Fritz walked to the office as soon as Scott left. It just turned 12 am. Bonnie already is wandering. Chica left right now. I feel my chakra going wild. I slowly leave the show stage and give my laugh. I stare into the camera from the dinning hall. After a while, I zip and zoom to the restrooms. I hide in the girl's bathroom. No one would ever expect a male animatronic in the girl's bathroom. Soon, I move on to the kitchen. Chica was there already. I play my music box to try to calm myself. There is a window wide open and this camera is disabled. Perfect way to get out and go search for my son. But my music box glitheched. I'm losing control. I leave soon and go to the hall. When the camera is off, I look at the posters of Freddy, Chica, and Bonnie.

Do I really look that ugly? Freddy does not remind me of a bear! He along with Bonnie remind me of a hippo! China looks so much like a duck! Well, her feet have no abs, so they should b able to tell she's a chicken. She looked as nice as she looked like a chicken. I never liked that chicken/duck!

I move on. I am staring straight at the camera. I wonder if the guard thinks I'm staring at the camera or at him. He should be terrified. Just then, I hear a scream. It's from Bonnie. i walk over to the office and see Bonnie wrestling with Fritz. Fritz was a good wrestler, but Bonnie was larger. I was about to turn to leave when Fritz glasses fall off. I then see his eyes and face. Then, I remember. Those eyes in him were last eyes to look at me directly... ten years ago.

I throw myself at Bonnie. He gets off Fritz and stares at me.

"What are you doing, Freddy?" He asks, "He's not following the rules!"

I throw him off back into the hall. I shut the door and he bangs it. I shut the right door too. I realize what I have to do. I begin to tear my head off. then, the mask of Freddy Fazbear was not on me anymore. The fresh air was all about me! But there was no time to appreciate it. I remove the rest of the costume and dress up the guard. i tossed the endoskeleton stuck on me aside. I was still wearing my purple uniform from ten years ago. The guard is passed out, so he should not panic. I push him aside.

"Sleep well," I tell him, "son."

I open both doors. Bonnie was waiting for me.

"Now he's not breaking the rules!" I tell Bonnie.

"How?" Bonnie demands, "How could you?"

"I just had to help him!"

"Yet, you will still pay for being with him at the time!"

"Who is this "he"?"

"Minato Namikaze! He did something I won't forget. You were his friend. He took something dear from me, and you were the price!"

"what could Minato possibly do?"

"You will never know now!"

Bonnie grabs the fan on the desk and swings it at me. I back off and exit the office through the hall. I run back into the kitchen. Chica was still there. She blocked my exit. I grab a pan and hit Bonnie with it.

"I fixed you for years!" I tell him, "I know exactly how to shut you down and your weak points."

"Then you should know," said Bonnie, "that hitting me with a pan won't help at all! I feel no pain! You in the other hand..."

Bonnie throws the fan at me. It hit the top of my head. I fall back with the pain spreading around my head. i feel numb.

"I can tell your a human, not an endoskeleton," said Bonnie, "Your done, Purple Man!"

Foxy suddenly grabs Bonnie from behind.

"Why does he," says Foxy while backing off, "have to pay for what his mate did, lad?"

China begins to try to get them apart.

"Foxy," she says, "that's an endoskeleton! he's not following the rules!"

Of course! I need to hide or get a costume! the drawers are too small for me and three maniac animatronics are blocking the door. I could go back to the office, but I can't risk my son's safety, besides, I am bleeding very bad. The backstage i too far. Well, the drawers are worth a try to hide.

I open a drawer and see it. It's the old Golden freddy suit from Fredbear's Diner! I pull it off from there. I get in part by part. I also find something terrible in it. A child's corpse. i slowly get it out and put it back in the drawer. I finish putting the suit and lie against the wall. Moments later, Chica notices.

"He's not breaking the rules anymore," she said.

Bonnie however knows. he tries to come at me. Foxy tries to stop him, but he is already upon me.


They all stopped. I hear footsteps coming towards the kitchen. It's Scott. He is looking around for something. Just then, he turns at me. I think he saw me. he's coming at me. But I feel my consciousness fading. I don't think I might make it.

"Scott," i say, hoping he can hear me, "please... take care of my son... Fritz... Juugo.'

Everything went black. Is it the end?

Tell you what: yes! It's the final chapter of the story! well, now, if Mosa survived or not or if he met Juugo again or not, you will see later! I'm working already on the sequel to this. However, it will be in the "perspective" of someone else and it's about 20 or 30 years later. Well, I'll make sure all mysteries of this story are eventually solved! I hope the story was good (I could have done a far better job in my opinion). But, leave your opinion! It will help with the sequel and future stories! Thank you and bye! Till next story!