The soft call had Jemma sprinting from the back from where she was gathering various medical supplies and rushing up to a delirious Skye, Simmons looked over her quickly unable to pinpoint any changes.

"What? What do you need Skye? Does anything hurt? Are you—" Simmons stopped as Skye slowly shook her head.

"I-I didn't know your first name. Jem…..I like it." Skye spoke quietly leaning into Jemma's touch. But at the feeling of heat almost radiating from her forehead brought out the doctor within Jemma.

Laying Skye back on the table Jemma brought over a damp washcloth to wipe off Skye's face. As Jemma moped the dirt off Skye's face, Skye hummed with pleasure.

Fitz glanced over at the two girls both exchanging "goo-goo" eyes complete with semi-delirious smiles, Fitz rolled his eyes contemplating calling Simmons over to assist with the 084. Fitz couldn't bring himself to be upset though, despite the fact that Simmons seems to be stealing their new friend. It was probably had something to do with the chemistry (gross) the two shared despite the short time together.
Fitz had been Simmons friend for several years and he knew it was this type of instant attraction and passion that Simmons longed for. Simmons had often told her she wanted her complement not necessarily her "perfect match" or the role Fitz seemed to play; which was the pair of people that just fit together like perfect complements. No Simmons wanted someone who was almost polar opposite to her, but that would be the main source of attraction to the pair. Fitz would recite the speech he'd heard way too many times, especially because he didn't believe such an attraction would form, granted he wanted the best for Simmons but it just seemed unrealistic. Jemma wanted someone who would challenge her, aggravate her, love her and many other gooey emotions Fitz wasn't quite interested in.
Fitz wanted to find love too, but Fitz was more interested in finding his complement as someone who completed him perfectly and would back him up when needed, someone to stand by his side and understand where he came form; which made letting go of Simmons especially difficult. At the end of the day they wanted different things and Fitz respected that.

With all three occupants distracted one of Camilla's men easily slipped inside. He felt a slight twinge when watching the two girls on the table, instead he grabbed the spaced out boy as a hostage. It wasn't personal but he had orders, he would certainly prefer not to hurt anyone but stranger things have happened.

Ward meanwhile was happily taking out anger on the soldiers that were preparing to attack. Ward had noticed they were about to attack when their drinks remained untouched despite the fact that he had taken the time to fetch all of them refreshments.

Coulson had grappled with Camilla after he awkwardly turned her down again and again. There was something driving Camilla had made Coulson's heart ache, it wasn't in pity but perhaps that's because she was threatening his team. Pity wasn't an option at the moment but Coulson was disappointed in the person she'd become. What truly tipped the scales in Camilla's favour was the fact that Fitz was being held hostage with a surgical knife to his throat. In the background you could see Simmons holding onto Skye despite Skye's attempts to squirm free. The team had already been through so much and Coulson wasn't even sure if any of them had sustained serious injuries. Unfortunately, Coulson had to make a hard decision and hope it would result in the best for the team.

Eventually the entire team expect Coulson was tied up in the cargo hold with both Skye and May unconscious. May had been brought in unconscious while Skye had slumped onto Simmons, who was now careful not to move incase Skye fell forward and hurt herself since all their hands were tied behind their backs.

Originally fuming Ward had settle some and sat trying to conjure a way out of the situation. He was trained to escape situations like this if he could just be alone with the guard for a short amount of time he could be free. Fitz was frustrated that he caused the entire team to be held captive. Simmons made him stop jerking around but he still was angry. Fitz kicked his feet against the ground not unlike a child having a temper tantrum. His face grew red especially when the guard laughed at him but Fitz kept doing it until he felt something in his shoe wiggle loose. Fitz now bent his head down to stick in between his legs ignoring Ward's scolding and Simmons soothing.

Fitz wiggled bringing his legs in closer and closed his mouth around the pocket knife ignoring the metallic taste. It slipped from his mouth as Fitz let out an embarrassing sob in hopes of concealing the clattering. The guard had apparently lost interest and was sharpening his knife in the corner paying the absolutely minimal attention, which basically consisted of ensuring they didn't approach the upstairs door.

"Fitz I'm sorry but please stop squirming. Skye's about to slip off my shoulder and at the angle her arms are currently being restricted the momentum of the fall posses the possibility of tearing certain muscles in her arm. It is also important to consider the fact that the fall could harm her by the way she falls as well. Not to mention the pull on your own arms too."

Fitz refused to acknowledge Simmons as he wiggled forward trying to kick his feet underneath himself.

"Fitz!" Both Simmons and Ward scolded Fitz, who was still ignoring them especially since he now had his pocket knife in his hands.

