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Chapter 1

Wake up princess!


I'm a fairy. Or faery. Or fae. Point is – I'm not even human! When I woke up this morning, ate my breakfast, spoke with my Gran, went to work, met my first vampire, then saved him… I was just Sookie Stackhouse; waitress with a disability. And now? I'm Susannah Brigant, fairy princess.

Nice, right? They even gave me a different fucking name!

Let me tell you something horrible: you may not be safe either. Who knows, maybe your great grandmother had an affair with a fairy king? Maybe you too have a fairy godmother who would accidentally wake up your spark and destroy your life. Because that's what happened! While I throw that goddamn iron chain around Mark Rattray's neck and Claudine decided to help me, that's what she did. She woke up my powers. She woke up the fae in me and that bitch won't leave.

I felt satisfaction remembering how terrified Claudine was. My fairy godmother looked nothing like the old lady from Cinderella (more like a Victoria's Secret model, thank you very much). Less than 30 minutes ago she was sitting with me on my bed shaking like a leaf. It looks like you don't go against a king's wishes. I found out that my great grandfather, the king of Fairies, Niall Brigant wanted for me to have a normal life. As normal as one telepath could have. It worked quite well till this night. Tonight I lost any chances for being just Sookie.

You can't erase your spark, once it has been woken up. It can only grow...pretty fast in my case. As a member of the royal bloodline I will become one bad-ass fairy in the future. That is, if I can survive to this day. In a few months, I won't even look like me anymore. I bet I'll get giant elf ears and wings. I wonder if branches in my hair are also a fairy thing? Unfortunately, my useless guardian didn't tell me about it. I rolled my eyes remembering how much in a hurry she was.

"The king must be informed!" she said. "Someone will take care of you. You are our blood, our family. We will always…"

Well, in that moment, interrupting her, I lost my temper and threw my shoe at her. Eat that Tinkerbell! A few moments later, she just pops out saying that it looks like I need some time to think. Well, that bump on her forehead definitely needed some ice!

I take one of my pillows and throw it at the mirror. Bottles of perfume and body lotion fall down. Fuck it! I wish it to be Claudine's head. Instead of a pillow, I will use rocks or high-heel shoes this time. I heard my grandmother's mind downstairs. I woke her up. Fantastic. I lay silently for a moment listening with my ears and my mind. Gran fell asleep again. I knew I wouldn't be able to. I closed my eyes thinking about Bill Compton. How excited I was when I realized I couldn't hear him! I could almost see our happily ever after. Now, when Claudine told me about vampire/fairy relations and how that asshole, Bill, glamored the Ratts to attack him to lure me outside.

I can't believe it… I feel like I should have let Denise ran him over with her car. Actually, I think I will navigate her. His lying ass would be a great parking spot.

I shake my head slowly. Since when did I become a bad Christian? I inhaled the smell of my old room and pondered this. Maybe there is no future for the good old Sookie Stackhouse. Maybe now, since I'm vampire crack and royalty (for some reason that part is more terrifying than being someone's meal) I have to be more ruthless? What if Mr. Sideburns tries to hurt Gran? Or Jason? Dear God, my brother is dumber than a thumb! Someone will have to take care of them and make sure Compton won't get close to them and my veins. Will my fae family help me? Will someone help me to embrace my supernatural self?

I realized I didn't shred one tear during this evening. I didn't even feel that need. I was pissed, determined and ready for a fight with whoever will come. Something really was waking up in me.

And honestly? I think I like it.


I was really ready to go.

I looked at my last will and it felt almost surreal. My children were successful and I lived my life.

Funny thing, I wonder if humans who have decided to leave this world thinks the same thing? Perhaps we're not so different after all. Its just, us vampires...are soulless.

2,000 years is long enough. All the horrible things I have done, all innocent people I have hurt. How can a monster like me can walk this earth? How any vampire can? I made up my mind. All was ready. There will be no goodbyes or tears on my behalf. Deep down, I knew I couldn't visit Eric to say goodbye. What if my beautiful son convinces me to change my mind?

Steve Newline made me an offer. It wasn't half bad. Why risk the Fellowship of the Sun? Why take one of my nest mates when I am willing to die? I will do something good this way. Yes, nothing will change my mind.

In a fraction of a second, I was on alert. Someone was watching me. I couldn't smell or hear it but I knew. You can't survive so long without this additional instinct. And then I heard a chuckle. I blinked, surprised and looked at my armchair. In Dagda's name… I stood up surprised and bowed. There looking the same like he did, 1200 years ago, sitting in my chair was the one and only Niall Brigant.

"Your majesty" I said, still bowing. If there is one warrior in this world I fear and respect, it's the only one who could kill me easily, that is this prick. This prick I owed my life to.

"Godric, how are you?" he asked with humor in his voice.

Asshole knows I'm suicidal, I thought bitterly.

"I was doing well." I said shortly. I took a good look.

