Donald sat by Chase's side, wondering how he could possibly make it up to the youngest Davenport. Sebastian had been bullying him, and he hadn't even taken the time to notice, what kind of a father did that make him? A terrible one. He sighed and watched Chase's chest move up and down as he slept. He had ignored Chase, his little genius, well, not so little anymore, (Although Adam would tell you differently) He was the same height as Donald now, and he could remember when he could carry him with one arm. Donald sighed, he was doing a lot of sighing recently. He would make it up to Chase somehow, but he'd figure it out later, first they had to take down Sebastian.

He grabbed his phone and dialled Douglas' number, maybe he could help with the problem, after all he was an ex-villain.

"Donnie." Douglas answered. Oh, right. Douglas was on Chase's side.

"I know S-3 is evil, Douglas, I saw Chase's view when I was analysing his bionic infulstructure. He was threatening Chase with bombs and-"

Douglas inhaled sharply, "A bomb?!"

"Douglas, keep your voice down! Are you alone?" Donald heard shuffling on the other line as he presumed Douglas was going to somewhere more private, "I need your help to get S-3 away from the other bionic kids and away from the island so I can shut him down, all you need to do is keep him distracted, make sure he doesn't get out of your sight or threaten anyone else, okay? We'll be there as soon as Chase wakes up."

All Donald heard was a familiar laugh bark down the phone at him, which sent shivers down his spine, "Hello, Mr Davenport. Thanks for telling me your plan."

Donald cringed, "Sebastian! Hey, buddy! I um… I was just I was just planning a uh… A surprise party for you! You know… Don't tell Sebastian because he-"

"Save it old man, and don't bother coming back to the island, there isn't going to be one. But on the bright side, you'll still have one bionic kid after all of the others have been wiped out." Donald looked over at Chase, thinking about all the lives that this was going to destroy, Adam, Bree and Leo were on that island, as well as so many other bionic kids that he had bonded with on that island.

"Sebastian, please… That's my family on that island, and your family."

"Wrong. We're your money making monkeys here, you don't care about them, otherwise you wouldn't treat them like dogs. Like you've done over the past sixteen years." Donald started to pace, listening for any flaw or loophole in Sebastian's plan. He was taken aback when he heard the tone that meant that Sebastian had hung up the phone.

He started to run his hands through his hair when he heard a groan, he looked over at Chase who was starting to move. He ran over to Chase's bedside, "Chase? Hey, come on, wake up… You're okay."

Chase opened his eyes, "S-3… He's gonna-" He coughed, and Donald grabbed a water bottle and gave it to him, Chase sat up straighter, trying to rub the sleep out of his eyes.

Donald nodded, "I know, we're gonna take him down. Okay? I believe you, and I'm so, so sorry I didn't sooner, Chase."

Chase smiled and started to get up, "It's okay, Mr Davenport. What do we need to do?"

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