz back.

Ward rushed out to fight off some of the rebels while Simmons frantically checked over Skye.

"She's breathing but her pulse is slowing down and irregular. Her pupils are—" Simmons stopped talking as Skye reached out blindly grasping toward Simmons.

Ward came back in snatching up Skye and hustling Fitzsimmons out. Shoving Simmons into the car first followed by Skye and finally Fitz. The bullets continued to rain on the car side as May slamming on the gas petal and rushing away. Simmons supposed she registered Fitz arguing with Ward and May to slow down, reasonably he was concerned about the 084 reactivity but it also made sense to escape the shower of bullets. What actually demanded her attention was Skye, the girl who was currently laying in Simmons lap quaking and whimpering. Despite careening into the cargo hold neither Simmons or Skye shifted, not even as the rest of the team leapt out of the car running about.

At some point Skye stopped hearing gunshots, whether they actually had stopped she didn't know, all Skye could focus on was Simmons. Her lips seemed to be moving rapidly but not matter how hard Skye tried Skye couldn't figure out what Simmons was saying. This frustrated Skye more than anything else, screwing up for her in what was hopefully a look of concentration Skye watched as Simmons lips moved faster and faster increasing with the odd thrumming Skye felt. The beat that pulsed through her body and Skye had originally assumed was her heart beat. But as it continued to increase faster and faster, Skye desperately wished it wasn't. Skye also didn't understand this pulling in her chest as if something was fighting to explode within her, she probably could have asked Simmons if Skye could make her lips move. Skye's eyelids grew heavy and her breathing laboured despite the feeling of energy coursing through her body. Struggling to stay awake as she watched tears run down Dr. Simmons face. As a few of those tears dripped on her own face Skye took small pleasure in pretending those were her own tears, her own tears of having yet another family ripped away from her; this time she didn't even get the chance to learn all their names. She was going to search their profiles after the mission, allowing the chance for a first impression not based off past events or accomplishments. The ache in her chest grew whether from actual pain or this pain of being denied Simmons first name, Skye couldn't determine but it hurt, it hurt so much she couldn't help but to close her eyes. The darkness made it worse but she couldn't take it back and Skye's entire world was engulfed in darkness.

"Skye?! SKYE! Coulson! Fitz! May! Ward…. Somebody please!" Jemma began panicking as Skye's pulse continued to skyrocket and her eyes fell closed. The door was yanked open revealing an unconscious Skye and blubbering Simmons. Fitz hesitated slightly waving over a few of Camilla's men to help carry Skye to the lab as Fitz got in the car attempting to comfort Simmons.

Coulson watched Skye hang limply in the soldiers arms, the recruit he wanted to save from the harsh pains of the world only to be taken down within twenty-four hours. Coulson tried to turn to Ward and ask what happened but honestly Coulson didn't know if he had the heart to hear, if he didn't know what truly happened he could pretend that Skye would be okay. Thus, instead Coulson sent Ward upstairs to show the soldiers where the drinks and refreshments were. Coulson was pacing when Camilla came up to him whispering something in his ear to which he just shook his head and repeated that they were heading to a S.H.I.E.L.D. base as it was best for everyone before waving her upstairs as well.

When Coulson walking into the lab, he found Simmons leaning heavily on Fitz, her eyes still puffy. Coulson hesitated as he watched Simmons lip quiver and glancing over at Fitz he looked like he was about to lose it as well.

Ward had escorted everyone upstairs and allowed them to settle in. He also continually fended off Camilla who seemed insistent on bothering Coulson. Ward finally managed to subdue her when he escorted her to Coulson's office to wait. Ward currently was staring at his book extremely spaced out, as a matter of fact if someone asked Ward wouldn't be able to tell them the title much less what it was about. Instead his thoughts swam dangerously as he replayed watching Skye get struck with the beam over and over. When Ward almost ripped the book in half he jumped up muscles tensed. There weren't any other options, he did what he had to and if Skye had been doing something important she wouldn't have gotten in the way. Ultimately it must have been Skye's fault and he was going to blamed for it. Ward glanced toward the other soldiers noticing they seemed just as tense as he was.

Jemma stood in the corner of the lab watching Coulson stand in the cargo hold with Fitz, no doubt explaining the situation, she wanted to go explain her side of the story but her feet might as well have been cemented to the ground. Luckily she was saved from the effort of leaving Skye when Skye shot up gasping for breath.

Skye rolled over almost falling off the lab table until Jemma rushed over pushing her back. As Skye began dry heaving Skye tried to push Jemma away. Jemma allowed this only to grab a trash can before she came back pushing the trash can into Skye's arms and wrapping up the girl in her own. Despite the lab doors sliding open Simmons didn't move, she only leaned back slightly when Skye was sick and that was to grab the water bottle Coulson held out for her.

As Jemma took care of Skye, Fitz had an ear splitting grin as he seems to almost vibrate with excitement.

"Fitz I want you to figure out exactly what that machine is capable of and try and figure out what we're dealing with exactly."

Fitz scrambled over barely refraining from literally flinging himself into his work as Coulson turned to the girls softening his voice.

"Jemma, I trust you'll take care of Skye. Let me know if you need anything, I'm going to head upstairs and make sure our guests are settled. We're enroute to the Slingshot and they have a medical facility there if needed. When you're ready a medical report or update would be helpful in case we need to get stuff called in or go somewhere else. "

Then Coulson reluctantly left the lab knowing he wouldn't be much help down there. Climbing the stairs wearily while loosening his tie, he was looked forward to getting a chance to sit down, relax and maybe have time to reread few of his comics before going to sleep. Instead Coulson pushed open his door to find a scantly dressed Camilla, she had removed her jacket and had her feet propped up on his desk. Readjusting and tightening his tie again Coulson slid his door closed with an inaudible sigh.

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