Chapter Two: When Capture the Flag gets interesting

Author's note: Hi everyone probably not used to me updating so soon but I feel the need to basically after playing TF2 for countless hours (I love them all so much!) While viewing many Source Filmmaker videos (a list will be provided.) And many re-reads and viewings of Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus books and videos on YouTube the time has come to start the promised fanfic. Please enjoy this chapter and the next.


"Whoa" I say as I am greeted with the sights and sounds of the camp that for a long time I had dreamed about though thought it foolish "There cannot be actually Greek gods and demigods?" I used to ponder on my walks throughout my neighborhood with our family dog Peanut while talking to myself as if insanity had gripped me! But now watching all the campers head into the forest the time has come to prove myself as my characteristics are not like the other misfits. I am not a stubborn fighter like Mara, a fun troublemaker cool dude as John is, nor am I similar to his wonderful sister Irena the peacekeeper of our little group, smart remarks and stealth are not skills of mine as they are to Jack, I clearly do not possess the fighting and kind spirit of Sierra, my leadership and organizational skills lack when compared to Lauren. So what do I posse? Hmm flaws like laziness, being an idiot at times, and putting things off until the last minute.

Stop being so hard on yourself my brain and mind say in unison each and everyone person, monster, and god has problems now concentrate on the good! Wow I'm right let's see first I am intelligent, honest, a hard worker when needed, kind and considerate even on a bad day, finally above all else my way with words and skill with strategy could turn this battle around it was not much but my spirits suddenly lifted. "Ok the situation looks grim I may not have the special abilities and may be unknown." I say to myself "But I have dealt with worse plus my best skill is starting with nothing and working to the top I got this!" I yell "YEAH YOU ALL HEAR ME MY NAME IS CODY RAY SULLIVAN AND I"M GONNA SHOW YOU ALL WHAT AN AUTISTIC GAMER, READER, AND WRITER CAN DO!" Having said this I picked up the nearest sword longer than my leg and then proceed to drop it. The blade fell back into its holder with a loud KLANG! "Ok then maybe I should tone it down a little." Talking to myself yet again spotting a shorter sword next to a small dagger and a tommahawk looking weapon beside a shield a big smile stretches from ear to ear. "Oh, this is insane but Hades I'm crazy!" I say as I pick up each of the weapons and holster them to each part of my armor. The sword is strapped to my leg, the dagger to my pocket, Tommahawk on my other leg and finally for some reasons a modified rifle?

"Hmm probably not going to use this but better to have it then not need it than need it and not have it." I say finally ready I pick up my sisters MP3 player and find that it has internet on it. Hope she does not mind as I search Medic Dance like a Butterfly for ten hours. "WHOOOOOO LET'S GO CAMP HALF-BLOOD!" Yelling my lungs out I dash into the forest and immediately want to turn back after seeing the Hunters of Artemis' impressive guarding of their flag combined with the efficient construction of the Romans dirt and spike earthen walls fort from Camp Jupiter. "Ok" the reasonable side of my brain tries to override my courage with fear. "You and your friends are surrounded by two powerful forces and your practice with the weapons is minimal and not very well practiced maybe you should give up?" "TO HELL WITH THAT!" The crazy part of my brain roars as I begin to pick out the campers choosing to attack each of the flag areas Jason Grace son of Zeus, Piper Mclean Daughter of Aphrodite, and Mara Graves Daughter of Artemis are attacking the Roman fort with a varied assortment of other campers.

