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= Chapter 1: The Broken Monkey Prince =

"Dad…I…I can't do this…Cell is way too strong…I…I let you and everyone else down again!" Gohan telepathically communicated to his father as he struggled to keep Cell at bay with his own kamehameha wave.

"No Gohan! You have to keep going! You can't give up son! Don't hold back anything; give it everything you got Gohan!" Goku yelled as he encouraged his son to persevere in spite of the odds stacked against his injured son.

Gohan continued his attack on Cell while Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, and Yamcha launched ki blasts at Cell to assist Gohan but their attacks were ineffective in that regard and Cell continued to get the upper hand in the struggle. It appeared as though all hope was lost and that Cell was going to win the battle…at least until Vegeta launch his Big Bang Attack upon Cell. It wasn't enough to kill him but it was certainly enough to weaken and distract him. He knew there was an opening, but couldn't focus through all the immense pain he was feeling. So many thoughts were filling his head as he panicked, slowly feeling himself slipping backwards. It was then that his newly evolved Gardevoir made her way over to him, placing her hand on his shoulder. He suddenly felt lighter, and slowly the pain began to lessen as she also used Recover on him as well.

'I'm here for you, Gohan. I know you can do it, Master!' Gardevoir encouraged as she struggled to keep her footing in the face of Perfect Cell's immense power.

"Alright Gohan! This is it! Let it all out and finish him now!" Goku yelled as Gohan began to get the upper hand on Cell as Gohan stepped forward towards him; his own kamehameha attack overtaking Cell's as he yelled out his last dying words.

"WHAT?! THIS CAN'T BE! I'M STRONGER THAN HIM! I SHOULD BE WINNING! I AM PERFECT!" Cell yelled as he was finally overtaken by the energy wave and slowly disintegrated into nothing; vaporizing even his Cell's, making sure that he was gone for good…

It had only been a month removed since the end of the Cell Games. Gohan had emerged triumphant over the evil bio-android Perfect Cell with help of his new found transformation, his friends, and the spiritual guidance provided to him by his father, Goku during that tumultuous kamehameha duel.

The 11-year-old half Saiyan ran as far as his legs could carry him as he was trying his best to avoid a certain someone; his Kirlia-turned-Gardevoir, his only Pokemon and best friend. It was true, his depression was quickly spiraling out of control. So much so in fact, that his mother was now at a loss of what to do. She had tried everything to get Gohan to open back up to the world, but yet he would not yield. He barely ate, he barely slept, and worst yet he barely spoke. Gohan looked up to see where he was as he spotted the apple tree with the hole that he created when he was an infant. He could feel tears well up in his ducts as he shook. His fists repeatedly pounded into the ground as he sobbed, bellowing out a blood-curdling cry as the ground shook below.

"Father...why...why didn't you come back? I still needed you...was it because I wasn't a good enough son?" Gohan muttered aloud as more tears fell, sliding into an ever-deepening emotional breakdown as he howled in anguish. "I'm sorry father...If only I had killed Cell sooner, you would still be here with us...I'M SORRY!"

Meanwhile Gardevoir was trying to sense where her master had gone off to. She had seen Gohan slide into his spiraling depression and it only seemed to get worse; and even worse still he was avoiding her and she had no idea why. She just wanted to help him but she had no idea how. She couldn't bring Goku back to life, and even if she could his father had made it clear he didn't want to return out of concern for the earth's safety. She worried for her Master, and despite having a deep psychic-link, Gohan shielded his thoughts from her. It was then that she felt sick to her stomach; she could literally feel Gohan's inner pain and turmoil. It wasn't long before she found him at the familiar clearing near the apple tree.

'Master Gohan! Are you alright? Please talk to me!' She cried out telepathically to him but Gohan didn't respond as he tried hard to shield his thoughts from her. 'Please, don't hide from me, let me see what you are feeling, I only want to help, Master Gohan...'

Gardevoir reached her three-fingered hand out to him but he flinched and looked up at her with such melancholy, tear-stained eyes that just broke her heart. She didn't want to see him like this and soon felt herself crying as well. She finally realized why he had been avoiding her; he knew that she could feel everything he felt, knowing that her species thrived on positive human emotions. He didn't want her to feel pain, that was the last thing he wanted to do to his best friend, and secret girlfriend. They had been 'dating' since a little before the Cell Games but had been through so much together before that. When Gohan was once little and still under Piccolo's tutelage before Vegeta and Nappa arrived; he saved her when she was still a very young Ralts from a horde of dinosaurs that viewed her as a snack. She didn't think it would end well for him but to her shock he managed to fight them on more than equal terms with his sword and soon the dinosaurs ended up becoming his dinner instead. It was from that day forward that they became close friends. Once again, she would be saved by Gohan once more before General Tao and his mobster employer were about to steal her and her family to be sold off in the Pokemon black market (where presumably they would be sold as slaves, and not just the servant kind either...). She was a Kirlia at the time, and could remember clearly the scene that day. She spotted Gohan standing in front of her, ready to defend her against Tao; strangely she noted that his hair had somehow turned from its usual jet black to a golden blond. As Gohan frightened off Tao and his bodyguards with his power, Kirlia felt a feeling stirring from within her heart. It felt like butterflies in her stomach and began to dreamily stare at Gohan with love struck eyes. Yes, she had indeed, fallen in love with her human companion. It didn't take long for her to establish a deep psychic-link that would allow her to communicate with him.