"Quiet down before you draw the guard's attention. Fitz I certainly hope you have a plan." May sat up slowly scowling and some how being aware of the entire situation despite being unconscious for the majority of it.

"As a matter of fact I do have a plan. Sorta, well I can get us out of the ropes then I'm not so sure." Fitz muttered.

May and Ward began discussing possibilities of unlocking the pressurized doors, most of Ward's ideas included some form of brute force, the current favourite was ramming the car through the lab doors.

Fitz finally managed to cut the rope around his wrists before passing on the knife to Simmons. Or at least trying to since Ward intercepted and snatched the knife first. Before Fitz could protest Simmons calmly shook her head hoping dissuade the conflict.
Ward cut himself free and then passed the knife back to Simmons and Skye.

Skye had been listening to the entire conversation but her limbs held an extra weight and her mouth felt like it was full of cotton. As Simmons cut Skye's hands free, Skye found the energy to talk.

"Hey...how do you control the doors? If it's through the plane's mainframe...I can hack that. Only issue would be if they're using autopilot, I've never flown a plane before…"

Skye finished talking and nuzzled into Simmons shoulder before exhaling heavily and despite Skye's breath being warm it sent shivers down Simmons' spine.

"Yes yes… That will do! Then May and Ward will take out the guards. I can help run interference with the drones." Fitz immediately began to perk up before May spoke up.

"First, I'll take care of the guard." Ward froze holding back a scowl as he had been about to do the same.

"Wait…where's she going? What does she thing she's doing Ward!" Fitz began to panic. Skye may have mumbled something but she was still tucked into Simmons and thus Ward and Fitz only heard Simmons' response.

"No silly May came from administration. Right Ward? Sky says she saw May…what was it..wreck a guy? Deck a guy?" Ward sat chewing his lip for a moment before he turned to the scientists and Skye, ignoring the clenching of his gut.

"Have you ever heard of the Calvary?" Fitzsimmons sat with a look of intense concentration when the metaphorical lightbulb flashed above them in sync with the guard flying off the catwalk and down onto the cargo floor.

"I thought I told you never to call me that."

Skye didn't see what was going on but she felt the thud from the guard and heard the icy tone from May and tried to burrow deeper into Simmons. Fitz meanwhile was frantically shaking his head and stammering an apology.

May did end up driving the car through the lab doors before Skye, Simmons and Fitz were herded into the storage closet along with Skye's laptop and the controls for the drones.

May and Ward were stealthily creeping through the plane as Skye carefully locked and unlocked the doors as they went through, while also ensuring that the guards were unaware of this occurring. Simmons was navigating the drones to shadow May and Ward, hovering above the ground when she paused and noticed Fitz staring glassy eyed at Skye.

"Fitz! Come on! This is hardly the time for day dreaming!" Fitz' flushed and rushed over to grab the controls from Simmons.

"Let's dance"

With those oddly encouraging words from Fitz, Skye shut off all the lights in the plane cabin while simultaneously closing the blinds. May and Ward rushed in as Fitz and Simmons flew the drones shining bright lights to blind the guards as well as acting as a spotlight to guide May and Ward. Skye also began to open and close the blinds as a distraction before she caught sight of Coulson with the barrel of a gun to his head and an angry Camilla above him. With a flick of the wrist Skye made a split second decisions and seized control of the plane. Skye then pitched the plane forward to cause Ward to shuffle into the control room and collide with Camilla.

Jemma had been standing behind Fitz when Skye flung the plane forward, and caused Jemma to lose her balance and stumble into the shelves and topple to the ground.

The clatter of materials and soft whimper from Jemma had Skye freeze and glance over nervously.

"Jemma?" Skye had let the laptop slide to the ground as she concernedly analyzed the heap Jemma had collapsed in.

"No no no no! Focus Skye! No one is going to be okay if you continue to let the plane free fall!" Fitz pushed Skye backward while Jemma crawled over nudging Skye's laptop back into her lap.

"Uh yeah, absolutely." Skye stared at Jemma for a while before allowing her eyes to flicker to the screen and back to Jemma. The plane was righted correctly but Jemma remained half sprawled across the ground hands still extended toward Skye.

Fitz had gone back to work with the drone and Jemma could hear the sounds of fighting from the monitor but still couldn't tear her eyes off of Skye. Perhaps it was the way Skye's hands raced across the keyboard carefully typing in commands or the flickers of her tongue that Skye seemed to want to stick out while she worked. Despite the appeal it wasn't the slight sheen of sweat across Skye's forehead, as that was slightly concerning as a possible indicator to Skye's fever.

