Chess Piece

Chapter 10

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Ella's POV

After we hung up our call, I returned to my normal nightly routine. As I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, my gaze shift over to one of the nearby cameras. Suddenly self conscious at the realization I had been seen in various states of undress by a very intelligent very attractive member of the opposite sex who also knew who I was caused my face to flush. The dark circles under his eyes had also indicated that he did not sleep much.

Sitting up, I returned to my laptop. Flipping the screen open and waking it up. His face appeared immediately. He had been watching, just as I suspected.



"What are you doing?"

The slight widening of his eyes told me that what I had asked was not something he was expecting.

"You didn't think I was going to ask you that?"

"Hmmm, honestly, no. I had thought you must have lots of questions about what happened after you left. Or that you might want to speak of the case. I was not expecting you to ask about my current actions."

As he spoke, I studied his features once more. Although he was extremely pale, his skin was void of blemishes, it almost looked iridescent in the light of the screen.


His eyes were seemingly black but they were actually a deep brown. Making his eyes appear slightly larger than average.

"Ahem, Ella."

"Hmm?" I jersey slightly, I was not used to hearing my nickname, seeing as anyone who knew it prior to L was now deceased.

"You have been staring at my facial features for approximately five minutes."

I scoffed. "And you have been staring at various parts of me the whole time I've been in this house."

"I was required to watch your home due to your suspicious behavior"

"Before you invite the minimized version of the task force to your humble abode, shall we meet without the boundaries of a screen?"

Let's see if that amused glint in his eyes will last a meeting with me. I felt a smirk tug on my lips as I decided my next course of action.

"I do not think that would be wise."

"And why is that, L? I think it would be advantageous for us to meet prior. We know that Kira has access to police information. We also know that Kira as well as the task force is unaware of the connection between you and I. You may not be able to get close to Kira, the task force may not be able to get close to Kira. But I am the only person in a position where Kira could not know my name. If you remember correctly. My existence is undocumented. I am in no database. And those who know my name are dead."

I didn't realize what I told him when I informed him that those who know me are dead. I immediately saw the sharp calculated look in his eyes as he thought over everything I said.

"So it was you." He said. "I had thought that was your handiwork but I wasn't positive. We were still quite young, after all."

I tensed. I knew what he was referring to. My hands clenched into fists, but I let the familiar blank mask I had kept on most of my life take over.

"There is no use in lying," I stated. "but I neither confirm nor deny your allegations."

Expecting him to be angry, I ignored my emotions. I couldn't focus on the past.

"I did what I had to do to survive. You only witnessed a portion of what happened. You may be the world's greatest detective, but even you cannot link that to me."

"…I wasn't going to."

Surprised, I focused on his face again. It was also carefully blank, but I could see what he thought in his eyes. That gaze, it was like he could see what I really felt. What I refused to feel. I shut those emotions away a long time ago. That look. I couldn't take it. I moved away. Standing up, I averted my gaze. Those eyes. They bring it back. They bring back everything I felt in those days. The scars across my body began to throb at the memories.


I refused to look.

"Ella… I will agree to meet with you. The room I plan to have a meeting with the task force is already currently under my control. I will meet you there. The details will be sent to your laptop and after a few minutes the information provided will be destroyed by a self destructive virus."

"Very well, send me the information now and I will make the necessary preparations to avoid detection. I will be there at six A.M." I said, still not looking at the screen.

My computer made a small sound to inform me I had received a message. Opening it, I skimmed over the information. I could feel L's gaze on my face as I memorized the instructions.

"I will leave in two hours, eat, and be there at exactly six A.M. as I previously stated. See you, L"

I closed the laptop with only a small glance at his face.

I don't want those eyes to see the dead part of my soul.


"Watari, we should get going if we are to have everything set up"

"As you wish, but are you certain this is the right course of action, L?"

"She won't harm us" I said. Watching her figure, still frozen in place. A conflicted look on her features. She bit her lip and grimaced. Placing her hand on the area where the scar she had gotten so long ago was located. She then sighed and walked towards the restroom.


"Yes Watari?"

"We must leave now if I am to have the equipment set up properly. I will begin the arrangements for everything else to be completed before the task force meeting as well"

"Very well"

Ella's POV

The red arch of the hotels front entrance came into view as I walked towards it. I needed the time to clear my head. Flashes of the past had been haunting me for the past few hours. The blood. The gore. Child murderers. Friends picked off one by one as they tried to do as they were told. Anguish.

"Good morning Ma'am", I looked up just as I was greeted by a tired looking door greeter. Noticing my expression, a frightened look came across his features. I wasn't sure what expression I was wearing, but I quickly adjusted my face into a kind blank demeanor.

"Good morning to you too sir."

I walked past him and made my way to the door of the room we were designated to meet. Taking a deep breath to steady myself, I slowly rose my hand and gently knocked on the door. My chest was tight in anticipation as I heard light footsteps heading towards me. The door chain rattled as it was removed and slowly, but surely the door swung open.

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