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"Chase, I'm very disappointed in you."

The Bionic academy had been going for a week now and Chase and S-3, or Sebastian as he now called himself, had been fighting since day one. Now there had been a real fight. And it had ended badly for Chase. At first it was just Sebastian and Chase arguing like usual, but when Sebastian said that Chase had no leadership skills and that he should be a student like Leo… Well, let's just say that had been the last straw, which continued with Chase and Sebastian fighting each other, using their bionics in front of the whole academy. Until Sebastian had hit Chase in his neck where his chip was located and Chase had thrown Sebastian into the wall simultaneously. Everyone had encouraged them. But as soon as they both hit the ground the cheering stopped and Bree sped off to grab Mr Davenport.

Two hours later they had both woken up in the medical bay and now Chase was being lectured while S-3 was sitting up and smiling at Chase over Donald's shoulder.

"But I-" Chase was interrupted for the fifth time.

"Chase, you are supposed to be their mentor! You aren't setting an example for these kids. They don't know any better! If you start a fight they'll all start making fights with each other!"

"It was him!" He pointed to S-3.

"I don't care Chase! You need to take responsibility for your actions and appreciate your role more." Davenport shook his head sadly. "Chase, until you learn what a big responsibility this is… I'm stripping you of your position."

It was as if Chase had been punched in the gut… Which he would have preferred. "But I'm a mentor! What about my class?!"

Davenport turned away from him, "Leo will be taking them on for experience. But for now you will have to work your way up again, from beginner."

"No! Mr Davenport, please! I promise I'll-"

"Chase, you go to your defence class with Bree after Douglas puts your chip back and tests it. It was cracked when you were fighting." Donald checked his watch, "I'll talk to you later."

And with that Donald left Chase feeling as if he had been the one who had started the whole thing.

S-3 laughed, "Looks like he's not just your Daddy now."

Chase didn't even bother to glare at him, he turned his neck slowly in the opposite direction to see his black and white uniform fade to black and yellow.

When S-3 left ten minutes later Chase tried to sit up… Which was definitely the wrong move. The pain in his neck was unbearable, like lightning had struck his spine. Chase cried out and collapsed onto his bed again. Douglas, upon hearing his cry ran to his side, "Chase, you have to stay down. Are you okay?"

Douglas. From home. Familiar and safe. Surely he would understand… He wouldn't yell at him like Mr Davenport… "I-…" Chase then covered his face and started to cry. Why was S-3 being so smug about the whole thing?

Douglas rubbed his shoulder comfortingly, "I know, buddy, I know… This is going to hurt for a second okay?" Chase nodded with his face still covered, Douglas gently rolled him onto his front and inserted the chip, and Chase flinched for a second. And then Douglas helped him up, supporting him towards the testing room where he put glove sensors on him and shoes that detected movement, as well as a collar. "Okay, just making sure everything still works." Chase didn't respond, he kept his head down and followed the instructions Douglas gave him. His reflexes were fine, better than ever, his telekinesis sharp and strong. 100% on his test to make sure his knowledge wasn't effected, his bow was intact and his levitation was enhanced as were his super senses.

After an hour, Douglas took the tools away from Chase who still hadn't spoken. "Okay, Chase what's bugging you?" Chase put his head in his hands and didn't look at him. "Donald told me what happened. I'm not disappointed, I'm just surprised… What did he say to you to make you lash out like that?"

"He told me I shouldn't be a leader… That I should learn my place and be a student…" Chase explained. Douglas nodded, he understood, being tormented was NOT what Chase needed right now, he was having enough trouble keeping a class under control and teaching them when they hardly knew anything. It was frustrating because he had always had Adam and Bree and they already knew, more or less, what needed to be done. Not to mention that he was trying to prove his worth to everyone. Being demoted was not what Chase needed right now.

Douglas sat with Chase for a while, in silence. After a few minutes Douglas stood up" I'm going to tell Donald about this, S-3 shouldn't have spoken to you like that. No matter how big a grudge he has against you. Plus when Donald told me what happened, it sounded like he didn't know the whole story." Douglas smiled when Chase looked up, hopefully, like a puppy who saw a treat.

"You'd do that?"

"'Course. Plus I don't like S-3 that much either…"

Chase smiled, "Thanks."

Douglas nodded and went away to talk to Donald, hoping to get Chase's view across.

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