Fast forward to the Cell Games. Perfect Cell had seemingly come back from the stuff of nightmares. She witnessed Cell kill Trunks with one blow and saw Gohan take a hit for, of all people, that conceited, arrogant Saiyan Prince Vegeta. Then of course, the arduous kamehameha duel. Though she couldn't see Goku, she could feel his presence guiding Gohan. She could only look on helplessly, scared that her Master would not make it, scared that he would never again return to her. The thought of a life without him frightened her deeply. With only a cry she closed her eyes as tears fell, but then a surge of emotions welled up within her as a bright light began to overtake her Kirlia form...she was evolving! Before anyone could tell, she had become a full-grown Gardevoir; looking more akin to a maturing female human than a Pokemon. She saw Piccolo rush over to help Gohan try to defeat Cell, and soon the others followed. She could see him faltering as Cell seemed to gain the upper hand. It was then that she levitated over to Gohan as she gently placed her hands on him and used her Calm Mind move on him to clear his head and also began to use Recover on him as well. This, combined with Goku's guidance helped Gohan beat Cell after Vegeta's Big Bang Attack. It was finally over. Sadly the repercussions on Gohan's mental state would be far-reaching, far worse than anyone could have imagined.

'Master Gohan...I know you came here to avoid me. I know you don't want to cause me pain, but Master, I want to help you. I can feel you hurting inside. I know you don't want to talk about it, but I know your father dying and deciding not to come back has not been easy on you or your family. We all miss him, I know you do...'

"Gardevoir...It...It just isn't fair...It really is all my fault...I shouldn't have let the new transformation get to me head...And now he's gone for good..." Gohan sobbed as Gardevoir couldn't help but shake her head and held him close to her bosom. "Why do you even stay by my side...I don't deserve you, I don't deserve anyone..."

'Master Gohan, you know that isn't true. Your father couldn't be more proud of you, I know I am. When no one else could, you rose to the occasion and saved the world when it needed you the most. Without you, all of us would be gone, Master.' Softly she wiped away his tears and held him closer. 'Ever since I met you when I was still a Ralts, I always thought you were the nicest person ever. You cared so deeply for others, for me. You even saved my life twice, Master. I am eternally grateful for that. You know I won't ever leave your side...do you know why Master Gohan?'

Gohan sobbed and shook his head as he clung to her tightly and felt a kiss upon his forehead as she smiled, tearing up as well.

'It's because I love you, Master...I love you, Gohan. I want to be with you, by your side forever. I don't ever want you to forget that. I don't want to be just your secret girlfriend; I want to be your mate. I have dreams of us getting married on day and I want you to be able to feel that you can share anything with me, just as I share everything with you. You give me purpose, Master, and you know I will do anything to please you. I know you feel sad about what has taken place, but let me help you. You don't have to carry this burden by yourself, Master.'

Her words hit like a ton of bricks as he sobbed hard, clutching onto her for dear life as she held him closer.

'Come, Master. Your mother has prepared food, and we should try to eat.' She spoke as Gohan slowly nodded as she guided him back to the house. Before they go inside, Gohan manages a smile, even if it was a faint and brief one; and this warned Gardevoir's heart immensely as a feeling of overwhelming joy took over Gohan's heart.

'Gardevoir, I love you...'

'I love you too, Master Gohan.'

The two entered into the humble abode as Chi-Chi, the Ox-King, and the secret couple took their seats next to each other and dug into their food. Chi-Chi looked over to her son and felt herself sigh with relief as she smiled. He was finally eating again like he used to. She then looked to Gardevoir and smiled as well. She was thankful for her presence as she had been a tremendous help in trying to keep Gohan in good spirits. Whatever she had done had seemingly worked today, she thought. Chi-Chi then cleared her throat as she smiled and got up.

"Alright everyone, I have two announcements to make. First, I want everyone to know that I am pregnant. It turns out your father left us a present...Gohan, you're going to be a big brother!" Chi-Chi excitedly exclaimed as Gohan's face lit up even more and hugged his mother.

"Mom! That's awesome news! Will I have a little brother or a little sister?" Gohan asked excitedly while Gardevoir let out a small happy cry.

"From the look and feel of it, seems more like a boy, so baby brother!" Chi-Chi smiled and patted Gohan on the head. She sighed sadly at the next announcement that was coming but maintained her smile. A part of her couldn't believe she was entertaining the notion, let alone announcing it, but she felt that this was the best course of action for her son's development as a man. "Don't forget, I had more thing to say. Gohan, today something special came in the mail. Your Pokemon Trainer's license came, and you have an appointment with Professor Oak in Pallet Town to get started on your Pokemon journey!"

