Chess Piece

Chapter One

"L, did you know, Gods of Death love apples?"

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Startled by a blaring noise, I bolt upright. Startled, I glanced around, it was only my alarm. Relieved, I looked at the mirror above my dresser, and took account of my appearance. My black hair was plastered across my face. I took note of the small features that were similar to those in pictures of my parents that I had seen. It's the reason that I was here, in Shinjiku Japan. My Father Akuma Fuzen, international criminal and drug lord, lived here. I'm not sure if he knows of my existence. My mother died while giving birth to me at a local Cathedral in Winchester England. From photos, I knew that she was a petite black haired woman in her mid-twenties with wide blue eyes and a heart shaped face. My father is a man of average height, with black hair and a strong jawline. From what I could tell, he always managed to keep a professional appearance, if he has any tattoos, no one would be able to tell. My parents allegedly met when my father was on a business trip in England. Soon enough my mother became enthralled with him. From what I understand, he was only there for a week. The workers at the Cathedral disapproved of her being around him but did not fire her from her position as a caretaker. When he left. My mother found out she was pregnant and refused to contact him. The last week of her pregnancy, she had gotten deathly ill and refused treatment. She died shortly after my birth.

Slinging my black and red comforter off, I got out of bed. It was five a.m. and I had a job to do. A recent criminal had rose in the ranks. Killing off adversaries and then successfully killing three of Japan's higher ups who all lived in max security homes. Recently, the small jobs I had been doing caused my alias to gain momentum in the underworld. Not as a criminal, but as a criminal who killed criminals. I was one of the best in the country and knew that some things just couldn't be handled by the law. I spent a lot of my time doing small jobs at night, and working as a well-known artist during the days.

*Earlier that week*

The light from the television illuminated the room, changing the walls different shades of blue, black, and white. The screen shows a young female reporter and three separate photos of business men from an association involved in the local government. "The criminal has not been caught as of yet, however, the NPA Deputy Director Koreyoshi Kitamura stated yesterday that: "The NPA has placed all of their resources into solving this case. All associated persons involved have been placed under twenty four hour watch and we have our best team lead by police chief Soichiro Yagami along with a few select others at the head of the issue." After this statement, the Deputy Director refused to answer any more questions about the alleged killer. Back to you Mr. Takada."

The phone I preserved for work purposes rang.

I stood up.

Three rings, silence for ten seconds, the phone rings again. I lift it from the desk and place the voice morph in position. It was a client.


I stayed silent.



"Is this Kaiya?"

I didn't say anything.

"I'm sorry! I forgot I'm not supposed to ask! Forgive me!"


A cough went through the speaker.

"I'm sure that you've seen the news… My husband, he's the next target. All of his co-workers, including him, had all received threats to stop a recent business transaction and they didn't listen. We all thought it was a joke… but when his colleges began to drop like flies… we went to the NPA. They're providing protective services, but I'm afraid it's not enough. The killer seems to be very persistent and I just… I can't lose my husband. We've been together for twenty five years and I still get that nervous little girl feeling around him, just yesterday I…."

I cut her off with a cough.

"Oh, I apologize again, I'm rambling. Anyways, If you take care of it for me you will receive five thousand American dollars when you start, the completed task will result in you receiving ten thousand more. Will you please, save my husband?!"

"Give me an hour to think on it."


I hung up the phone.

The prices she gave me were higher than my usual charge, but I didn't necessarily need the money. Before I accept I would have to do some research. I can't just accept a job without knowing whether or not the people involved are dirty. It would hinder my reputation and over all make me more of a criminal type than I already am.

After fifty minuets of research, I had all I needed. The family was squeaky clean, the filthiest thing that they had was a teenaged pregnancy from their youngest daughter. I still had time to spare. I might as well start doing surveillance. I would complete the job two days from now. I would have to find out when the NPA would change shifts, how long their breaks were, and where each family member spent most of their time. The house was an older style called Shindenzukuri. The large garden around it made it easy for anyone to be seen considering that the plants weren't of large caliber. I knew that some homes in this style had secret basements hidden under the wooden floors so I would have to see if they knew of any. Ideally I would look myself, but I can't risk having any associations pointed back to me. I may not be an actual criminal, but any murder is still a crime. I also realize that that may be a contradictory statement, but a killer who kills killers is considered morally better than a killer who kills innocents. There are those who make mistakes and accidentally kill the innocents, but I always check every one of my victims to be sure that they are the right person. The phone rang. I looked at it. Three times, then silence. I guess that they really want my help. It could be another client, but that's highly unlikely. I pick up the phone.

"Hello? I know that you said to wait an hour… but the anticipation is driving me insane, he could be out there right at this moment trying to get in and…"

"Not likely" I said, "Even if he is as skilled as I am, the least amount of days required for properly plan and execute a task like this is two days. The other murders required minimal preparation. After his first kill, the window of opportunity he had, began to decrease, giving him just enough time to kill the other two, I'm assuming that at least two of them lived close to each other?"

"Yes, actually, they did."

"When the bodies were found, the window of opportunity closed as the NPA realized that he was after the whole group, so now he has to begin preparation for the next kill. If my suspicions are correct, he will attack the day after tomorrow."

"So does that mean that you will take the job?!"

"Yes, however, I have specific instructions that you must follow as to how you will make your payments. I need you to answer a few questions to clarify this."


"Do you often purchase expensive items online?"


"Will you "Purchasing" items in the price range you agreed to when you called, be suspicious in any way?"

"No, it will not"

"What are some of the things that you regularly purchase online within that price range?"

"Mostly art and sculptures"

"If I were to sell a piece on a website that you regularly use would you be willing to purchase it to make your payment?"

"Yes! I would love to!"

"What online websites do you usually use to make your purchases?"

"I use the website called Zatista"

"Perfect. The artwork you will be buying will not have any relevance to me or any associations to me. I have multiple alias accounts for various products. The name is Ayano Tsuchiyama. You will make the first purchase by midnight tonight. Make as many purchases as you want as long as it meets the price range for the job. The second must be finished exactly one week after the killer's death, between that timeline try to make other purchases online to cover your tracks."

"Thank you! I will go and look now!"

"The job will be completed the day after tomorrow, don't forget. Goodbye."

I hung up.