Chapter Twelve: The Hermes Cabin gets a taste of their own medicine part three Heavy vs. little baby man Connor

Here it is number three! This is probably going to be the end of this arc if I can fit all the ideas in if not then a part four will be made. Listening to the Team Experience soundtrack give the video a view here. watch?v=s1p3zgYN27g


"Hmm this tiny man is good at stealth." I ponder to myself silently. Hearing yelling my head snaps to Medic who smiles at me while being chased by an assortment of angry campers. He is heading towards the lake which means I must be quick in my role as a troublemaker. I then spot my target he is the spitting image of his brother Travis with the same build, eye color, and clothing except his hair seems messier. "You yes you!" I yell at him. "What do you want fat dude?" He snidely says forcing me to smile. "I have plans for you." Revealing the bottle of Mad Milk and throwing it at him he stands there shocked dripping white liquid. "A gift from Scout now is good time to run!" I quickly exclaim running towards the lake with him in hot pursuit. "You jerk you're going to pay for this!" "Oh, wah cry some more baby!" "Everyone get ready now!" My yelling confuses Connor until he realizes that he is running right into a trap. "Oh, Crap!" he shrieks as a skeleton jumps suddenly from the ground in front of him grabbing him roughly while another pours a trash can filled with shaving cream over him. "Ugh are you serious!" he yells. Nico smiles back at him "This is only the beginning Connor." The skeleton then throws Connor into the canoe lake while Percy proceeds to toss him around back and forth. I then see the other Hermes campers in various states of disarray some covered in shaving cream others being passed around by skeletons and even some having feathers dumped on them. I then noticed Pyro with her flamethrower pointing it at Travis Stoll who has surrounded himself with the tallest people from his cabin. "Give it your best shot flame freak if you burn us you'll get attacked!" One of the girls shouts defiantly. Pyro grins and says "Oh, I am not going to burn you just have you take a little swim." As quick as lightning she pushes the second trigger on her flamethrower unleashing not only her compressed air blast but several startled campers and one angry Travis. "Not cool Percy!" shooting daggers at the young man with the sea green eyes causing whirlpools to swirl around the trapped Hermes campers. "Everyone we are credit to team!" Shouting at the top of my lungs then turning around to face my comrades. "Great to see you again Doktor you to Lexi this is such a great place." They both nod and all three of us watch the merriment going around the other campers laughing, cheering, and high-fiving each other the joyous moment does not last long however as the others notice a strange shape forming. "An Iris-message from Camp Jupiter it seems urgent." Reyna states "Reyna thank the gods it is you we have a situation three strange men just appeared while we were in the middle of a deathball match." He sounds panicked "Frank calm down we had a situation similar to the one you're having right now are they BLU Team members?" "BLU Team what is that they seem to be dressed in Red they look dangerous what do we do?" "This is not good." Cody says "If those men are who I think they are then we might have trouble on our hands." All eyes are on him. "What are you even talking about dude?" John asks "Think about it we have Builders League United or BLU Team with us and now there are three strange men dressed in Red." "They are not from this BLU Team though where are they from?" His face becomes stone serious as a shadow casts itself from his frame. "To answer your question if they are not from the BLU Team then that means they must be part of Reliable Excavation Demolitions or RED Team." "We are going to have to met them but first let me show you the information I know about both teams so that we will be prepared and ready to fight if need be." He continues we all nod and proceed to follow him.

End of this chapter finally sorry it has been so long but I have been having a lot of ideas though a combination of life, school, laziness, gaming, and reading other stories effected the uploading of this chapter. The next one will be about the Meet the Team videos there will either be one massive chapter or three large chapters each dealing with three team members at a time. Hope you all enjoyed until next I update.