I tear my eyes away from Mara beating a sentry with a wooden spoon and focus on the hunters whose defense may not be as grand but are most likely better prepared. The stories I have heard about the Hunters are amazing especially their undefeated win streak of fifty-six wins of capture the flag in a row! "Alright this is insane but there are no better ideas." I begin to imagine myself as a videogame character Demoman in this case as if I am just playing a regular game on Tufort and have the Eyelander ready to cut off the opposing team's heads like a puppet with its strings cut. I also imagine a friendly Medic about to ubercharge me. Medic I think too hard and sink to my knees almost as if trying to summon him the sensation passes with me picking myself off the ground. Giving one last glance to the fort where the Stoll brothers are shooting flaming ping pong balls at Reyna I turn my attention to the Hunters defenses a dozen or so young girls with all sorts of arrows at their disposal with excellent aim to boot giving Percy Jackson Son of Poseidon, Leo Valdez Son of Hephaestus, Jack Johnson Son of Iris, and my sister Sierra a child of Crytsalela Goddess of games and stories like me. "Seems the Hunters are the bigger problem." I muse charging like a madman at that line hoping I do not get wrapped in an arrow net or hit with a fart arrow that would be embarrassing. "Coming through!" Yelling to make my point heard. "No offense dude but you could tone down the enthusiasm a little also I thought you were more of a problem solver than a fighter?" Percy said to me "If you can call gaming problem solving or was that writing you fail at both probably!" A huntress named Octoliva jabbed. "Maybe you should watch your mouth." I calmly say as I quickly pull out the short sword and tommahawk. Everyone stops and looks at the standoff then all Hades breaks loose. From the right and left fart arrows are flying Leo is wrapped in a net and Percy is going at it with Phoebe and Naomi while Sierra is taking on Octoliva her friend Alice and some other huntresses. A hunter attacks me and knocks the short sword five feet away from me leaving me with the tommahawk. "Amazing" I say breathless "what is your name?" She smirks and states that her name is Nelya. "My name is Cody." I say maybe you could teach me sometime because I suck at this anyway let's get back to fighting. "Alright" she says and begins to push me back with a dagger while I can only swing around the tommahawk quickly my mind goes into an analyzing pattern whenever I think of a difficult problem, study a boss's pattern or am in need of a plan. Parrying the strike from her blade I slam the wooden shaft into her gut as hard yet as gentle as possible then proceed to trip her. "I am so sorry." I explain as I run back to the flag but it might be my imagination because I think she is smiling?! I take the flag as everyone turns their attention on me feeling multiple sets of eyes on me and twice that number in weapons being directed at me. "Well gotta go!" I yell with a smirk while being escorted by my teammates with a large number of angry huntress' on our tail. "STOP HIM!" Thaila Grace the lieutenant of the hunt and Daughter of Zeus begin yelling as if I needed more reason to believe this was a bad idea.

Halfway there I trip and fall next to a tree confused I look around and wince my legs are trapped by a net arrow and the huntress who has a grin plastered on her face with playful brown eyes causing me to smile myself. "Well this was fun." Nelya said I nod "Yep you got me I guess the flag is yours now?" She shrugs her shoulders. "It is not anything to be ashamed of you know you were very brave going up there alone and capturing the flag." "Besides" she continues "the first time I did this my position was guarding the flag basically my focus was not up to par with the others and my cockiness overtook me one of the Ares campers came up from behind me and, knocked me out with the flat of their sword I was out of commission for the rest of the game and Camp Half-Blood almost won." "Ouch!" I said sorry to hear that. "No need to be." She assures me "that was some years ago and it made me a much wiser individual." "Glad to know" I said. "Shame you are a hunter because you would be an excellent camper." She gives me a little frown which terrifies me "Who says I will stay a hunter forever also you seem like a fine young man besides if it is a girlfriend or something you want I am not ready for that just yet." "Though we can still become great friends and maybe something else?" "I am all for that because to be honest I'm not really ready for something as serious as a relationship either." "But I must warn sometimes I act if I'm insane." All of the sudden she bursts out laughing. "I can definitely handle insane with what I have witnessed these past few years maybe this will work out after all." "Now if you would be so kind to give the flag back?" Err sure I say flustered. "Here you go on your way to another victory." I say handing back the silvery banner of the hunt complete with an image of a hunter taking aim at a Hydra. She runs off with her prize leaving me in the net.