Despite the darkness of the closet they were currently crammed in Skye lit up the room and Jemma could see out of the corner of her eye Fitz glancing up far more than necessary but Jemma kept quiet as the two were enchanted by their newest team member.
Thankfully May took over the piloting and Coulson worked with Ward to tie up and apprehend the soldiers.

Fitzsimmons returned to the lab to work on analyzing and running diagnostics on both the plane and the 084.

Luckily before the crazy mission Coulson had shown Skye around the plane and thus Skye was able to slip away for a quick shower. Rinsing off in the coldest shower she'd taken in a while, which was impressive considering living in a van often didn't include hot showers, Skye staggered back to her room in her towel and collapsed on her bunk still only in a towel. Skye slept while her mind raced over her new team. Her team, it was something Skye never would allow herself to think if she was coherent. She was part of the Rising Tide, but they certainly weren't a team. Often calling themselves a group was a stretch, there wasn't a common factor of trust or camaraderie, actually there was only a common enemy and that wasn't to say other members weren't your enemy as well. It was necessarily dangerous, it could be but more over it wasn't organized, it was a dirty organization. The place Skye unfortunately had to call home, where she belonged.

Skye must have drifted off since she woke to the buzzing of her phone. Speak of the devil, it was a Rising Tide contact asking for her status. Skye wanted to tell them to stuff it, that she wanted no part of their organization. But the fear of getting kicked out of this team and not having anything to return to held her back. Skye heard Jemma calling for her and Skye worriedly turned back to her phone. What would Jemma say if she knew The Rising Tide was still talking to Skye? Would Jemma assume the worst? What about Fitz? Skye would already imagine the hurt on their faces. Jemma continued to call for Skye her voice jumping up in obvious concern. Skye glanced back at her phone, typing in a simple response of 'I'm in.', if she was to protect her team she'd want every asset out there, even if it meant basically selling her soul.

"Uh yeah I'll be right there-" Skye flung her phone on her bed rushing to throw on panties and was currently latching her bra when the door flung open.

"…I'm just getting dressed." Skye finished with a shy smile as Jemma stood obviously struggling to keep her eyes on Skye's face.

"Of course you are. I'll let you finish and just be waiting outside." Jemma's eyes flickered down as she backed out slowly.

"Are you finished checking me out?" Skye felt oddly bold and turned around crossing her arms across her stomach while continuing to carefully watch Jemma's eyes.

"No, but the team is waiting for us in the cargo hold, to watch S.H.I.E.L.D. launch the 084 to the sun. I have to make sure you're doing okay from…whatever happened today. Later I'll definitely need you in the lab for a professional examination. But if the night is still young we can go from there." Jemma promptly turned and left feeling slightly proud but embarrassed as well.

Skye meanwhile was impressed but didn't allow herself to contemplate the possibilities as she pulled on jeans and a shirt each step was weighed down by the phone in her back pocket. She had deleted the message but might as well have made it her screensaver considering the constant churning of guilt. She hadn't technically betrayed the team, but somehow that made it worse because she couldn't even begin to work toward forgiveness. It was a crime she hadn't committed but she also knew if the situation called for it she wouldn't hesitate to take it, if it meant to protect herself. At least that's what Skye reasoned, honestly Skye would go down herself if it meant protecting her team, her team she wanted so badly to become her family. Never had she become attached so fast, which only meant the fallout would be worse, and it's an inevitable fallout that Skye only continues to help happen.

Skye trudged down and met the team to watch the launch. Simmons offered her a drink but Skye barely managed a polite no thank you. Simmons pushed back the drink cooler to make room for Skye. Once Skye plopped down, Fitz leaned over to pat her hand.

"Oh wow! You're hot!" Fitz exclaimed much to Jemma's annoyance. May seemed to be checking the alcohol content of the drink while Coulson was barely holding back laughter.

"Thanks" Skye dead-panned not feeling up to entertaining Fitz' flirtatious advances.

"No no. I mean yes but- argh! Temperature! You're running a fever. That's not a pickup line I swear I mean actually your core body temperature is running higher than natural."

Ward hadn't felt guilty until Skye stumbled into the cargo hold. He had immediately seen her fidgeting in discomfort and the slump in her posture. Somehow making him feel guilty for a decision that probably save their lives, but the guilt was there turning his beer sour and the mood dull despite Fitz blunder.

"I'll call a med unit, since our lab is currently in operable." Coulson stood taking command and trying to look unconcerned.
Skye meanwhile had a glazed look in her eyes but turned to Jemma and whispered

"I'm sorry"

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