This is my first Roy and Babs ship and I love them together!

"We should set them up" Wally says to Dick

"Their too stupid to notice their feelings for one another" Dick nodded

"Just to be clear, we're talking about Roy and Babs right?" Artemis asked

They nodded at her and she rubbed her hands together in an evil way. Artemis whisper's her plan to Dick and Wally. She shoved Dick and he yelled at Wally and he ran into Barbara and she fell in Roy's lap. She glared at Wally and realized she was still sitting on Roy. Her face grew hot and Babs jumped up and blushed.

"Sorry" she mumbles.

"Its fine" he smirked "I didn't mind, it wasn't your fault"

"Let's play a game" Wally suggested "and I'll go get Zee so we can have partners"

Wally came back with Zantana and she chose robin as a partner, Wally chose Artemis and that left Roy with Babs.

"Okay, first game, 7 minutes in heaven" Zee stated "spin the bottle to see who goes first"

The bottle spun and it land on Roy and Babs.

"Let's go" Roy said picking Barbara up bridal style, smirking. "Let's not waste the 7 minutes"

The door closed behind them and they can out 7 minutes later fine, well, Barbara was fine but Roy was panting like a dog.

After everyone goes

"Let's watch a movie" dick suggested "is that good"

They come back out as the movie starts and snuggle up together. The scariest thing happens in the movie, a clown stuck his face in the screen and Babs screamed and jumped into Roy's arms and hides her face and cries her little batgirl heart out.

"Nice going Wally" Roy growled "you chose the one movie where there is a clown that looks like the joker"

"Oh my freaking god!" she cried "that scared the shit out of me! I'm now emotionally scared for life. Please just turn it off"

Wally ran and turned off the TV and he knelt beside Barbara "I'm so sorry Babs I've never watched that movie and I thought it would be fine"

"It's fine wall-man" she said "not your fault"

She shook her head and zoned out mumbling something inaudible to the human ear. Roy kissed the top of her head and picked her up and walked out of the room "where are you going?" Dick asked.

"The infirmary" he says "she needs help"

He carries her to the infirmary and lays her down on the cot. He pulls out a needle and fills it with General anesthesia and injects it into her arm.

As she's drifting off to sleep she hears him say "I love you Barbara Gordon"

The next morning

Babs wakes up and yawns. She rushes out of the infirmary and hugs Roy.

"Woah!" Roy jumped and laughed "What was that for?"

"I love you too, Harper" she whispers into his shirt.

She walks away a smile tugging at her lips when Roy grabs her from behind and pushes her up against a wall.

"what are you doing" Babs' eyes wide

"Something I should have done earlier" he whispers.

Roy leans toward her and kisses her and she kisses back. When Roy an "it's about damn time" he turns to see Wally, Dick, and Artemis is the room.

"well we knew it was going to happen" Dick laughed