"Well no use sitting around waiting time to figure a way out of this mess." I notice my friends coming closer. "A little help would be nice guys I say struggling to pull the net off of my legs but the net is in knots and tying/untying has never been my strong suit; I cannot even tie my shoes." My hands flail widely for something to cut the material with causing me to pick up the tommahawk. All of the sudden a vicious snarl jars me out of my thoughts my teammates begin running at me with weapons drawn rushing towards the tree where I'm currently detained. Gathering my breath and courage my body slowly does a turnaround placing myself face to face with the largest and most brutal looking Druid with skin contrasting from the white oak of the tree mixed with the colors of the various plants and fungi growing around his life source. His legs a dull orange, with pale white scars on his arms, and a face that was tinted a purple-reddish color carrying flower wrapped clubs tipped with rocks at the end in each hand. "Trespassers are not welcome near my home." He explained in a dull bored raspy tone as if he had practiced saying this line to many first year campers. "Apologies sir." I began with a calm tone.

He automatically throws up his left hand and says "No excuses I am not going to hurt you but from now on could you possibly be kinder when crashing into someone's home?" "My sleeping has not been well and my dream was spectacular only to be ruined by some demi-god being awkward around a huntress." My face begins to turn a color similar to his visage with my ears glowing a shade of purple embarrassment. "The message has been received I will try and be more careful next time though if you are not busy could you help me with this net?" He sighs redirecting the end of his first club so that the sharpened rock cuts a gash through the material allowing me to extract myself from the net. "Not a problem my name is Trialisop one of the first druids to ever take up residence in this forest you seem like a nice young man Cody perhaps when you are lonely you might be able to keep an old druid company eh?" "A very generous offer Trialisop I will keep this in mind now if you will excuse me my friends seem to need me have a great remainder of your night."

My teammates greet me and although each of their faces displaying different emotions though they all seem to be amused by my follies. "That was a fun game especially sent you were in it brother!" My sister says patting me on the back. "Yeah you were good I mean when you first showed up you did not seem like much but when you put forth effort you really gave it your all a shame that huntress got you but maybe not so much for you?" Percy says giving me a hug embarrassment comes creeping back like one of the sores that my fingers pick whenever nervousness overcomes and all I can do is watch the blood come out giving me something to distract myself. "I did not do much aside from getting into a heap of trouble and losing the flag." But yeah tonight was fun wait what about the Romans? "They were too well defended!" Mara comes limping back her spoon broken. Connor speaks up "At least it was not as bad as last time with only the hunters remember those arrows that were sticking out the side of my helmet resembling antennas?" "We may have lost but I got some souvenirs!" Roaring excitedly holding up Octavian the auger's knife and belt of teddy bears in one hand while holding Dakota's kool-aid flask with a medal from Reyna's armor. "John you do know that you're going to be forced to return those items right?" Irena asks giving him a look. "Do not worry they will be returned but not before I have some fun dangling them in their owners faces."

All of a sudden a brilliant burst of blue white light emerges out of nowhere leaving three strange men in BLU uniforms with various weapons scattered around them. Everyone comes over to greet the new arrivals with medics from the Apollo cabin coming over to tend to their wounds from the fall. "A sign from the gods?" Clarisse La Rue Daughter of Ares asks questionly. My body begins to break into a sweat after recognizing them. "Its really them they exist to." I say in a trance. Leo gives me a confused look "What do you mean they exist are you friends with them or something?" Some startled gasps escaped from myself and the campers surrounding the newcomers as the mercenary with the asbestos suit and black gas mask stretches his hand grabbing his flamethrower and trying to stand up. "Murpha mula mer?" Translation: "Where are we and what are you planning with us?" The figure mumbles through the mask as everyone steps backward except for me who proceeds to walk up towards him with hands raised. "It is okay you are safe here." I say as he turns that mask and flamethrower towards my being.

Author's note

Whew that was a massive chapter at least this is getting worked on and it seems to be coming along just fine I hope everyone enjoyed this experience with capture the flag. Hopefully my character is not becoming a Gery Stue.

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