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Chapter 1:

Harry sat in his dorm looking out the window. His day was not going good. Today was the last day of his 4th year, so he was being forced back to the Dursleys. His uncle always welcomed him back with an extra long beating. No matter how many times Harry begged Dumbledore to let him stay with Sirius, but he would just look at him with that stupid twinkle in his eyes and say that Harry must be exaggerating about his relative's treatment toward him and that he is safer behind the wards. He would be safe from Volde-butt. But what made the day horrible was that he found out that his supposed "best friends" was not his friends at all.


Harry was looking for Ron and Hermione to ask if they wanted to go to the kitchens with him. When he turned a corner in the corridors he heard Ron's voice. He quickly walked over toward his voice when Hermione's voice rang out.

"But Ron, how much longer do we have to pretend to be his friend? He has almost gotten us killed multiple times. "

"I know Hermione. But we just have to wait for awhile longer. Once Potter kills You-Know-Who, marries Ginny, and gives an heir, we can get a hold of his entire fortune once he meets his 'unfortunate' accident. It will make the payments from Dumbledore to pretend to be his friend look like knuts when we get his money. And the Weasleys will finally be rich like we were meant to be."

"Then we can get married and we will be rich for the rest of our lives."

Harry listened in horror when he noticed movement across the hall. He looked over and saw Neville and a 3rd year Ravenclaw named Luna Lovegood also listening; the horror of what they heard was clear on their faces.

End Flashback

Stricken in sadness, Harry locked himself in the dorm for the rest of the day. Ron and Hermione both tried to see him but he refused to let them in. Another knock alerted him to someone outside the door.

"Harry?" It was Neville. "Can I come in?"

Harry slowly got up and unlocked the door. Neville stood there with an amused grin.

"You know Hermione is pissed? She tried to get in with Alohomora but it wasn't working."

Harry gave a wry grin.

"Figured out a loophole in that spell. It works like a magic key to unlock the locks, right? Well, what if the lock doesn't use a key? What if it uses a combination?"

Realization dawned on Neville's face.

"It can't unlock a code. Brilliant."

Ever since the start of the tournament, Harry and Neville had started to hang out more when Hermione had took Ron's side. But Harry had taught Neville about the mundane world (they preferred the term mundane to muggle. To them muggle was degrading.) and in turn, Neville had taught Harry wizard world edicts and other things that he was not aware of. In truth, now that Harry thought about it, Neville was more of a best friend than Ron and Hermione ever were to him. At least Neville actually cared when he found out that his relatives abused him.

"Thanks, Neville. You know, you are one of only 2 people that I know that I can trust now." Harry smiled weakly at Neville.

Neville tilted his head in confusion.

"2? Who's the other?"

Harry winced. He didn't mean to reveal that. He took a quick glance around and gave the other boy a calculating look. Finally he spoke.

"What I tell you can only be told to the ones that you trust with your life and magic in a dire situation. That does not include Dumbledore, Ron, or Hermione. Do you understand?"

Neville nodded. Harry sighed then started speaking.

"For as long as I can remember, this woman would appear in my dreams when I would need to talk to someone. So she basically showed every night. She was my first best friend. Her name is Cube."

"Cube?" interrupted Neville. "What kind of name is that?"

"Well, she has this metal cube on a chain around her neck and that is what I called her and it stuck. Anyway, whenever I had a particularly bad beating, she could appear and take care of my wounds in the dreamworld. It lessened the pain in the waking world. She would also tell me these amazing stories about robot aliens from another planet. She took care of me like a mother would have in a way."

Harry faintly noticed a ringing noise but brushed it off. But it was getting louder by the second. Harry glanced around and asked Neville if he heard the ringing also. The blond wizard just shook his head and asked if Harry ok.

But the ringing had gotten to painful levels to where Harry had to throw his hands over his ears and shut his eyes.

"Help me Harry. Please I need your help!"

Neville POV:

The poor young wizard was not sure what to do. He was seconds away from running to get a prefect, when Harry eyes snapped open. His eyes were literally glowing green.

"Harry…" Neville spoke hesitantly. "Are you ok?"

Harry slowly turned to look at the blond Gryffindor.

"She's calling me. She needs my help."



With that last word, Harry started to glow with power. The light grew brighter and brighter till Neville could no longer look toward Harry. When the light died down, Harry was gone.

Dumbledore's POV:

Dumbledore sat at his desk, absent-mindedly sucking on a lemon drop. He was complementing a way to get Harry to forgive Ron and Hermione so they could start doing reports pack to him. Perhaps a memory charm?

He had to make sure that the boy followed his brilliant plan to get him more power. Once the boy defeated Voldemort, he would have him declared the next Dark Lord. Since he was the boy's magical guardian, he would get all of the boy's fortune. As he was enjoying the image of him with all that money, his detectors started blaring.

"What the hell?" a very startled headmaster yelled.

All his magical detectors that were tied to Harry (which was most of them… Dude, stalker much.) started to flare with a bright light. Dumbledore threw up a shield charm just as the instruments exploded into several fragments. The silver haired wizard stared in horror as he looked at what was left of his instruments when a sudden thought entered his mind.

"Fawkes, Gryffindor Tower. Hurry!" Dumbledore snapped at the phoenix.

Fawkes gave Dumbledore a dirty look but did as he ordered. The fiery bird only had to wait till the bond weakened a bit more to finally break free and find a master that is actually deserving of a phoenixes power. Fawkes had already started to create a bond with a very deserving young boy. Harry Potter would make a wonderful partner.

-(Line Break)-

When Dumbledore arrived at Gryffindor Tower, he found a dumbstruck Neville staring at a spot that was slightly smoking.

"What the hell has happened?"

Neville refused to look or talk to the headmaster. After hours of trying to get information out of the boy (Albus even tried to use Veritaserum, but Neville openly defied the headmaster and refused to take it. It impressed Snape to no ends. He had no idea that the boy had a backbone.) he gave up. Fawkes gave him a final dirty look and with a trill and a flash of fire, the Phoenix broke the last of the bond and disappeared.