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Harry Potter knew something was terribly wrong the very moment his uncle declared that he was taking him along on one of his business trips to Japan. That feeling grew even more strongly when Vernon adamantly kept him out of sight of everyone else. And now, here he was, alone in Vernon's car with him, driving down a dark, empty street. He occasionally stole a glance at his uncle. He shivered at the evil glint in his eyes every time. After a while of driving, Vernon turned to him with a terrible grin.

"Open the door now, boy." Harry shivered.


"JUST OPEN THE BLOODY DOOR!" Harry was terrified. The vehicle was still moving, why would his uncle want him to open the door? Fearfully, he pushed the door open...and let out a yelp of fear as he felt himself get roughly shoved out of the vehicle. The little boy smashed his head against the road, and rolled several feet before finally coming to a stop, covered from head to toe with scrapes and bruises to add to the collection his uncle had already given him...

He heard an uproarious laugh, and looked over to see his uncle stop the car. Was he going to come back and get him? No...He was simply stopping to close the passenger door... Harry watched as the only family he ever knew drove away, leaving him all alone in the streets.

Struggling to remain conscious, Harry weakly dragged himself off of the road, and into a nearby alley. Once in the alley, he couldn't bear it any longer, and passed out from the pain.

Thankfully for him, accidental magic got to work at healing the more serious wounds...

The next morning...

Harry's eyes snapped open at a familiar sound...It was the same sound his aunt Marge's dog, Ripper, made whenever he saw him. Looking over, he saw two huge dogs snarling at him. They were far bigger than Ripper, and they looked much more vicious.

Suffice to say, Harry was absolutely terrified.

With a soft whimper, he began to crawl away from the large animals. But he would never be able to escape on time... One of the dogs lunged...

But somehow, felt its jaws closing on empty air.

Harry was curled up in a trembling ball...This was it...He was going to die... He waited...Nothing. The growling had stopped. He wasn't being torn apart. Sitting up, the little boy looked around to find himself in an entirely different alleyway. How did he get here? Wait... Oh no! He did the freaky stuff again! With a soft whimper, the child forced himself to sit, then curled up in the fetal position, rocking back and forth while burying his face into his knees and whimpering softly.

With a deep, shaky breath, he forced himself to calm down. He needed to get out of here... Slowly, he began to crawl. He was slowly, but surely, making progress. Then, he felt something wet on his head. Looking up, he saw that it was beginning to rain. With another pitiful whimper, the poor child pressed on.

He had gotten surprisingly far, even if the light drizzle had become a downpour. Then, he noticed something...His leg. It was feeling a little bit better. Slowly, he pushed himself to his feet. He could stand! He tried to move...and he could at the very least limp. This made him feel just a little bit better...

As he passed the street, the sound of a large truck honking its horn made him flinch in fear. Then, said truck drove by him, splashing water all over the poor child's body. He had opened his mouth to yelp as the truck had driven past, so he had ended up swallowing a little bit of water, which caused him to cough and sputter. Harry felt a few tears stream down his face, and hurriedly wiped them away.

He didn't want to be alone on the streets...He missed his cupboard. At least it was safe and dry in there... He wanted to be somewhere where he would be safe...

Harry collapsed onto the road in defeat, and curled up in a ball. It was hopeless...No one wanted him, and they never would...

As the soaking wet and miserable child lay there, accepting his fate, his magic took effect. He found himself teleported elsewhere...


A pink-haired young woman stared at the rain as it poured onto her window. It was a soothing sound, even if her kind was extremely weak to water... It helped soothe her lonely mood.

She had failed to get him to love her. Tsukune had gone for Kurumu instead. While she considered Kurumu to be a very good friend, she couldn't help but feel jealous of her. Then, she heard a scoff inside her head.

'Will you stop moping already?'

'I can't help it!' Moka thought back to her inner self.

'Well it's time you did help it. It's been six months! Get over it and move on with our lives!' Moka looked down sadly.

'But...it's just us here. No one else. Don't you feel a little lonely?'


'You do. I can hear it in your voice.'

'Who cares? Maybe you should go out and visit some friends!'

'Maybe I should get a pet...'

'PLEASE don't. I don't want to deal with any filthy animals getting hair all over the furniture...'

With a wistful sigh, Moka stared out the window...and then, in a flash of light, something appeared on her lawn.

"What's out there...?" She asked softly.

'It's probably some kind of wild animal...'

Moka squinted...and was able to make out the bruised, battered form of a collapsed human child.

"It's...it's a little boy..."

'Oh...so it is.'

"Oh my goodness...He's hurt..."

'It's not our problem. Just leave him there.'

Outer Moka was shocked. "How can you be so heartless?! There's a little boy out there all alone in the rain, and he's probably freezing to death!"

'...He's been suffering, from the looks of it. The way I see it, dying would be a mercy.'

Moka was furious at what she was hearing. She gritted her teeth, and clenched her fists, then shouted a sentence that shocked Inner Moka to her very core...


Inner Moka's eyes widened when she heard her kind-hearted outer form use such coarse language. ...In hindsight, what she said was...absolutely horrible...

Moka said nothing, quietly seething with rage at her inner self's heartlessness. Without another word, she slipped on a heavy raincoat and stormed out into the rain to bring the child inside.

Once she was in close proximity of the child, she brought a hand to her mouth and let out a soft gasp. He was shaking like a leaf, and he was bruised, bloodied, and scraped... Not to mention soaking wet...

Harry was barely clinging to consciousness at this point. Slowly, he managed to open his eyes...to see a figure in a raincoat looming over him. He just knew they were going to hurt him...but he was too tired... His eyes closed, and then blackness.

Moka's heartstrings snapped seeing a small child in such a condition. Without thinking, she pulled off the raincoat, then screamed in pain as the rain poured down on her exposed body.



Inner Moka clamped her mouth shut as her outer form hurriedly wrapped the child up in the raincoat, grimacing and whimpering as the water pelted her. Once the child was safely cocooned in the coat, she sprinted for her house. Her vision was getting blurry...

Against all odds, she barely managed to throw the door open and stagger onto her sofa. Breathing heavily, she looked down at the child's face, the only part of him visible through the heavy raincoat. She smiled weakly.