Yes, this prick hasn't changed much. One or two wrinkles, maybe more. I never found enough courage to ask how old he really is. All I know is that for most vampires older than me, Niall the Destroyer is nothing but legend. Deadly, turning vampires into bonfires. Eric and younger vampires never hear his name. I find out one night that the legend is nothing in comparison to reality. The prick that he is, Niall Brigant was a force to be reckoned with. If this asshole is in this realm, shit is gonna hit the fan. And because he is sitting in my office, it looks like I'm going to swim in this shit.

"Can I help you somehow your majesty?" I asked politely, watching him carefully.

Have I done something to piss him off? I know that he visit this world sometimes just to hunt. Niall hunts vampires who, his majesty found extremely inhuman. It always make me wonder: why did he never come for me?

"Oh, sit down and quit this shit. Do you know what kind of night I've had? Horrible! I worked as a fucking mule to protect my most innocent kin from the monstrosity of the Supe world and you know what?" I waited patiently. That was obviously a rhetorical question.

"All of this went to hell!"He yelled as he threw one of my chairs at the bookshelf with a flick of his wrist. Fuck, that vase from Min Dynasty went to hell as well… Isabel won't be happy. I sat dawn slowly wondering if the king just need someone to relieve his frustration and I'm the unlucky bastard. As fast as his fury came, it was gone. He looked almost apologetic. I wonder if I should ask him to fix the vase with his magic? I decided against it. I want to die the way I chose.

"Can I be of assistance? Maybe…"


"What can I do?"

"Shut up."

Niall held his hand up and looked at me the way in which, will make every human piss themselves. It is good that my bladder doesn't work. The king puts his finger on my desk.

"You are going to die" he said with venom in his voice. Was that a threat or just an observation?

"Yes" I said slowly, looking into his eyes."Two thousand years is enough. I am so tired and…" Niall interrupts me.

"Oh, shut up. You used to be so quiet, boy. What is wrong with you? You are talking more than my mother has and that bitch talked even in her sleep." Again, I blink a few times. His Royal Prick was really pissed today.

"You can't die. Not if you wish your progeny and their progenies to live."

It took me second to be in Niall's face with my fangs bared. Stupid move, but no one threatens my children!
"I'm warning you, Your Majesty, don't threaten them or the last thing I will try to do in my existence is rip your head off!" I growl with my most threatening voice.

Niall laughed and ruffled my hair. Did I mention that I hate that dick? He has no self-preservation. And always make me feel like my mother used to… Even when I was warrior she just ruffled my hair and said how wonderful son I was. Niall affections were far worse. I never know if he isn't going to rip my head in process.

"We had a deal Godric" he reminded me gently. "That night you vowed on your life...and the life of your bloodline is in my hands." I swear if vampires could faint, I would have. Of course I remember that night! I remember my vow. That night 1800 years ago I have started my true journey as vampire.

"You sealed my word?" I asked, shocked. The king gives me a look, which clearly said really and just smiled. I sat down in my chair. All these years… Now, I understand why he let me be. The Golden rule says to never trust a fairy. I didn't know back then.

"It's time to collect the debt" Niall said with a soft smile and mischievous glint in his eyes.

"What do you want me to do?" I sigh.

"You? Nothing. You don't even have chest hair." What about my body hair? "I need your child. The Norseman. He will do fine."

"You will stay away from my…" Before I even get a chance to finish that sentence, he interrupts me.

"Before you finish your pointless threat… Why do you think I am going to harm him?" Niall smiled wide and wiggled his brows. It's just getting worse and worse. That fossil is having a good time toying with me. Eric and I are in trouble.

"What do you want from him?"

"I just want my great granddaughter to have fun." I looked at Niall with shock. Did that prick just suggest to turn my wonderful, prideful Viking warrior into some prostitute? For some spoiled, bored princess who wishes to have some thrill with fucking a vampire? I need blood. Fairy blood!

"I think I know what you're thinking and I think you getting vampire dementia, my dear Godric. I am not sure if my wonderful, prideful Sookie will touch this savage with 3 a footed stick." Niall snickers and rolls his eyes.

"But, maybe…, when! When he becomes what you wish him to be?"

"I don't understand." I sigh, a very human gesture, but this fairy just gave me a headache. And vampires aren't supposed to have any! 15 minutes ago, I planned to go to the FotS to sacrifice myself, now I think I will just stake myself. Anything just to get rid of this asshole! Niall sighs as well and started his story. I watched him with disgust at first but then… Maybe that's what my Viking needs? Maybe somehow me and Niall will be able to get both our beloved ones to be safe and happy? The more I hear, the more sure I become: both sides will gain more than they will lose.

I think I just found out why Niall Brigant has been living so long and still has his spark...You can't be tired with a mind like that, enjoying playing others this way. Maybe should I stay for some more and help this smug bastard? I felt such excitement thinking about working with this old fox. Maybe this way, I will make some amends? My resolution just disappears. Did I mention how much I hate this prick?