"Nicky! You need to come right this second! You'll never get a job if you don't graduate, and if you never get a job... either you're gonna be homeless or we'll have to be roommates forever!" Nicky groaned a "Do I have to?" kind of groan. He loved his roommate, but he could be... a bit much at times, however he normally isn't THIS uptight. "Chill, Rod. Our graduation's not for, well, ages. We graduate an hour from now..." Rod groaned, not at all like Nicky had before, much more uptight, demanding... and nasally. "You are forgetting that we have different graduation times! I graduate an hour from now. You graduate in five minutes. Anyway, remember that the only reason we know this is because I helped with graduation! Everyone else was just told to be there at seven, AND IT'S 7:01! Come on, right now!" He was talking so quickly and so nasally, that if Nicky hadn't been roommates with Rod for four years, there's no way he would have understood, but he sure understood. He didn't jump back in horror like most people would've. He simply handed Rod his anxiety medication and they walked into the graduation stadium.

Graduation was a total mess, and Rod had to take a whole load of medication... "Princeton, B.A in English." When his name was called out, his pants fell down. Then his cape flew off, his uni pride t-shirt and formal garbage (according to Nicky) taken with it. Suddenly he was left in nothing more than his underwear, and he cringed. He'd never get a job with this as how his university remembered him...

"Nicky, BA in Philosophy." sounded soon after. Rod wondered where he'd get with that. I mean, nobody really gets anywhere with that at all! But he's a very deep person, no doubt about that...he might just be the next great philosopher. This was definitely the first time Rod has ever gone by 'What if' instead of logic! Nicky just kind of does that to people, he guessed, and almost missed his shining moment.

"Rod, Buisness Major." was called from the boom of the loudspeaker. Rod waited in silence for a second. He sleepily flopped onto the stage. (Must have been the meds.) Everybody was already laughing at poor Rod, when somebody held up a tiny jar. It was his meds. It was obvious by the smirk on the man's face that he was not going to let them go.

"Rod's got hyperactivity stuff, guys!" bellowed the clearly stupid guy trying to get even more laughs. "And he's a total fag!" Now the audience was roaring in laughter. The loudspeaker demanded quiet as Rod seemed to be frozen onstage. His first time, again, to have been called gay by a random guy. He shouldn't have been offended by this. He is easily offended, but not by obvious idiot boxes like THAT guy clearly was.

Nicky lost all control. "THAT'S RIGHT HE'S A FAG!" the audience stopped. It was so unlike Nicky to shout, let alone yell an insult to his best friend. "BUT HE'S MY BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLD WIDE WORLD, AND HE'S AN AWESOME MATE, SO SHUT YOUR PIEHOLES!" Peace. Quiet. Rod could finally exit the stage, and be encased in a hug by none other than Nicky.