It has been awhile, but i'm back. I had the idea at school and decided to start it as soon as possible. I was inspired on the song of The Living Tumbstone called It's been so long. Mosa is my made up character. He is the father of Juugo. He looks almost exactly like him but he is taller than the Juugo in shippudden, he has shades of blue on his hair (the rest is orange and he has the same hairstyle), and his eyes are blue. I will try to update it as soon as possible. If you want to make a drawing, vídeo, or Whatever, feel free to do it as long as you Credit me (like put a link of the story or say who did it, that stuff). Hope you enjoy. Naruto or Five nights at Freddy's don't belong to me, because if they did, there would be no such thing as the toy Animatronics, Foxy would appear more often, and on Naruto, Mosa would be involved somehow

It was a dark night. No moon and little stars. I was just finishing my job for the day. Me and my son. Well, I guess you are still little informed.

My name is Mosa and I'm twenty five, or at least was in that day. My son is still four or at least he was in that day. His name is Juugo. We were not really what you call rich. We lived in a very poor neighborhood. Since my wife was long gone, there is no one to look after Juugo and I had no money get him in school. Due to that, he worked with me.

We were the engineers of a pizzeria called Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Place. We do check-up on the animatronic characters. You know, the animatronic characters here get weird sometimes and we come to check on their system every night. Unfortunately, there is an error in them we can't fix. At night they have a roaming mode and if they see a human, they will think it's an endoskeleton without a costume and stuff them into a spare Freddy Fazbear suit, but it will kill them in the process. Due to that, we need to check all animatronics in one hour.

Well, I guess you know well by now about us. So I'll begin in that desperate night.

Our job was just done. We checked all animatronics and we were preparing to leave. Everything was in perfect order. We got out of the pizzeria and on our way home. We were paid little, but still, we were not bothered much by that. But then, I realized something.

"Juugo," I began, "Did you get my tools?"

"Oh yeah!" he said, "I'm sorry, dad. I think they are in the show stage still. But maybe, if we come back tomorrow after 6am, we can fetch them before the kids come."

"I'm not sure if that is a good idea. What if the manager comes and sees the tools and sues us for putting children in danger?"

"Your right actually, dad. I'll go and get them."

Juugo began walking back to the pizzaria. I at first was happy to see my boy was wanting to help, but then the idea of the night watch shooting him for believing he was a robber came to my head. I ran to him, a few seconds before he reached the front door.

"Son," I said, "Wait here and I will get them."

"But dad," he began, "I am a little faster than you in running."

"This is not about being fast Juugo. I know the security guard and he will have time to recognize me if something happens. But I doubt he ever saw you. Just stay here and don't move until I'm back, unless something goes wrong. Then feel free to go ask for help."

"Okay dad."

I turned to the door and unlocked it. The door is only opened from the outside at night if you have the key. From the inside, it opened fine anytime. I walked in toward the stage. But I dunno what I was thinking in leaving my child behind.

I made it to the front stage silently. I saw my tools and began to put them in the case. I looked up for trouble now and then. I watched for Bonnie the Bunny and Chica the Chicken very often. Freddy was having problems and we had to put him on the backstage to deal with it due to being so serious. We so far only removed his costume and had to remove the inside wires. It would be a while until that bad boy would sing again. Foxy was not nearby, so he would not be a problem.

I finished packing my stuff. I walked backwards towards the door until the stage was out of sight. I saw Juugo. He was just looking at the sky like if a rocket took off just then. He looked at me and showed delight to see me coming. But suddenly, his face took a expression of fear and horror. He was frozen in place. I wandered what he saw that scared him. The answer was given in shape of arms grabbing me by the shoulders.

Panic was all over me. I turned and saw Bonnie. He was lowering me to the ground. I tried to stay up, but he was too strong. Instead, I tried to move away, until he grabbed my arm. I still kept on trying. I looked at where Juugo was. He was fighting to open the door as if his life depended on it. But there was no use. If a full grown man could not open one of these, the same rule applied to a four year old kid regardless of the gender.

He began banging on the doors with fury. I did not know if I was happy or sad. It delighted me my son was trying to save me and he was fighting with whatever he could to do so. But it got me upset seeing him tearing more than a newborn right after birth. Unlike most of those kids, he actually shed tears and made no sound other than the low gasping and moaning. Before he could go on, I realized something.

"Juugo!" I called, "Don't break the doors! If you really want to help me, go get the cops! If you come here, they will get you too! You can't help me by breaking in here! I am an adult and I can barely stand him! What about you?"

"No, dad!" he squealed, "I'm not leaving you behind with this monster! If you die, I will too! You are all the family I have left! If I need to leave to help you, please let me in so I can help you or die too! If I go get the cops, I could return too late! If you are to die first, I don't want you to do so alone! If I lose you not only I will be all alone but I will get depressed and activate my curse seal!"

The curse seal was from our clan. It remained deactivated until we went through a terrible loss, like the Uchiha's Sharingan.

"Son," I said, "Leave while you can. You are brave and you must stay like that, despite what happens. Just leave and if you want to, call the cops to help me."

"Daddy," he whined, "You just don't get it! I can't leave you!"

"It's for your own good, Juugo! I always loved you and always will! That is why I want you to get away so you can survive! Don't you worry child! Heaven's got a plan for you!"

"But daddy… I-"

Before he could finish, a shadow came from behind. Juugo only had time to turn before some spirals began to come out of the shadow's head and sucked him in. He was completely out of sight in an instant. I saw the shadow's face and recognized him. I saw that "face" before. before I could call out to him, a hit on the back of my head made my consciousness vanish like my little son.