"Mom?! Are you being serious right now?" Gohan excitedly asked as Chi-Chi fought back the urge to cry. Truth be told she didn't want to let her baby go into the world, but she felt this was for the best after a lengthy conversation with her friend Bulma. It would get him out of the house and get him out of his depression, and she figured a little adventure wouldn't hurt. Gohan's education level was already far advanced than most university students due to him being such a smart kid and diligent in his studies. Plus, he would follow his father's footsteps in a way as he too went and traveled the world when he was a boy. It would be the best way to honor her late husband, she thought. Chi-Chi nodded as she fought to maintain her smile as she hugged Gohan tightly.

"You'll start tomorrow, so you and Gardevoir be sure to get to bed early." Chi-Chi instructed as the couple nodded while Ox-King held his grandson tightly. "I won't be here tomorrow morning as I have errands that need to be ran before I am no longer able to move around due to being pregnant, so Gohan, please stay safe. I worry about you, but...I know you're a smart boy and very strong just like your father. I have faith in your success, Gohan. Please come back home anytime you need to."

"But...mom what about my little brother? Won't you need my help?" Gohan frowned slightly but Gardevoir smiled as she hugged onto him. She absolutely loved this half Saiyan for his selflessness.

"I will manage, Gohan. Grandpa will be here to help and Bulma and Trunks agreed to visit regularly to make sure everything is alright, so don't you worry Gohan. Just get out there and take in all that life has to offer." Chi-Chi patted her son's hair and held him tightly as well.

"I won't let you and grandpa down, Mom. I'll come back a Champion, just you wait and see!" Gohan exclaimed excitedly as his mother swelled with joy. This was the Gohan she was used to seeing and for this she thanked Gardevoir profusely, while the Pokemon smiled back at her. Immediately Gohan ran to his room with excitement and a fire in his eyes not seen since before his trip to Namek. Gardevoir was about to follow him up but was stopped by Chi-Chi.

"Gardevoir, we need to have a girl-talk." The psychic type nodded and sat back down to hear what she had to say. "Gohan is my pride and joy, and I don't think that I have to make that anymore clear to you. You already know. I know you feel deeply for my son, I can tell, a mother always knows these things. My son cares for you too, so please, I ask you as a mother and another woman, please protect my Gohan!"

"Gardevoir! Gar-Gardevoir!" Gardevoir cried out as she smiled and bowed to Chi-Chi.

"I know that you and Gohan have known each other a long time. Both of you will go through more changes in life before both of you become adults...just, please...if you...happen to...just don't...You know what I mean...You are a girl, and he's a boy..." Chi-Chi spoke out, clearly flustered by the topic. Gardevoir cautiously nodded, trying to figure out what she meant and got back up to go over to Gohan's room.

The duo were overly-excited and couldn't get much sleep as Gohan rolled over to his side and faced Gardevoir.

"Can you believe it?! We're finally going to leave on our Pokemon journey together! I'm so excited! I can't believe my mom is letting me do this! It's always been my ultimate dream to be a Pokemon Master and follow in my father's footsteps when he was younger; off adventuring and what-not!" Gohan exclaimed as Gardevoir nodded, smiling at the thought of traveling all over the world with him, but then frowned as she recalled something.

'But...Master Gohan, when you get to Pallet Town, you'll have to choose a starter Pokemon...And since it's the Kanto region, you'll have to choose from a Bulbasaur, Charmander, or a Squirtle...' Gardevoir sadly noted.

"Aww Gardevoir...Don't worry, you'll still be my girlfriend and my #1, I could never replace you. You know that. Besides, you're way too beautiful and nice to do that to anyway, and I never would." Gohan leaned in and kisses his Gardevoir deeply upon her pink lips and snuggling up closer to her. "I love you, to the moon and back, Gardevoir..."

'I love you too, Gohan, to the stars and beyond.' She replied as she smiled happily and soon the couple drifted off to sleep.

The next morning had come. Everyone had already left earlier in the morning as Gohan made sure his gear was in order in his backpack and looked to Gardevoir as he held out an empty Pokeball. She flinched at this as she always dreaded those contraptions. She hated the idea of being trapped in one but Gohan gave her a reassuring smile.

"I know you don't like this, but I have to. You are still technically a wild Pokemon and I don't want other trainers trying to get you. I promise, I won't ever make you get back in it again unless it is a dire emergency that involves your personal safety." Gohan held her close as she nodded, sighing as she poked the white button and felt herself get sucked inside. After a few clicks the red light came on and wasting no time at all, Gohan released her again. Gardevoir seemed frightened as she held onto Gohan tightly as he kissed her cheek, sighing sadly that he had to do that to her. But it would only be that one time, and never again. The two made sure everything else was in order and walked out the door, locking behind them. Smiling, he took her hand into his and sighed happily.

'It's a beautiful day, Gohan. It brings good luck to the start of our journey, together...' Gardevoir telepathically spoke, smiling.

"Indeed it is, my love. Now...FLYING NIMBUS!" Gohan yelled out as the familiar golden cloud swirled around in the air and landed nearby. He quickly got on first and then pulled Gardevoir up onto the cloud with him. "You ready for the rest of our lives, Gardevoir?"

She nodded, holding onto him tightly as they both sped off into the horizon. Their first stop? The Capsule Corporation building, housing none other than the famous Bulma Briefs.

To Be Continued...

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